Chapter 32: Making a friend in a dangerous time

Luna sat for while crying till she started to get a headache. Her sobbing became quiet while she looked around.
"What do I do?" Luna asked herself.
She stood up and scanned the forest but all she saw were trees, bushes, rocks and mountains. She slowly began walking in the direction the pony was going. Maybe she could still catch up to her. She walked deeper into the forest while noticing the forest floor was covered in more large plants, she could hardly see the ground. She could hear her hoofs crunch on the leafy plants and twigs on the ground. The trees became shorter and the leaves looked fuller in the branches. The ground felt as if it was getting steeper. Luna stopped next to a tree and rested. She looked around and noticed she was on a hill. Luna looked ahead of her at a steep rocky cliff and wondered if she could see where she was from there. She had walked far and had calmed down a lot since she first saw the pony. She knew she would get home one way or another, but how was her problem. The forest didn't look like the forest she had seen. It looked more like a tropical forest.
"This can't be. This can't be a tropical forest. They're only on islands," Luna thought but the more she looked around the more she was convened she was on a tropical island.
Just then she felt something rubbing on her horn. Luna looked up and gasped. She jumped to her feet and moved away from it. On a branch above where the spot she sat in was a large and long snake. Luna stood and stared at it.
"That's huge," Luna thought.
She decided she had rested long enough and began walking. She looked up in trees as the hill became more steeper. There were green birds with orange, yellow and blue on them. Some looked pink or white. Other birds were more red and some were quite small. Luna stopped and stared at them, they were indeed pretty to look at. Their feathers fluffed out as they stretched their wings.
After a while of watching the birds she began to hear her stomach rumble. She was hungry but didn't know what she could eat. She left the birds and continued walking.
She climbed the hill to the top of the cliff but when she looked out from the edge, all she saw was another hill in her way but she could tell the forest was very large. Her stomach growled turning in knots. She left the cliff and walked through the forest hoping to find something to eat. The leafy ground became clear turning into grass and dirt. She looked around the area and suddenly felt something squishy under her hoofs. She lifted her foot and saw she had stepped on a banana. Luna looked up in the tree and saw a cluster of bananas hanging low. Some were green but most were yellow. Luna saw only a few that were bright yellow. She stood on her hind legs and pulled the two yellow bananas off. then she walked from the tree and sat down to eat them.

After she had eaten the bananas, she stood up and began walking. Now that her stomach was no longer making noises she felt thirsty. She walked around till she came to a clearing on a hill. She looked down and saw a small lake surrounded by trees, brushes and rocks. At the water was the yellow pony she had seen earlier. Luna wasn't about to run to the lake and risk losing her again. Luna winked out and winked in behind the pony who was drinking water.
"Excuse me," Luna said.
The pony lifted her head and swirled around in surprise. Her light pink eyes stared at her and then she ran down the small rocky stream. Luna ran after her in the stream.
"Wait please," Luna begged, but the pony continued to run. Luna followed her between rock walls and short bushy cliffs. The yellow pony turned from the stream behind the cliff. Luna turned after her but her back leg slipped. Luna fell in the water and continued sliding down the stream, going down hill even faster. Suddenly there was a drop and she fell into a deep pool, Luna screamed as she hit the water. She held her breath underwater and tried to swim to the surface. When she finally surfaced the water, she took a deep breath and quickly swam to the grass. She climbed out of the water and sat down breathing hard.
"Why do I even bother?" Luna thought. "I'm tired of chasing her. I'll find someone else. She can't be the only pony here."
Luna stood up and rung the water out of her long white tail and then her long white mane.
She rapidly flapped her wings until they were damp. She shook her coat until the water no longer dripped. Luna continued walking towards the hill not even caring if she ever saw that pony again.

After half the day went by Luna began to feel dry. The ground had leveled out and a sound she kept hearing was getting louder. She followed the sound through the forest to a clearing and continued walking till she came upon a river. The water rushed past her, crashing against rocks as it roared.
Luna sat and watched. It fascinated her to see how wild the river looked.
Suddenly she heard a faint shout. Luna stood up and looked around but didn't see anything. Was she just imagining it? Luna wasn't sure. After awhile she heard the shouting again but a little louder. Luna followed the river as she continued to hear the shouting get louder. Suddenly Luna saw that same yellow pony in the river. She was caught, and the water current taking her down the river fast.
"Help!" the pony cried. She kicked her front hoofs to try and keep herself above water.
Luna turned and ran after her but the current was too fast. Luna flapped her wings and flew even faster over the river. When she had finally caught up to her, she held her front hoofs out. The pony quickly grabbed Luna's hoofs. The pony was too occupied by the wild river to even notice a flying unicorn.
Luna tried to stop but the current was too strong. Luna desperately wanted to help the pony.
"I can do this. Dad said I tore the Apeton Kingdom apart. This should be easy, " Luna thought. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the great power she had used several times before.
Suddenly she felt something, a feeling of great power emerging to her horn. Luna's horn began to glow. The yellow pony looked up and gasped. She was surprised to see a flying unicorn and even more surprised to see her horn glowing. Luna concentrated hard on the yellow pony, trying to lift her only she thought too hard and the yellow pony flew out of the water with Luna behind her.
They landed on the grass by the river. The yellow pony coughed and breathed heavily. Luna sat up and rung the water out of her mane.
"Sorry," Luna heard the pony say. She looked at the pony surprisingly. She was actually talking to her.
"W-what?" Luna asked not sure if she heard her right.
"Sorry...for running from you." The pony took several deep breaths than sat up looking at Luna. "I didn't think you were...real. I thought you were someone dressed up in a costume trying to get me to come close to you. I thought you were some kind of treasure hunter," the pony explained.
"I just want to know where I'm at," Luna replied.
"Oh, well your on Drakon Island."
"What?!" Luna cried. "I am? really?"
The pony looked at her surprisingly. "How did you get here?"
"My uncle. I ran from him and he's still out looking for me," Luna felt a tear fall down her cheek. She lifted her hoof and wiped it away. "I just want to go home."
"Well, maybe my father can help but I'm not going to see him for another week. Your welcome to tag along with me till then but you must promise me. Anything I find, is mine. Anything you find is mine."
"You can keep anything you want as long as I can get home," Luna told her.
The pony smiled. "Great, name is Pineapple."
"I'm Luna."
Pineapple stood up and looked at her horn to her feet. "It fits you perfectly. You pure white like the moon."
Luna stood up and smiled. "That's why my dad named me that."
"Well lets get going. We have a lot of looking to do," Pineapple turned and began walking up river.
"What are we looking for?" Luna asked.
"I can't tell you. I'm not allowed to tell anyone. If you see anything odd let me know."
"Ok," Luna looked at the river. "Ummm, how did you get in the river?"
"I tried to cross an old log," Pineapple replied. "I know it was stupid of me."
"Well I can get you across or anywhere else you want to go," Luna proposed.
Pineapple smiled at her. "Really?"
"Well, this could make my search easier," Pineapple replied.
They continued to follow the river as they talked.