Chapter 31: On the run and feeling lost

It was in the afternoon when Star Cluster laying in the bubble floated to Drakon Island far on the other side of where the vacation spot is. When the bubble touched the sandy and grassy ground, it popped.
"Hurry and eat something!" Fallon cried.
"I told you I needed eat before I left. It's your fault you have to listen to my stomach!" Star Cluster exclaimed. He stood and looked around. the trees were different and the bushes as well. There were steep hills and mountains on the island.
"This is an odd place," Star Cluster muttered. He looked at the tree next to him. It was very tall and more open than trees since he was used to seeing in forests.
"This is a tropical island, get used to it. The plants here are different and you'll even find wild fruit in trees, like that odd tree ahead of you," Fallon explained.
Star Cluster walked up to the odd shaped trees. Several tree trunks grew from the roots that was partly showing. The leaves were long and pointed, drooping.
"Where?" Star Cluster asked looking up at the short tree.
"It's round, long and green. You'll find it in those leaves."
Star Cluster set the crystal ball on the ground and climbed the trunks of the tree and saw what Fallon was talking about. He took one off the tree and dropped it to the ground. once he climbed down the tree trunk and picked the fruit up and stared at it.
"It's a pineapple. Open it and eat. You stomach is driving my crazy!" Fallon exclaimed as he continued to hear Star Cluster's stomach growl and rumble. Star Cluster tried to open it but couldn't, he noticed a pointed rock and took it to open the pineapple. Once he ripped it open, he began to eat.

When he was done he was satisfied. He picked up the crystal ball next to him and looked at Luna in her winged unicorn form, frozen in a timeless state.
"Now, take the staff and point it at her. Let me do the rest," Fallon told him.
As the key began to glow Star Cluster noticed Luna began to glow.
"I should have known. Hurry!" Fallon told him but it was too late. Luna glowed so bright it was blinding. Star Cluster dropped the ball and covered his eyes. When the bright light was gone, Star Cluster looked and gasped. In front of him stood Luna in her winged unicorn form with her eyes closed.
Luna opened her eyes and looked angrily as Star Cluster. Her eyes were no longer purple but green instead.
The eyes and the angry look surprised Star Cluster.
"Get her!" Fallon cried.
"You'll never get what you want," Luna told Fallon in a different voice.
Star Cluster had not expected Luna's voice to change.
"The princess?" Star Cluster whispered.
"It's not the princess..I mean it is but...I'll explain later. Just get her!" Fallon yelled.
Luna turned and slowly snapped out of it, feeling a bit half asleep but wake enough to know what's happening. Luna turned and ran out of fear. She rushed through bushes with long pointed leaves while glancing back to see Star Cluster chasing her. She ran far, up hills and down hills at times almost tripping every now and then. She was starting to wear herself out and Star Cluster was getting tired.
"Hurry!" Fallon yelled.
"Shut up! Your not helping one bit!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.
Luna ran as her legs began to ache, she eventually found herself slowing down while Star Cluster was catching up. Luna gasped at how close he was. She winked out and winked in far ahead of him. After awhile Star Cluster gave in and stopped, dropping instantly to the ground.
"Don't you dare say a word to me," Star Cluster breathed heavily. "This is an island, she can't go far."

Luna continued to run, not daring to stop. She ran till she felt she was about to fall. She rushed past very tall trees and through long pointed leave like bushes till she came upon a small lake with a narrow stream flowing to it. Luna collapsed in the water on a long, flat rock. The water wasn't to high, it reached up to her mouth. Luna laid there not moving a muscle. She breathed heavily trying to catch her breath. She felt tired all over. The cool water helped her relax and cool off fast. She sat up in the water, he wings and hair was wet and part of her coat dripped with water. She looked down at herself and gasped at the rippling water. She saw a mirror image of herself with green eyes. Luna looked closely at the water. She could feel herself waking up completely like she had been a sleep for a very long time. As Luna stared at her eyes they began to turn back to purple looking normal. Luna blinked a few times and looked again in the water. But nothing happened. She stared and squinted her eyes to make them change, but still nothing happened. As she sat there looking at herself she realize something about herself was different. She felt it more than she could see it. It was like she found a part of herself.
Just then Luna saw her eyes flicker green and back to purple.
Luna looked at her eyes surprisingly.
"W-what...what is wrong with me?" Luna thought.
Suddenly she heard a twig snap. Luna stood up and looked around nervously, "W-who is there?"
Fearing it could be Star Cluster she stood ready to run in an instant. As she continued to look around she heard another noise. She turned to look and saw a pony running. It looked to small to be Star Cluster and the coloring wasn't right either. The pony was yellow and orange and pink hair.
Curious as to who it is and needing help from anything she could find, Luna ran after her through the forest.
"Please wait!" Luna called to the pony. "Who are you?" but the pony did not stop or slow down.
"Please, I...I'm lost!" Luna yelled but the pony just ran even faster and soon Luna lost sight of her. Luna stopped and stood in the tall open shady forest. She looked around and saw only tree trunks and a few bushes.
"Please!" Luna yelled but she heard nothing.
Luna sat down on the sandy and grassy ground. Tears began to fall down her cheeks. Luna tried to wipe her tears from her cheek but they began to flow even heavier. She was completely lost and had no idea where she was. She thought about her father Stardust if she would ever see him again. Her eyes became so watery that she couldn't see. She closed her eyes and cried.
"Dad. Where are you?" Luna whispered shakily.
The forest was quiet, only the sounds of birds and Luna's sobbing could be heard.