Chapter 2: Lost of inspiration

It was in the afternoon and the girls had left school. As they walked through the park Luna and Patch noticed a light yellow pony with pink, orange and yellow hair sitting under a tree with a sketch book. He was older than any of them.
"What's he doing?" Luna asked.
"Drawing would be my guess," Bright Eyes answered.
"Well what ever he's doing he seems to be glued to it," Patch observed.
The pony had not noticed the girls watching him, he was too interested in the school.
"Well, I have to get home and do my home work," Bright Eyes said.
"Yeah, me too," Patch added.
"I'll see you later, I got to get home," Luna said her goodbyes and ran home.

When she got home, she rushed upstairs dropped her school bag on her bed and hurried to the kitchen.
"Hi, Lunarstar. Want some cookies?" Rosebud asked.
"They're on the counter but leave some for the boys."
"Ok," Luna walked to the counter and ate a few cookies, then she walked out of the kitchen, "I'm going out to play for a while."
"Ok, be careful!"
"I will," Luna ran out of the house and down several blocks. She slowed down the a walk as she entered the park. Just then Starlight ran up to her, "Lunarstar!"
"Starlight!" Luna yelled.
Starlight stopped in front of her. "I was on my way to see you."
"I was on my way to the ice cream shop to see the others."
"They're not there yet," Starlight replied.
"Oh, I guess we could wait for them?" Luna suggested. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the light yellow pony sitting in a different spot watching a group of ponies playing.
"Look," Luna pointed.
Starlight turned and saw the pony drawing and then ripping pages out of his book. The two girls were surprised and yet curious as to why he would do that.
Luna walked across the grass and stood next to the pony. "Hi. We saw you near the school. What were you doing then?"
"Sketching," the pony replied.
The two girls felt a hint of anger in his voice. They wondered if they had upset him.
"I'm sorry if we disturbed you," Starlight replied. Just as the girls were about to leave the pony quickly stopped them. "No, it's not you that I'm mad at."
Luna and Starlight turned around and looked at him curiously.
"What were you mad at then?" Luna asked.
"I draw and paint for a living but lately I just can't seem to draw anything. Nothing looks right," the pony replied.
"Can we see some of your sketches?" Starlight asked.
"I ripped quite a few out but I do have a few of my latest work." The pony flipped the book to the back and showed the girls. It was a drawing of a pony's head smiling.
"Wow, she's so pretty!" Luna and Starlight exclaimed.
"It's my fiance`," the pony replied. "Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Dash."
"I'm Lunarstar."
"I'm Starlight."
"We were about to get some ice cream. Why don't you come with us?" Starlight suggested.
"Take a break for awhile," Luna added.
"I guess I could take a break for awhile." Dash put his sketch book in his blue bag and hung it around his neck. He followed the girls out of the park to the ice cream shop.

They entered the shop and sat at a table. The waitress came to the table and took their orders.
"A double banana shake," Starlight said.
"A vanilla ice cream with a waffle cone," Luna told her.
"Banana split," Dash told her.
"Alright, they'll be right up." The waitress left the table and went to the counter.
"So do you live around here?" Starlight asked.
"No I don't. I just came to Ponyland for a few days to sketch."
Just then Melody, Clover and Patch entered the shop.
"Hi, Lunarstar, Starlight!" Melody exclaimed.
"Hi guys. I want you to meet Dash. he's the one we saw at the school drawing," Starlight introduced him.
"Hi," Dash replied.
"Hi," the three girls replied.
"This is Melody, Clover and Patch," Starlight pointed to them.
"It's nice to meet you girls," Dash said.
"Were you sketching the school today?" Patch asked.
"I was but it didn't turn out right," Dash replied.
The girls gathered around the table and sat down.
"Can we see your work?" Melody asked.
"Sure," Dash took out his sketchbook and showed the threes girls the sketch of the pony's head.
"Wow, this is great," Melody exclaimed.
"She looks so real like a black and white photo," Patch commented.
"Well, that was my latest work. I just can't seem to draw lately. It's like I lost my inspiration," Dash replied as he took the sketchbook and put it back in the bag. Just then the waiter approached the table and gave them their order. Starlight, Luna and Dash paid her, then she left.
"Maybe your just trying too hard?" Luna suggested as she began licking her ice cream.
"I doubt it. It's more like, I'm not trying hard enough."
"Maybe your to distracted?" Patch suggested.
"Maybe you could try and draw something else?" Clover suggested.
The girls suggested a few things to help him but nothing seemed to work. Dash finished his banana split and thanked the girls.
"I hope you find you inspiration soon," Melody told him.
"I hope so too. See you girls later." Dash took his blue bag and left the ice cream shop.

Later that night when the sun had left the sky and the crescent moon shined brightly in the sky, Dash stared out his window thinking about the suggestion the girls had made.
"I think I'll go out and sketch a scenery for a change." Dash took his sketchbook and a flashlight from the round table and grabbed his bag from the chair. Then he put them in the blue bag and left the room. He walked down the hall to the stairs and quickly left the hotel.