Chapter 25: A day for kites

Luna was in the dinning room eating her morning breakfast when the phone rang. Rosebud walked in the living room from the kitchen and answered the phone that sat on the round table.
"Hello," Rosebud said.
"Is Lunarstar there?" Sweetheart asked.
"Yes she is. Hold on a minute," Rosebud set the phone on the round table and walked into the dinning room. "Lunarstar, your friend is on the phone."
Luna drank her orange juice and stood up.
"Who is it?" Luna asked.
"I don't know," Rosebud replied as she continued into the kitchen.
Luna left the dining room and walked into the living room. She picked up the phone and sat on the couch, "Hello?
"Lunarstar. This is Sweetheart. We are going kite flying by the ocean. Would you like to join us?"
"It's by Sunny Beach on a cliff. There will be lots of other ponies there so you can't miss the spot."
"Ok, I'll see you there," Luna replied.
"Ok, bye."
"Bye." Luna hung up the phone and noticed her mother at the kitchen door way listening.
"Where are you going?" Rosebud asked.
"To some place on a cliff and fly a kite. Sweetheart said there will be other ponies there as well."
"Oh, that sounds wonderful," Rosebud replied.
Booster was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water when he heard Luna mention flying kites. He set his glass on the counter and walked into the living room, "Kite flying day. It was in the newspaper. It's nice out, the wind is blowing and it's a perfect day to fly kites."
"Fly what?" Buster asked curiously as he walked in from the kitchen.
"Kites," Booster repeated.
"Kites?" Charades asked. "What is that?"
"It's...well...why don't we all go and watch?" Booster suggested.
"Oh, that would be wonderful. Let me pack a few things first," Rosebud walked past the boys and hurried upstairs.
Luna quickly took her plate from the dinning room to the kitchen. Then she turned into an earth pony and waited in the living room. Rosebud walked down stairs with a big pink bag.
"What's inside?" Booster asked.
"Just some blankets for us the lay on," Rosebud answered.
"Lets get going," Booster walked out the door with Rosebud, Luna, Buster and Charades.

They walked through the community of houses and past the park. They walked far till they came to Sunny Beach. They walked up the hill and followed the cliff till they saw a group of kites in many different shapes and sizes, flying high in the sky.
"What are those?" Buster and Charades asked curiously as they stared at them.
"Those are kites," Booster answered.
Luna giggled.
Charades smiled at Luna. "We didn't know. We don't have kites on the other world."
"Why not?" Luna asked.
"No one thought about it before," Buster answered.
They continued walking till they saw ponies scattered in the clearing flying their kites. Luna smiled greatly when she saw her friends. "There they are!" Luna took off at a run, "See you later!"
Rosebud and Booster smiled as Luna ran towards her friends.
"There's not a day that goes by that she hasn't played with her friends," Booster remarked.
Rosebud walked behind the group of ponies and stopped on a slight hill. "This looks like a good spot."
Buster and Charades stood and continued watching the kites while Rosebud and Booster set the pink and orange blankets on the grass.
Rosebud walked on the pink blanket and laid down watching Luna. Booster laid next to her. Buster and Charades laid on the orange blanket.

Meanwhile Star Cluster roamed around town noticing not as many ponies as usual. He walked to the park and found no one there. He stood by the lamp post in the park looking around when he spotted a newspaper crumbled up in the trash been. He took out the paper and read the cover.
"So they all must have gone...Kite flying."
"Gone what?" Fallon asked.
"Kite Flying," Star Cluster repeated.
"What is that?" Fallon asked.
"I have no idea but it sounds interesting," Star Cluster threw the newspaper in the trash and quickly left the park.
"It said it was by Sunny Beach but where would that be?" Star Cluster thought.
He roamed from the houses to the a part of Ponyland he hadn't explored yet. He eventually got tired of looking and decided to ask someone. As a pink pony with light blue hair walked by, Star Cluster turned and stopped her, "Where is Sunny Beach?"
The pony stopped and turned, "Keep walking in the direction you were going and you'll find it."
Star Cluster turned and continued walking till he saw a sign at the corner of the sidewalk saying Sunny beach. He turned the corner and continued walking on the wide sidewalk till he saw the beach. Just before the beach was another sign 'This way to fly kites' Star Cluster followed the sign and left the sidewalk, he continued till he saw a bunch of strange objects flying in the sky with strings attached to them.
"Those must be Kites," Star Cluster guessed, "And by the looks of it, there's a lot of ponies there."
Star Cluster walked into the forest following the cliff. Knowing that the princess, Buster and Charades was probably there, he thought it was best if no one saw him. He continued walking till he heard noises. He walked towards a hill and stopped when he saw the large number of ponies flying kites. Farther down the hill he noticed quite a few ponies sitting on blankets watching the kites.
"Hi!" a voice said.
Star Cluster jumped and turned around to find Raspberry standing there.
"I hate it when Skyview does it, it's bad enough that she does it," Star Cluster thought angrily.
"So who are you following?" Raspberry asked.
"Following? I'm not following anyone!" Star Cluster replied.
"I know when I see someone sneaking around the forest eyeing someone. I've done it many times."
"That nosy little pony," Star Cluster muttered under his breath, he looked up at her. "I'm looking for someone if you must know."
"Who?" Raspberry asked.
"Those two ponies with hairy feet like mine," Star Cluster replied.
"Oh, them. They're the fourth blanket from the bottom of the hill," Raspberry pointed.
Star Cluster walked closer to the edge of the forest and peeked around the tree. There on an orange blanket sat Buster and Charades with two other ponies.
"Who are they with?" Star Cluster asked.
"Those are Lunarstar's parents,"Raspberry answered.
"And where is she?"
"Flying kites with her...friends," Raspberry paused as she suddenly realized. "Your following her around!"
Star Cluster remained silent, hoping she would go away.
"Why? Because she has long hair?" Raspberry asked.
"I'm looking for someone and she fits it," Star Cluster answered angrily.
"I have long hair too."
Star Cluster turned from the tree and looked at her, "It's not long enough," Then he continued watching Buster and Charades.
"What? Not long enough? It is, it's long and prettier than Lunarstar's hair. Just what is so special about her? So what if she has more friends than me. So what if her adopted parents are so loving and nice. So what if everyone adores her...!"
Star Cluster turned and looked at her surprisingly, "Did you just say adopted?"
"Yes, she is adopted and everyone loves her. She makes friends easily and...."
"I don't care about your problem!" Star Cluster shouted angrily. "Why in the world didn't you tell me this in the first place?"
Raspberry gasped at Star Cluster's angrily look. "I-I...didn't tell you?"
"No you did not!" Star Cluster replied.
"It must has slipped my mind."
"That is obvious. Now go away and leave me alone or else," Star Cluster turned and walked away from her while keeping in the shadows of the forest.
"So she's adopted. It has to be her than. It must be. I should have known something was odd when I saw her parents. She looked nothing like them as an earth pony," Star Cluster thought then he smirked and told Fallon. "I think I found the princess and it was so obvious."
"Good. Now you just have to catch her. Put her in a crystal ball and I'll tell you the rest afterwards.

Luna was standing next to her friends laughing and talking.
"I'm ready to sit down and rest awhile," Clover complained.
"My parents are on the hill if you'd like to join them?" Luna suggested.
"Lets all take a break and eat?" Bon Bon suggested stand next to the picnic basket.
"Yeah, if Bon Bon hasn't eaten it all by now," Melody looked at her and the basket.
"I haven't touched it," Bon Bon told her.
"Lets go then," Patch cried.
The girls quickly started rolling their stings into a ball till the kites was within arms reach. They grabbed their kites and followed Luna up the hill.
"Hi, girls," Rosebud exclaimed smiling.
"Hi!" The girls repeated.
Bon Bon set her picnic baskets down on the blanket, "I bought enough food for all of us."
"Great," Booster replied, "I'm a bit hungry."
"Let us help you girls, Charades suggested.
Buster and Charades got off the blankets and helped the girls set everything on the orange blanket. When everything was ready they all gathered around the blanket and began eating. As they eat Buster picked up one of the girls kites and studied it. he was fascinated at how it was built and could fly. Luna turned and watched everyone holding their strings as the wind continued to blow the kits.
"Look, there's Blueberry," Patch cried pointing to the far left.
Luna looked and saw Blueberry by himself flying a red bird shaped kite.
"I wonder where Raspberry is?" Melody asked curiously.
"There she is," Clover pointed to the far right of her.
Raspberry left the forest and walk past other ponies towards Blueberry, then she took the kite from him and stood there.
Blueberry stepped aside and looked around wondering if any of his friends were around.
"Lets bring him over," Starlight suggested.
"No," Luna suddenly said.
"Awww, I think he would be thrilled to see you again," Melody teased.
Luna blushed, "Not now."
"Who is Blueberry?" Booster asked.
"He is a boy from school," Bon Bon answered.
"It's so obvious he really likes Lunarstar," Patch replied.
"The two of them went to the park alone the other day," Starlight added.
"So Luna, what happened in the park?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Nothing," Luna blushed turning red.
"Sure it was nothing," Melody said sarcastically. "Then why are you turning red?"
"Lunarstar," The girls whispered smiled at her.
"He...He uh..." Luna held her hoofs to her chin, "uh..he...kissed me then he ran off," She felt so embarrassed she just wanted to hide.
"Awww," the girls replied.
Rosebud and Booster laughed.
"Oh Lunarstar. You have to invite him over to join us," Rosebud told her.
"Don't forget Lunarstar, you are a Princess," Charades reminded her.
"What's that got to do with this?" Luna asked.
"Well, in our world you'll have to marry a Prince," Charades replied.
Luna blushed, "I don't plan to marry Blueberry. We're...just friends. That's all."
Booster laughed, "It sounds like he wants to be more than just friends." Booster looked at Charades "I don't think there's anything to worry about. This is just a crush he has for her. She's not ready to marry anyone yet."
"Just making sure," Charades replied.
The girls laughed.
"Wouldn't it be something if you married him?" Melody asked.
"Stop it," Luna muttered still looking red.
The girls giggled. Patch stood up and waved her hoofs calling his name. Blueberry turned after hearing his name and saw the girls. He hurried up the hill and stood before Luna's parents.
"Hi," Blueberry paused and looked at Luna with concern. "Are you alright? Your looking a bit red?"
The girls giggled quietly.
"She's fine," Rosebud told him. "I'm her mother, Rosebud and you must be Blueberry."
"Why don't you join us?" Booster proposed.
"Sure," Blueberry walked around and sat next to Luna.
For the rest of the day they sat and talked while enjoying the kite flying.