Chapter 23: Seeing Purple

The sun was about to rise and the birds began chirping. The sky was dark blue as it turned pink and purple.
Luna laid in her bed under the warm covers. The tips of her wings stuck out from under the covers. Her hair had fallen over the bed as a tear fell from her check. Luna laid asleep in her bed dreaming the same strange dream she always had since the Battle for Dream Castle.

A ball in flames sat in the darkness. Everything seemed calm like watching a candle stick. Suddenly a white hand with claws, grabbed the ball, disintegrating it to smoke as it filled the darkness.
"Kesia," a voice whispered from the smoke. "Kesia, come..please!"
Suddenly from the smoke was a white Dragon flew after the dark green dragon out into the ocean. It was easy to defeat the dark green dragon since it was smaller. The white dragon fell out of the sky, she was covered in scratches, bites and her fur matted in blood. She knew she wasn't going to live long, she had lost to much blood.

"Lunarstar!" Rosebud called from the door. Luna jump awake from her bed, she had forgotten at first where she was and was time of day it was.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud opened the door and peeked it, "Oh, I see your awake. I called for you and you didn't get up. You better hurry, you don't want to be late for school." Rosebud shut the door leaving Luna alone on her bed.
"That dream and yet it," Luna muttered.
She climbed out of bed and walked to her dresser, brushing her long white hair. Then she set her brush down and took her locket from her silver jewelry box and hung it around her neck, then she left her room.

She walked down stairs yawning. She walked through the livingroom and into the dinning room where her pancakes sat waiting. Luna sat down and started eating, Buster walked in and smiled when he saw her at the table.
"Good morning Lunarstar," Buster said.
"Morning," Luna yawned.
"Still tired, I see," Buster observed.
Luna smiled, she was to tired to say anything else.
Rosebud walked in the dinning room, "it's time to go, Lunarstar."
Luna quickly eat her last pancake and stood up from the table. She took her glass and quickly drank it, then she set the glass on the table and left the dinning room. As she walked towards the door her horn began to glow, Her hair turned purple while her horn and wings disappeared. She took her school bag from the door and hung it around her next.
"Bye, see you later," Luna exclaimed and then left the house.
Rosebud watched her through the window as she walked out of the yard.
"She was really tired and didn't hear me when I called for her to get out of bed," Rosebud paused, "I wonder if she was having that dream again?"
"What dream?" Buster asked.
"That Dragon dream," Rosebud replied.
"I doubt it. I don't know anyone who had the same dream more than once," Buster remarked.
"Yeah, I guess your right. She probably stayed up late doing homework," Rosebud guessed.

Luna walked down the street thinking about the dream she had. She's been having the same or similar dream about the white dragon. What's so special about the dragon and why does the dream seem so familiar to her. It was like a dream she had forgotten.
She walked from the community of houses to the park staring at the ground. She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear her friends calling her. They ran up to her calling her name.
Luna looked up after awhile and smiled, "Hi guys."
"Lunarstar are you alright?" Starlight asked.
"I'm fine I guess," Luna replied.
As they walked together, Luna caught a glimpse of something dark purple and looking very familiar. Luna stopped suddenly and turned around walking back. She looked towards the bushes on the grass out in the open where she thought she saw a dark purple pony with colorful hair. Was it Star Cluster? She wasn't sure. She looked around but didn't see anyone.
"I'm just seeing things," Luna thought, "It can't possibly be him."
Her friends walked back to her looking worried.
"What's wrong?" Sweetheart asked.
"Nothing I guess," Luna replied.
"Are you sure, Lunarstar?" Bright Eyes asked, "Is something bothering you?"
"No, I guess it's the dreams I have and...Sorry, I'm just worrying over nothing," Luna replied.
"What dreams?" Bon Bon asked.
"I'll tell you on the way to school," Luna turned from the bushes and continued to school with her friends as she told them about her dreams of a white dragon.

Star Cluster came out of the bushes as he continued watching Lunarstar.
"I have spent a week checking out all the possible ponies and she is the last," Star Cluster mumbled.
"She has to be the one," Fallon exclaimed sounding a bit excited.
"But she has parents so I doubt it's her," Star Cluster paused watching Lunarstar till she disappeared over the hill, "She does resemble Royal Heart."
"Who doesn't. There's lots of ponies with long hair," Fallon pointed out.
"It's not the hair it's something else about her," Star Cluster replied. He felt very confused, he wasn't completely sure she was the Princess but she was the last on his list to check out.
"I wonder what...School is?" Star Cluster asked after standing awhile in silence. He continued walking heading in the same direction where the girls were going. When he came to a hill he stopped and stared at the pink building.
"That must be the school," Star Cluster thought. He walked into the bushes and laid in the grass waiting till the ponies came out.

It was early in the afternoon when the bell range. All the little ponies left school running towards the park. Luna and her friend walked through the park together talking when Blueberry and Raspberry rushed by.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Blueberry called.
Luna smiled blushing slightly.
The girls giggled.
"Lunarstar, say something to him," Melody told her.
"I really do think he likes you," Patch winked at her
Luna smiled blushing even more, "I will say something just not anytime soon."
"Awww, your shy," Starlight teased.
Luna just blushed, "Alright I'll say something to him tomorrow."
"Tomorrow? How about today?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Ok, today then," Luna replied.
The girls giggled.
"I have to go. Why don't you all come to my house for a bit?" Luna asked them.
"Sure," Starlight replied.
"Oh, there's a concert on soon, maybe we can watch it at your house?" Melody suggested.
"Yeah," The girls agreed.
"Ok, sounds good to me. I'll see you in a little bit then," Luna exclaimed happily. She didn't feel like going out and having to change into an earth pony. She wanted to be herself and have fun with her friends.
The girls split up in different direction heading for home. As Luna walked through the park she caught a glimpse of something purple. She stopped and looked only to find it was a purple ball. Luna took a deep breath of relief. She continued out of the park and down the street, glancing around.
"Why am I so worried about?" Luna asked herself, "He can't be here. It's not possible."
Luna thought about this morning when she thought she saw Star Cluster. It looked just like him but when she looked he wasn't there, ever since then anything that was purple made her stop and look.
As she walked across the street she suddenly stopped. This time she was sure she saw him. She quickly turned around and looked around the corner of the fence. She was somewhat relieved and yet disappointed. It was only a light purple pony with rainbow hair walking next to a white pony with yellow, pink and green hair.
Luna turned and ran from the corner to her house.
Star Cluster stood on the corner a block away watching, "She seems a bit jumpy for some reason."
Luna saw her house next to the forest. in the driveway sat a stack of long wooden beams. Luna was relieved to see her father in the front yard with Buster and Charades. Luna ran into the yard and stopped in front of her father.
"In a big hurry to get home?" Booster asked.
"Umm, yes," Luna answered.
Booster picked up a long wooden beam.
"Dad what's all the wood for?" Luna asked.
"I just got a large order in and I had to buy a lot of wood. It was just delivered shortly before you got here. If you excuse me Lunarstar. There's a lot of work to be done before dinner," Booster answered, then he left the front yard and walked around the back.
Luna turned and looked around still feeling a bit worried.
"Is anything wrong?" Charades asked.
"You seemed unusually tired this morning too," Buster added.
"I was just tired," Luna answered, she paused for a minute, "Charades, is Star Cluster still at Dream Castle?"
Buster and Charades were surprised by her question.
"Why do you ask? Have you seen him?" Charades asked.
"No...not really. I just think I see him and when I look it's another pony or a ball."
"Don't worry so much," Buster told her, "the gate is closed, it has been since you returned. Star Cluster couldn't have came through to this world. You know that, Lunarstar."
"Besides. You did tell us earlier Starfire took you to see him and he was still in that crystal ball," Charades pointed out, "It's heavily guarded, no one could get to him unless they were like you father or uncles."
Luna looked at him worriedly, "Are there other ponies with special abilities?"
"No, not outside the family," Charades replied, then he smiled. "Please don't worry, Lunarstar. If you like, we will keep an eye out for him."
Luna smiled, "Thanks,"
She turned and ran inside the house feeling a lot better after talking to Buster and Charades.

Star Cluster stood behind the tall fence four houses away watching.
"Buster and Charades," Star Cluster thought after seeing a clear look of their faces, "I should have known it was them. So they work for her father. Interesting."
When Buster and Charades picked up a wooden beam and left the front yard, Star Cluster left the fence and hurried down the street out of sight.
"She has to be close by," Star Cluster muttered, "I'll watch both of them, her, Buster and Charades. One of them will lead me to the Princess."
"It had better be," Fallon told him sternly.
As he walked down the street a group of girls ran past him. Bon Bon turned and looked at him, She had never seen him before. He was certainly a pretty pony, she also noticed his feet and wondered if he was from Luna's world?
"It's almost time!" Melody yelled excitedly.
"Bon Bon, you got the popcorn?" Starlight asked.
Bon Bon turned and looked at her friends, forgetting who she just saw, "Yes, in my bag. I got a bag of popcorn. I hope her mother don't mind us making some popcorn."
"I'm sure she would let us. She very nice," Bright Eyes replied.
They ran to the house while saying hi he Buster Charades and Booster.
"Go on in girls!" Booster yelled from the driveway.
The girls walked inside and saw Luna in her winged unicorn form standing at the kitchen door.
"Luna," Patch exclaimed.
Luna turned and smiled greatly, "you made it."
"Yes, and the concert will be on soon," Melody replied.
"I got a bag of popcorn but I have to heat it up first," Bon Bon told her.
Rosebud walked in the livingroom after hearing her friends in the house, "I'll heat it up for you girls."
"Thank you," Bon bon took out a bag of popcorn seeds and handed it to Rosebud.
"Why don't you girls watch TV? I'll bring the popcorn out when it's done," Rosebud told them.
The girls gathered around the TV while Luna turned the channel to see the concert.
They spent the rest of the day watching different Music bands at the concert. Rosebud even found it entertaining and decided to sit on the couch and watch.