Chapter 30: Feeling sea sick

The sun was shining partly through the drifting clouds, the wind blew as the tall white ship sailed through the deep blue water.
Stardust left dining hall on the third deck and walked to the second deck. He turned left from the stairs and saw Starfire leaning on the railing looking out and enjoying the cool breeze. His cloak blew slightly.
"You might want to be carful when you do that," Stardust told him.
Starfire turned and smiled, "This is great we should take a trip more often," Starfire paused remembering what Stardust had just said. "Be careful doing what?"
"Standing on your hind legs. Someone could easily see under your cloak."
"Oh," Starfire replied, he let go of the railing and stood on his four feet, "No is around anyways. They're all up front or back of the ship or eating in the dining hall."
"All it takes is one pony," Stardust told him, "The last thing I need is..."
"I know!" Starfire exclaimed interrupting him. "Don't worry, I'll be more careful," Starfire smiled at him, "I'll go see if Skyview is hungry."

Starfire left the deck and walked down the hall to his room. He opened the door and saw that Skyview was laying on his bed stretched out on his side.
"Are you still tired?" Starfire asked.
"No," Skyview replied.
"Oh, you're still sea sick," Starfire guessed.
Skyview opened his eyes and looked at him.
"I don't see what the problem is. The ship only rocks a little bit. Swaying back and forth," Starfire smiled at him.
"Shut up!" Skyview turned facing the other way. "You're making me feel worse."
"Well don't think about it," Starfire suggested. "Read your books that Stardust found for you."
"I don't feel well enough to read," Skyview muttered.
"Well open the window then," Starfire walked to the window and opened it letting a breeze in the room, "there, how is that?"
"A little better," Skyview replied.
"Now get up and read or something. Get your mind off this ship," Starfire told him.
"I don't feel well enough to read and there's nothing to do in this room," Skyview replied.
"I can bring some games then."
"I don't feel well enough to play."
Starfire began to get annoyed with him. He walk behind Skyview and with his front hooves he pushed Skyview off the bed.
Skyview fell on the floor. He was caught be surprise that Starfire had did that. He sat up and looked at him angrily.
"Get off the bed and do something," Starfire told him angrily. "Laying around will make you feel worse. Read a book or look out the window till I get back. I'm guessing your hungry so I'll bring something back for you to eat." Starfire turned and left the room.
Skyview stood up still a bit surprised by Starfire's sudden determination to get him up. Skyview sat on the bed still feeling a bit sick to his stomach. He decided to try reading. Maybe Starfire was right, he just needed to get his mind off the ship.
He picked up a yellow book from the couch and sat on the bed reading. After a while he go interested in the book and soon forgot he was on a ship. He began to feel better. As he read he could hear a large splash in the ocean. Skyview sat the book down and went to the window. He peeked out the window and saw large whales splashing the water with their tails and body. Most of the ponies on the deck were watching, no one noticed Skyview peeking through the curtains.

Starfire walked in with a tray, "Skyview."
Skyview turned and smiled, "Your right. I just have to get my mind off of this ship."
Starfire set the tray on the bed. "Well here's your food."
Skyview left the window and went to the bed to eat, "I sure wish I could leave this room."
"You could at night."
"No, there's still ponies on deck watching the stars," Skyview replied.
"Well, they do have to sleep some time," Starfire replied as he sat on the bed.
Skyview smiled. "Yes, I guess they do." he picked up the tall white cup and began drinking it. Then he swallowed hard and started to cough. "What is this stuff?"
"It's ginger ale. Then I ordered the food I asked if there was something I could give you to make you feel better. They gave me a cup of ginger ale and said it'll make your stomach calm."
Skyview took the cup again and began sipping on it.
"I guess it's not too bad," Skyview agreed.
"You are the most negative pony I ever met. Lighten up and enjoy yourself," Starfire told him.
"It's not easy when you think about the reason for this trip."
"Thinking about it won't get us there any faster," Starfire told him.
"You never seem to worry about anything, Starfire."
"I do worry. I'm very worried about Luna. I wonder if she's scared or...well I know thinking about it won't help me. Doing something about it will help," Starfire answered.
Skyview smiled. "Sometimes, you just amaze me."

Later that night, long after everyone had went to bed and were in a deep sleep, Stardust felt something rub on his face. He woke up and saw Starfire's wing tips in his face. Stardust turned over and was about to close his eyes when he saw the Skyview wasn't on the couch. Stardust sat up and whispered for him but there was no answer. She could sense that Skyview was still on the ship. He got out of bed and left the room. He walked to the deck but his senses told him he was higher. He walked to the stairs and went to the top. There neat the back of the ship leaning on the railing was Skyview. He stood and looked out.
"This is the first time I had left the room," Skyview said, knowing Stardust was there.
"How did you know it was me?" Stardust asked.
"I heard you. Don't forget I have great hearing."
Stardust walked to the railing and leaned on it. "I see your feeling better."
"Yes, thanks to Starfire. He can be very determined when he wants to be," Skyview replied smiling. "The fresh air and the breeze helps me a lot."
"What if someone sees you up here?" Stardust asked.
"It's in the middle of the night and if they see me all they'll see is a unicorn. Who is going to believe them?" Skyview asked. He looked at Stardust. "Don't worry so much. That's what Starfire told me anyways."
"I can't help it. I want to get there without any trouble and find Luna."
"We'll get there, eventually. Luna is a lot like us, she'll be fine," Skyview replied.
Stardust took a deep breath but it didn't help to calm him down from worrying.
"She's my only daughter. I lost her once thanks to Star Cluster, I will not lose her again," Stardust told him.
They stood for a while enjoying the silence and the sounds of the water rushing past the ship.
"Well I'm going to bed. Are you coming?" Stardust asked.
"No, not for awhile. I don't get a chance to get out of the room, I just want to enjoy it as long as I can before heading back to bed," Skyview told him.
"Don't be to long," Stardust told him. "Goodnight," He turned and left Skyview alone of the railing.
Skyview looked out the ocean thinking about Luna. "I hope Starfire and me are right about Luna."