Chapter 24: Island dreams

Luna laid a sleep under her covers in bed, dreaming the same familiar dream she usually had.
She saw the ball on fire and a white hand with claws grabbing it in it's fist, turning it into a puff os smoke.
"Kesia," A voice whispered from the smoke. "Come."
Luna was tired of hearing the voice and she finally decided to say something, "Who are you?"
But the voice only repeated herself, "Come."
"Who is Kesia?"
"Where?" Luna asked after realizing her first two questions wasn't going to be answered.
Suddenly she saw an outline of a dragon curled on a ball with it's head tucked over it's feet and the tail stretching past it's head. The wings curved around the body. Then the image faded and Luna saw an island with the same shape. The island was large and sat in the middle of the ocean.
"Come and find me!" the voice said.

Suddenly Luna woke up after hearing her mother calling for her.
Luna sat up and threw her covers off. She sat on her bed for a minute thinking about the dream she had.
"That dream again, it's.... calling for me?" Luna wondered. "It's got to be a mistake. I'm not Kesia. I don't even know who that is."
"Lunarstar!" Rosebud called again.
"I'm coming!" Luna shouted.
She stood up and walked to her dresser. She brushed her long white hair, then she took her locket from the jewelry box and hung it around her neck.
She left the room and hurried down stairs to the dinning room. When she saw the table, she noticed her breakfast sitting there waiting for her. Luna sat at the table and began eating. Rosebud entered the room and smiled when she saw Luna.
"Good morning or should I say afternoon?" Rosebud asked smiling.
"Hi," Luna replied.
"Are you going outside and playing with your friends today?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes I am," Luna replied.
Rosebud walked up to her and nuzzled her cheek, "Be careful, Lunarstar."
"I will," Luna replied smiling at her and leaning towards her rubbings.
Rosebud turned and left the dinning room, "Have fun."

When Luna was done she left the dinning room turning into an earth pony before reaching the door.
"Bye!" Luna yelled, then she hurried out the door. She ran down the street passing ponies. She hurried through the park and across the street to the ice cream shop. She entered the shop and saw her friends sitting at a booth. She walked over to them and saw that they had smoothies.
"Hi, Lunarstar!" Melody exclaimed once she saw her enter the shop.
"Hi!" Luna replied.
The girls moved down for Luna to sit next to them.
"Are you still having those dreams again?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Yes," Luna replied.
"I brought a book with me on dragons. Maybe you can find the dragon in your dream in this book," Bright Eyes scooted the blue book across the table. Luna took the book. "I guess I could look."
She opened the book and quickly flipped the pages looking for a familiar dragon but she didn't see any. She closed the book and scooted the book across the table, "Sorry, Bright Eyes, none of them looked familiar."
"That's just a fantasy book on dragons," Clover pointed out.
"I thought I would try anyways," Bright Eyes replied.
"It's okay. Thanks for helping," Luna sighed sadly. The girls fell silent for awhile sipping on their smoothies through a straw.
" there an island in a shape of a dragon?" Luna asked.
"In a shape of a dragon?" Starlight asked.
"Hummm, sounds familiar," Bright Eyes replied. "Let me go home and check through my books."
The girls stood up, letting Bright Eyes out. When she left, they sat back down.
"Lunarstar," Patch began to say and pointed towards the counter. "Blueberry is here."
"You haven't said anything to him like you said you would," Melody added.
Luna blushed, "I know and I will...later."
"Forget it, you're going now," Starlight shoved her off the seat.
"Go on and talk to him," Patch whispered to her.
"I..." Luna started to say but was too nervous to remember what she was going to say.
"Go on. Just talk to him," Bon Bon encouraged her.
Luna turned and slowly began walking towards him. She felt nervous and wondered what she was going to say.
She walked up to him and paused. "Umm...hi."
Blueberry turned and smiled the minute he saw her, "Hi, Lunarstar."
Luna sat on the stool next to him and smiled nervously at him.
"The party we went to was fun. I actually enjoyed myself...with you," Blueberry hesitated to say.
"Really?" Luna asked.
"Did you h-have a good time?"
"Yes I did. I...never went to a party with...a boy before," Luna shyly answered.
Blueberry smiled after seeing her blush. "It...was kind of like dating. Wasn't it?"
Luna felt her heart racing, she had never felt so nervous with a boy.
"Yeah, it...kind of was," Luna finally answered after awhile.
"Do you want to...hang out sometime or now if you like?" Blueberry nervously asked.
"Hang out? and me?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Sure it'll be fun. We could do something together," Blueberry answered.
"Like what?" Luna asked.
"Well, umm," Blueberry paused to think. "We could just go for a walk. Maybe around the lake or something."
"The lake sounds great," Luna replied.
Blueberry smiled, "Want to go now?"
Luna looked at her friends who only whispered to her to go.
"Sure," Luna replied.
"Alright, lets go," Blueberry got off his stood and walked out the shop with Luna behind him with a blush on her face.

They walked across the street and into the park as they followed the sidewalk through the park. They walked into the shadows with trees around them. Luna paused and looked around. Blueberry stopped and looked back at her.
"What?" Blueberry asked.
"It's quite nice here," Luna answered looking up at the trees.
Blueberry looked around and smiled, "Yes it sure is."
They continued walked as they slowly began to talk to each other. They walked around the lake watching boats as they went by.
"What if Raspberry sees us?" Luna asked worriedly.
"So she sees us, I'll take care of her if she tells anyone," Blueberry replied frowning. Then he looked at Luna and smiled, "We didn't do much at all but it was still nice."
"Yeah, it was," Luna agreed smiling as she looked at the lake. After awhile she looked up at the sky and noticed the sun starting to set, "I have to go. Bright Eyes is looking up something for me then I'll have to be getting home."
"Yeah, I should go too before Raspberry starts looking for me," Blueberry agreed.
"Looking for you?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Yes, if I don't get home on time she comes looking for me."
"Why?" Luna asked. "I didn't think she cared."
"She can be a caring pony, but she's afraid to show it."
"Why?" Luna asked curiously.
"I don't know. I guess that's why she couldn't make any friends growing up."
"But she has two friends though."
"I'm sure she forced them to be her friend, holding a great secret of theirs like she did me," Blueberry replied.
"Oh," Luna replied. "Well I have to be going."
Blueberry walked close to her, facing within inches of her face. Luna was worried and wondered what he was doing. Suddenly he kissed her cheek and ran.
Luna stood shocked at what he just did. She watched him run as he smiled back at her. When he was gone, Luna touched her cheek and smiled.
"I...I...uh...suppose he really...likes me," Luna muttered as her face turned red.

When she finally snapped out of it, she left the lake and ran to the ice cream shop where her friends were still sitting at the booth.
"Hey Lunarstar. So how did it go?" Patch asked.
"Fine," Luna smiled greatly.
The girls giggled.
Bright Eyes was sitting at the end of the seat with another book.
"Oh, Lunarstar. I think I found it. The island in your dream," Bright Eyes suddenly said.
Luna looked at her surprisingly. Did the island really exist? She knew she couldn't just leave her parents and go to the island.
Bright Eyes opened the book and showed Luna a picture of the island. It was the same island as the one in her dream. Luna couldn't take her eyes off of it. She was actually seeing what she saw in her dream.
"Well?" Melody asked.
"Yes that is the one," Luna finally answered.
"I thought it might. I went to an island some years back and I did some research on it in this book," Bright Eyes explained.
"What about the island?" Bon Bon asked curiously.
"What does it say about it?" Clover asked anxiously.
Bright eyes looked at the book, "According to this book, there's a tale that is told to everyone."
"What tale?" Starlight asked.
"The island is called Drakon Island. It's the home of a great white dragon. It is said that the dragon is a protector or guardian of power and wisdom and anyone who goes searching for it will find only their deaths," Bright Eyes read.
"What does it mean power and wisdom?" Bon Bon asked.
"Deaths?" Clover exclaimed.
"Don't worry, Clover. It's just a tale," Starlight told her.
"No one knows what it is but there's more," Bright Eyes continued reading. "There is a story told from the natives that lives on the island about the great white dragon. It was last seen during a great battle on the island."
"Battle?" Luna asked remembering her dreams.
Bright Eyes turned the book around and help it up to show a picture on the page, "This is the stone the natives carved. They're all over the island and no one know why or what they were used for."
"They're in good shape to be old," Patch observed.
"It's harder than regular stone but no one knows what's it made of," Bright Eyes answered.
"Doesn't anyone know anything about the island?" Melody asked.
"No, They say the natives know, but there's no proof of that," Bright Eyes replied.
Sweetheart took the book and looked at the pictures. "It looks so pretty there."
"Wow, a mysterious island!" Patch exclaimed.
"It's a vacation resort now. A big tourist spot. You can go water skiing, swimming, boating, play on the sandy beaches, take a tour through the island or go hiking, but you're only allowed to hike so far into the rain forest," Bright Eyes replied.
"Why only so far?" Luna asked.
"The natives want their privacy," Bright Eyes answered.
"Oh," Luna replied.
Melody took the book and flipped the page. "The hotels they have are so pretty."
Starlight took the book and flipped another page. "And the shops they have. I wish I could go there."
Bright Eyes took the book and held it tightly.
"Yeah, for a week would be nice." Bon Bon agreed.
"I'd rather stay for a month!" Melody exclaimed. "And live like...a princess."
"Yeah," the girls agreed.
"Luna smiled. "Even princesses don't live like that."
"They don't?" Bon Bon asked.
"No, there's more to being a princess than just fun or so my dad told me once," Luna replied.
"Stardust?" Sweetheart whispered.
"Yeah," Luna replied sadly. She was already starting to miss him. Suddenly she gasped as she looked out the window. The sun was already setting and it was half down, "I've got to go. Mom and Dad are going to be upset with me."
"Bye, see you tomorrow!" the girls called to her as Luna hurried out of the shop.

Luna ran across the street and into the park. as she ran and thought about how mad her parents were going to be. She saw Buster and Charades walking through the park. Luna ran up to them and stopped, taking her breath.
"Your parents are worried," Charades told her.
"I'm sorry, I forgot and..."
"Lunarstar, you'll have to start remembering one of these days," Charades interrupted her.
Luna sighed sadly looking down at the sidewalk. "I know.
"They sent us to find you," Buster told her.
"I figured that," Luna replied still looking at the sidewalk.
"Your mother made spaghetti for dinner," Buster said to her hoping it'll cheer her up.
Luna looked up at him and smiled, "Really?"
"Yes, we better get you home," Charades replied.
As they turned around and started walking, Star Cluster hid behind the bushes, trees and rocks as he was listening.
"Parents," Star Cluster whispered. "If it wasn't for them I would say Lunarstar is defiantly the princess."
Star Cluster stood up and left his hiding spot and walked out of the park. He walked through town and into the forest.