Chapter 28: Look to friends for help

Early the next morning Stardust woke up in bed, stretching and yawning. He threw the covers off of him and got out of bed. Next to the bed on each side were Skyview and Starfire sleeping soundly under their covers. Stardust shook Skyview. "Get up and wake up Starfire."
Skyview woke up yawning. "Ok"
Stardust left the room feeling a bit odd without his crown and collar. He walked down stairs with his brothers and saw Booster in the living room.
Booster smiled when he saw the black ponies coming downstairs. "Rosebud prepared breakfast for you."
"Great," Starfire yawned.
They walked into the dining room and sat down. Starfire couldn't wait to start eating. He quickly ate and finished before his brothers did.
"What's the hurry?" Skyview asked noticing how fast he eat.
"I'm just hungry."
"So am I but I don't pig out though," Skyview replied.
"I didn't pigging out!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Sure you did."
"No I didn't!"
Stardust cleared his throat to get their attention.
The two sat quietly, stared hard at each other

When breakfast was done, Buster stood in the living room waiting for Stardust.
"Ready?" Buster asked.
"Yes, lets go," Stardust answered.
They left the house leaving Skyview and Starfire in the house.
"Let's check Luna's usual places and then the rest of the town. You can show me the spot where she was taken on the way back," Stardust told him.
They walked to the ice cream shop, then to the lake in the park, then to the docks by the ocean and all over town for the rest of the day but Stardust didn't see Luna nor did he sense her at anytime.
"She...really isn't here," Stardust muttered. "Show me the spot."
Buster took him to the park where her locket was seen. Just then a soccer ball rolled from over the hill and stopped at Stardust's feet. Patch ran towards Stardust and stopped when she realized who he was.
"Hi," Patch smiled but then her smile faded away. "I guess you heard about Lunarstar."
"Yes I have," Stardust replied. "and you're one of her friends?"
"Did she happen to tell you anything?" Stardust asked.
"Well," Patch thought hard. "Other than her dreams, no she didn't."
"Dreams?" Stardust asked.
"Yeah, something about...dragons."
"I remember that!" Buster exclaimed. "Shortly after she returned here to this world, she had a nightmare about dragons. It was also a stormy night and she didn't sleep that night."
"What about the dream?" Stardust asked.
"I don't remember. Let me get the others, maybe they'll remember," Patch suggested.
"Yes, please do that and meet me at Luna's house," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Patch took the ball and ran up the hill, then she kicked it. "I can't play. I got to go!"
Stardust turned to Buster. "Let's hurry back."
They walked out of the park heading back to the house.

When they arrived at the house, Starfire and Skyview were sitting on the couch waiting. Skyview was reading a book.
"Well?" Starfire asked.
"Nothing but I did talk to Luna's friend. She's going to bring the rest of her friends here to talk."
"Do they know anything?" Skyview asked setting the book on the table.
"Something about dreaming of dragons."
"Oh," Rosebud walked in from the kitchen. "Luna had a dream of dragons one night."
"Buster was just telling me that," Stardust replied.
"Luna dreamt of dragons when she first got to Dream Castle," Starfire exclaimed.
"What did she say about it?" Stardust asked.
"Nothing only that she was dreaming about dragons. I don't think she really wanted to talk about it," Starfire replied.

After awhile the girls arrived at the house and knocked on the door. Booster answered the door and let the girls in. The gathered in the living room staring at the black ponies. It was easy to see them in daylight that it was a night.
"Girls, did Luna say anything about her dreams?" Stardust asked.
"She did say she dreams about a white dragon and another dragon fighting," Starlight replied.
"A white dragon?" Starfire asked.
"The same white dragon that was at Dream Castle?" Stardust asked.
"How can she even dream of that? She doesn't remember turning into a large white dragon," Skyview pointed out.
"What else did she say, girls?" Stardust asked.
"Well she did dream about an island shaped like a dragon," Bright Eyes replied.
"Island?" the black ponies asked.
"Yes. I looked it up too. It's real. It's called Drakon Island," Bright Eyes answered.
"The well known vacation spot?" Booster asked.
Stardust looked at him. "You know it?"
"Yes, it's just vacation spot. A place to get away and enjoy yourself," Booster replied.
"We went there long before we found Lunarstar. It's a pretty place to go and it's in a shape of a sleeping dragon. the natives also has a tale about a dragon but it's been so long I can hardly remember it," Rosebud added.
"Where is Drakon Island?" Stardust asked.
"Far across the ocean," Booster answered.
"What about Star Cluster?" Starfire asked. "He's still loose."
"The other Kingdoms are on the look out for him. Right now, I want to find Luna then get Star Cluster," Stardust replied.
"Who?" Melody asked.
"Star Cluster is our little brother who had taken over my kingdom," Stardust explained.
"Is he black like you?" Sweetheart asked.
"No he is purple with blue, yellow, orange and green hair," Stardust explained.
"Dark purple?" Bon Bon asked.
"Yes," Skyview answered.
"With...ummm, gold key or gold something around his neck?" Bon Bon asked.
The black ponies looked at her surprisingly.
"It's a golden key," Stardust replied.
"H-how did you know that?" Skyview asked.
"He had hairy feet too," Bon Bon added.
"Bon Bon!" the girls shouted.
"I saw him," Bon Bon added.
"When?" Rosebud asked.
"Not to long ago. We were on our way here to watch a concert and had popcorn that I brought. We passed him going up the street," Bon Bon replied.
"How can you remember that?" Melody asked.
"I had my favorite bag of popcorn with me," Bon Bon answered smiling.
"Star Cluster?...Here?" Stardust asked shockingly.
"It's not even possible. How could he have gotten through the gate?" Skyview asked.
"He must have taken Luna," Starfire guessed.
"Yes but where?" Skyview asked.
"Drakon island," Stardust answered, "Fallon is a dragon and Rosebud did say something about a tale of a dragon on the island."
"So he took her there?" Starfire asked, "But why?"
"We must go there as soon as possible," Stardust told them.
"How?" Skyview asked, "Me and Starfire can't just walk outside."
"I'll think of something," Stardust told him.
"Girls would you like something to eat before you go?" Rosebud asked.
"Sure," They replied.
Rosebud took them to the kitchen while the boys stood and continued talking and planning for the rest of the day.