Chapter 26: Taken from Ponyland

Star Cluster was sound asleep in the forest before the sun had risen. He slept soundly curled in a ball with his tail covering his feet and face.
"Get up!" Fallon yelled but Star cluster didn't seem to hear him.
"If I wasn't forbidden to use my powers on you I would roasted you," Fallon mumbled angrily, "Get up!"
Star Cluster yawned but didn't get up.
"You stupid pony, Get up!" Fallon yelled angrily.
Star Cluster yawned, "I'm not stupid...Stupid Dragon."
Fallon growled at his remark, "get up."
"Why? It's still early."
"Have you forgotten what tonight is? When your big brother discovers we are gone, he will warn Buster, Charades and the adopted parents."
Star Cluster suddenly sat up, "The full moon. I completely forgot about it. I have to get her before school," Just then his stomach began to growl, "I should eat first."
"You can eat where we will be going after you get the Princess," Fallon told him, "Now don't sit there, hurry before she reaches the center of the park. It's best to get her close to the entrance, there won't be any ponies there for a while."
Star Cluster stood up stretching and then he began walking from his warm spot in flatten grass.

He hurried out of the forest and walked through town. He was about to enter the park when he noticed Buster and Charades walking ahead.
"Good I'm not to late. Now to wait," Star Cluster thought. He followed Buster and Charades towards the other side of the park from a distance. Once he felt he was close enough to the exit he left the sidewalk and hid behind the bushes and trees waiting in the shadows. He wondered how he was going to catch her before she winks out? He would have to surprise her but would that be enough time to catch her?
The key around his next began to glow, then it disappeared and reappeared in front of him turning into a staff. Star Cluster grabbed the floating staff.
"Hummm, two ponies will do," Star Cluster muttered. He pointed the staff to a spot on the grass next to him and shot a red beam. Red smokey rose from the ground, when it cleared, there stood two red ponies with light red hair.
"The Princess will be coming be soon. Catch her and bring her to me. She is white with long purple hair. Let no one see you," Star Cluster told the two ponies.
They nodded their heads, then walked from Star Cluster towards the tree closest to the sidewalk. The other red ponies walked to the other side and hid waiting for Lunarstar.

As the sun rose the birds began to wake up, they chirped loudly from the trees tops. Star Cluster could hear the faint echos of little ponies talking as they walked to school. He knew Lunarstar would soon show up.
Once the red ponies saw a white pony with long purple hair enter the park, they stood quietly getting themselves ready. One of them stood on the sidewalk watching her.
Luna stared at the red pony, she noticed his feet was hairy. Luna looked at the pony in the face, She could tell something wasn't right. She slowed down to a slow walk as she walked towards him cautiously.
Suddenly another red pony came out from behind a tree near the sidewalk and grabbed her. Luna was about to scream when the pony put his hoofs over her mouth. Luna struggled in his arms, wiggling and kicking her hind legs.
"She's hard to hold," the red pony complained griping her tightly. During the struggle, the chain around Luna's neck, broke and the locket fell to the ground.
The other red pony grabbed her rear and hind legs, keeping her from kicking. They carried her sideways from the sidewalk. They walked through the bushes to the shadows.
"Got her," the red pony calmly said while holding her.
"Good, now set her up so she can see me."
Luna's heart was racing with fear. The voice sounded familiar, she was scared at who the voice belong to. The other red pony let her rear and hind legs go while the other red pony held her up higher to get a good grip on her. Luna still couldn't scream or let out a single sound with the red pony's hoof over her mouth. Luna could feel a tear trickling down her cheek as she stared at the dark figure. Luna's eyes widen with fear and surprise when she saw who it was.
"Surprised?" Star Cluster asked, in his hoof was a long staff.
Luna tried to scream as she frantically wiggled and kicked her hind legs in the air. She was wiggling so hard that the red pony lost his grip on her. He fell to the ground and was about to run when the other red pony grabbed a hold of her tail. Luna fell to the ground again and was dragged backwards. Luna screamed but there was no one around to hear her. The red pony picked her up and held her tightly while covering her mouth with his hoof. The strap of her school bag started to tear as Luna wiggled frantically and kicked.
"Hold her for a few more seconds," Star Cluster told him.
Tears streamed from Luna's face as she gasped at Star Cluster's staff pointing at her. She continued to kick out of fear causing the strap to tear completely, her school bag fell from her neck and the books inside had fallen out upon impact.
Lighting shot out from the crystal ball on the staff and hit Luna, she froze instantly while changing her back into a winged unicorn. The red pony let go of her as she began to shrink. When she became tiny, a crystal ball formed around her. The two red ponies disappeared a red beam of light going back into the crystal ball.
The staff disappeared turned into a key around his neck. Star Cluster walked over to the crystal ball and picked it up, looking closely at it. Inside was Luna frozen scared as if a pony was still holding her.
"Finally, it didn't take me long to catch her. It took my brothers a lot longer," Star Cluster muttered, "What now?"
"Form a large bubble and get in, then head south," Fallon replied.
"You could have told me I was going to need the staff before I put it up," Star Cluster exclaimed. The key around his neck disappeared, then it appeared in front of him as a staff. Star Cluster grabbed it and shot a blue beam as it formed a giant bubble.
"Won't someone see me?" Star Cluster asked.
"Make it invisible then, like you did with Paradise Estate."
Star Cluster shot another beam of light at the ball turning it invisible. Then he stepped into the bubble and began to feel himself life off the ground.
"This have better not pop," Star Cluster told him.

When school started the girls sat at their desk looking at the empty desk Luna usually sat in.
"Where is she?" Sweetheart asked in a whispering voice.
"I don't know. I thought she was suppose to come to school," Patch replied whispering back.
"Lets go after school and find out," Starlight suggested.
During the whole school time, the girls talked and wondered about Luna, even Blueberry asked.
As soon as the school bell range, the girls ran through the park to Luna's house. They knocked on the door. Rosebud answered the door and was surprised to see Luna's friends there.
"Is Lunarstar there?" Starlight asked.
"What do you mean? Didn't she go to school?" Rosebud asked.
"No, we haven't seen her since yesterday," Bright Eyes answered.
The girls could see how worried Rosebud was.
"Please girls, come in side."
The girls walked in and stood in the living room.
"She left for school this morning," Rosebud told them.
"But we didn't see her at school," Melody told her again.
Just then Booster walked in the kitchen from the back door and heard the girls. He walked in the living room and saw the girls with Rosebud but not Luna.
"Hi, girls. Where's Lunarstar?" Booster asked.
"We don't know," Starlight answered.
Rosebud looked at Booster worriedly, "She never showed up at school today."
Buster and Charades followed Booster and went to the living room.
"Who?" Charades asked.
"Lunarstar, she never went to school," Rosebud repeated.
"Then where did she go?" Buster asked.
"It's not like her to skip school and not come home. Especially when her real father is suppose to meet her at the gate tonight. Lunarstar would never miss it," Booster stood quietly looking very worried, "Lets go out and look for her. Rosebud, stay here in case she happened to come home."
"We can help," Starlight proposed.
"Alright girls but don't but don't tell anyone that she is missing," Booster told them.
"Why?" Bon Bon asked.
"Lunarstar is a winged unicorn and if she hurt...I would rather not have anyone other than us finding her, Booster explained.
"Oh, ok," Bon Bon replied
"Meet here weather or not anyone finds her," Booster explained.
The girls ran out the door and down the street splitting up. Booster, Buster and Charades followed them.
"I'll check the school and town," Booster said.
"I'll check the park," Buster said.
"I'll check the forest and anywhere else I can think of," Charades said. once they reached the bottom of the hill the split up.

Buster went to the park and followed the sidewalk as he scanned the trees and bushes. Charades walked to the forest and began looking around calling for her. Booster walked through the park to the school. The girls walked around town and other places looking for Luna but no one could find her. Half the day went by and the sun was starting to set. Booster had left the school after finding nothing there and went to help Buster in the park but still there was no sign of her. They stood at the park exit looking around hoping to see her. The girls had gathered and went through the park to Luna's house when they saw Booster and Buster.
"Did you find her?" Booster asked.
The girls signed sadly.
"I'm sorry, we didn't. I looked everywhere," Bright Eyes replied.
"We didn't find her either," Buster told them.
As they talked, Clover noticed something shining in the sunset. It sparkled like gold.
"What's that?" Clover asked pointing.
Everyone looked and they took saw it sparkle.
Booster walked over to it with everyone behind him. He picked it up and held it for them to see, "This is Lunarstar's Locket."
Buster took the locket and held it, "It sure looks like it." He opened the locket and saw two pictures, one of Royal Heart and the other was Stardust, "She would never take this off and leave it laying around."
Booster took the locket and held it tightly, "It's no wonder someone didn't find it. Something has happened to her. Everyone, search this area!"
They spit up and searched, some of the girls went from the sidewalk and checked the bushes. Buster went to the other side of the sidewalk looking around while Booster scanned the bushed nearby.
The girls parted the bushes some even looked up in the trees but still they found nothing.
"Have you found her yet, girls?" Booster asked.
"No," Melody replied.
Just then Clover spotted something red sticking out from between the bushes. She walked over to it and saw it was a piece of paper. She picked it up and looked at it.
"Clover what's that?" Starlight asked as she noticed Clover holding something.
"A piece of paper I found," Clover replied.
Starlight and the girls turned around from the bushes and walked over to Clover. Bright Eyes took the paper and gasped, "This is Lunarstar's paper. It's her math home work."
"Are you sure it's her's?" Patch asked.
"Yes, it have her name on it," Bright eyes answered.
"Clover, where did you find this?" Melody asked.
"Here in the bushes," Clover pointed.
Starlight parted the bushes and saw a town school bag with books all over the grass.
Bon Bon ran out of the bushes and called for Booster and Buster.
"Did you find her?" Booster asked.
"No but we found something else," Bon Bon answered.
Booster and Buster followed her to the rest of the girls. Booster Suddenly stopped when he saw the torn school bag in Starlight's hoofs.
"Her school bag?" Booster asked.
"Something did happen to her. We have to tell King Stardust tonight. He might be able to find her," Buster told Booster.
Booster took the school bad and held it, "Thank you girls," He looked around and noticed how late it was getting, "I think you should go home, it's getting late."
"But what about Lunarstar?" Melody asked.
"I will let you know if we find her," Booster replied.
They girls looked at each other with worried looks, "Ok."
"Bye," Patch said and left with the girls behind her.
"Lets hurry back home," Booster turned and left with Buster next to him.

They want up their street towards the house.
"Rosebud will loose it when she sees the bag," Buster told him.
"I know she will," Booster replied.
They walked into the house where Charades and Rosebud saw in the living room waiting.
"Well?" Rosebud asked.
"Nothing, not even her friends could find her but," Booster held up the bag and locket, "The did find these."
Tears began to form in Rosebud's eyes and trickle down her cheek, "Oh my poor girl. What could have happened to her?" She stood up and walked over to Booster. She took the bag and hugged it tightly, "Oh Lunarstar."
"It's getting dark. We must go and tell King Stardust," Charades told them.
Everyone agreed but Rosebud stood there not wanting to let go. Tears dripped from her cheek and onto Luna's school bag.
"Rosebud, Please,' Booster kindly said to her. He slowly took the bag from her and laid it on the couch and left the locket on the bag.
Rosebud followed Booster as she continued to cry.