Chapter 29: Off to Drakon Island

After Luna's friends had finished eating and left, everyone stood in the living room talking about a trip to the island.
"How do we get to Drakon Island?" Skyview asked.
"The only way to get there is a cruise ship," Booster answered.
"A what?" Starfire asked.
"It's a medium size ship that you'll spend a week or less on it. You can relax and enjoy yourself while it sails to Drakon Island.
"Just how are me and Skyview going to get on?" Starfire asked, "The wings and horn is a dead give away."
"You could fold your wings and wear something?" Rosebud suggested.
"Yes, like a cloak," Stardust agreed.
"And you could wear a rather large hat," Rosebud suggested to Skyview.
"Forget it. I'll hide under the cloak with Starfire. I'll look ridiculous with a hat on!" Skyview exclaimed.
Starfire chuckled quietly. Skyview glared at him until he stopped laughing.
"I'll call and find out when the cruise ship leaves or when it comes," Rosebud proposed.
"I can see about getting a cloak," Booster said.
"I can get it," Charades told him.
"Get a dark cloak. One that will blend in with Starfire's coat," Skyview told him.
Booster gave him the money and watched as Charades left the house.
"There's one leaving early in the morning," Rosebud said while still on the phone.
"That's fine," Stardust told her.
"There's just one small catch. There's only one room left," Rosebud added.
Starfire sighed. "Only one room."
"That's fine. One room for two," Stardust told her.
Rosebud went back to the phone and continued talking.
"Ok," Rosebud replied over the phone, "Someone will be right over....bye." Then she hung up the phone. "Someone has to go to the travel agency and get the two tickets."
"I can!" Buster exclaimed.
"The tickets are already paid for, you just have to pick it up," Rosebud told him.
Buster quickly left the house hurrying down the street as fast as he could.
"We leave early in the morning. It's best to get to bed early," Stardust said.
"Not until after dinner!" Starfire exclaimed.
Rosebud and Booster smiled.
"I sure hope you guys find her," Rosebud muttered worriedly.
"Don't worry. We will find her and Star Cluster. The more I think about Drakon Island the more I'm sure that's where he went," Stardust replied.

The next morning, long before the sun rose, Booster, Rosebud, Buster and Charades stood at the far end of the docks. They watched at Stardust and Starfire walked towards the tall white ship. Starfire wore a black cloak completely covering his wings and Skyview who was in cloud form hid on Starfire's coat.
"He makes me look fat," Starfire complained looking at his sides.
"It's your wings that makes you look fat," Stardust whispered.
They joined the crowed in line and slowly got close the long plank. When they eventually got to a bright orange pony with rainbow hair he stopped them from going getting any closer to the plank.
"Your tickets please."
Stardust and Starfire handed him their ticket. He took it and put it in a box through a slot.
"Oh, your black. The natives will most certainly find you two fascinating," the orange pony commented.
"What do you mean?" Starfire asked.
"Well, they rarely seen dark color ponies and you two are as dark as one can please I have more tickets to collect."
Starfire followed Stardust up the plank to the deck.
"Now we have to find our number, 32," Stardust said looking around the deck. He noticed a pony wearing a white hat. He walked through the crowd to the white pony with pink and sea green hair.
"Excuse me but where is room 32?" Stardust asked.
"On deck two where all the guest rooms are," The pony answered.
"And where is that?" Stardust asked.
"If you like I'll show you."
"Yes please do," Stardust replied.
They followed the pony inside the ship and down the stairs then through a long hall way. He stopped and looked at Stardust, "This is deck two, your room should be down there. If you excuse me I have a ship to sail. Enjoy your trip to Drakon Island," The pony smiled and left.
The floor was red carpeted and the walls were dark shinny wood. Each door had a small steering wheel with a number in the center. Stardust began walking with Starfire behind him as they past ponies who were getting in their room. Starfire noticed quite a few room looked the same. Some looked larger.
"I wonder what our room will look like?" Starfire asked.
"Probably small since it only has one bed," Stardust answered.
They walked far till they saw their number on the door.
"Finally," Starfire exclaimed, feeling relieved.
Stardust opened the door and walked in. Starfire closed the door behind him.
"You can come out now," Starfire said looking around the room.
A gray cloud came out from under the cloak and sat on the bed taking a shape of a pony. Skyview leaned back on the bed relaxing.
The room floor was a light peach color and the walls were white. The bed was peach matching the floor. There was a long couch at one end of the room.
"Who sleeps where?" Starfire asked.
"I'll take the bed," Stardust quickly said.
"Then I'll take the couch," Starfire added.
"Forget it. Your to much of an active sleeper. I'll take the couch, you take the floor," Skyview told him.
"Maybe I can get someone to bring an extra bed?" Stardust suggested.
"Yes, please do," Starfire told him, he took off his cloak and set it on the bed then stretched his wings and flapped them, "that is better."
Above the couch was a window with thick dark curtains covering it.
Skyview stood up from the bed and peeked out the window, "Looks like we're moving."
Just then there was a knock at the door.
Skyview turned into a cloud, hiding under the bed. Starfire folded his wings and sat on the floor beside the bed.
Stardust answered the door and saw a green pony with a folded bed cot.
"I was told you needed an extra bed."
Stardust stood silent for a minute, "Who told you?"
"When you bought a ticket."
Stardust figured that Rosebud must have asked for a cot when she was on the phone. "Oh, ok. Thank you," Stardust took the cot in the room and closed the door.
Skyview appeared from the cloud on the couch, laying down. Starfire stood up and stretched his wings.
"Starfire, here's your bed."
Starfire smiled, "That is better than the couch."
Skyview glared at him.
Starfire smiled at him and unfolded his bed.
"Well I guess we're off to find Luna...together," Stardust said as he sat on the bed.
"I'm stuck in here for the entire cruise," Skyview complained.
"I'll try and see if I can get a book for you," Stardust told him.
"Thanks," Skyview replied.
They sat in their room talking till sunset.