Chapter 33: Landing on the island

It was in the afternoon when the cruise ship arrived at Drakon Island. Stardust and Starfire followed the ponies off the ship and onto the docks. They walked along the docks towards the street instead of following the ponies to the hotel up on the hill.
"So where would Star Cluster be?" Starfire asked.
"Well I don't think he would be at a hotel relaxing. He and Fallon came to this island with Luna for a reason," Stardust answered.
"And what would that be?" Starfire asked.
"I don't know. I think we should find out about the island tale of a dragon," Stardust replied.
They walked to the street and stood in the middle watching ponies walking past them or around them. The road was paved dark gray. They could hear the hooves of ponies walking and talking. A few of the natives were running shops and venders stared at them.
"How do we find out then?" Starfire asked.
"Ask someone," Stardust replied.
Starfire looked around and saw that the street was full of ponies walking up and down the street. Vendors and shops were crowed with ponies.
"Well, I don't think that will be easy," Starfire replied.
Stardust turned left and continued walking past ponies while checking out the shops.

After awhile The shops and vendors sat farther and farther apart with more palm trees around them. Just then Starfire saw a purple pony walk around a shop.
"Looks like Star Cluster," Starfire pointed.
Stardust hurried to the shop and looked around it to find a pony who looked similar but it wasn't Star Cluster. "Too light of purple."
"Well I thought it was him."
They continued walking up a hill, past a large white hotel and down the hill past the beach.
"Look there's another purple pony," Starfire pointed.
"Yes but the is a girl and the hair is far to light."
"I don't think he's on this side of the island. I can't imagine why he would be at the beach or hotel or at the shops. It's not his sort of thing to do," Stardust commented.
"Yeah, you're right," Starfire agreed.

They continued walking along on the road till they saw a town ahead with sailing boats and surfers in the distance. They walked to town as the paved road turned to stone, flat and wider. There were more ponies walking around from shop to shop and eating from venders. There were more natives in town than the last town they went to. It was easy to spot a native pony to the island, they had bright colored coats and hair. Most of the native ponies stared at the black ponies walking by.
"There's more ponies here than the last town," Starfire observed.
"Could be because of the two hotels here," Stardust guessed.
Starfire looked behind the shops and notice a large white and tan hotel, the other one was closer to the beach. There were more palm trees in town too.
They kept on walking not sure what to do or who to ask about the tale of the dragon. After awhile Stardust stopped at the shop on the corner. "I'm going in to ask. You can wait here."
Stardust walked into the shop, Starfire could see him through the tall windows. As Starfire waited he noticed a statue just around the corner. He knew Stardust told him to stay put but it wouldn't hurt to take a quick look. He left the shop and walked to the corner. He stood and gasped at the tall statue of a dragon sitting on a ball with it's tail wrapped around it and the stone it sat on. It's feathered wings hung at it's side covering the ball.
Stardust walked out of the shop looking disappointed and noticed Starfire wasn't there. He looked around the crowd of ponies and saw Starfire standing around the corner.
"It's a good thing we're the only black ponies on the island," Stardust muttered. "Any other color and I would have a hard time finding him."
He walked up next to Starfire, "There you are."
"Sorry Stardust but I couldn't help notice this statue," Starfire pointed. "It's the dragon."
Stardust looked at the statue and saw the familiar dragon he had see Luna turn into to.
"It's...the same dragon," Stardust said.
"Amazing, isn't it?" Starfire asked, "Do you think that's why Star Cluster and Fallon are here?"
"Yes, I'm sure it is," Stardust replied.
"So did you find out anything in the shop?"
"No, she was far to busy to tell me anything."
Just then a tan pony with bright yellow, orange and green hair walked up to them, "Hello. You're new to the island, aren't you?"
"Yes," Stardust answered. "And you're a native to this island?"
"Yes I am. I don't live in town though. My house is some walking distance away. Well, I couldn't help noticing you two staring at the statue."
"It's very interesting," Stardust replied, "Can you tell us about that dragon?"
"It's just a story told to the guest when they arrive to this island," The pony replied.
"We haven't heard much of it," Starfire told him.
"Oh, well. The dragon is a protector or guardian of power and wisdom and Drakon Island is it's home. If anyone goes searching for it, they'll only find their deaths. This statue is actually fake. The real statues are not as big and they're all over the island."
What is power and wisdom?" Starfire asked.
"I have no idea. I just tell the story, I don't explain it."
"What kind of dragon is she?" Stardust asked. "I never heard of a feathered dragon before."
"I don't know."
"You're a native and you don't know?" Starfire asked.
"Look you two. It's just a story. You two act as if it's all real. I've told the same story to everyone. I don't know anything else," The pony replied feeling a bit annoyed with them.
"We're sorry. Please forgive us. I guess the story really interests us. If you'll excuse us, we' some looking around to do," Stardust told him.
"It's ok," the pony replied smiling. "Say, you're not going to hunt for the statues are you?"
"I thought about it. Why do you ask?" Stardust asked.
"They're on the other side of the island. It's the part where guests are not allowed to go."
"Why?" Starfire asked.
"It's where natives want to live away from the guests. I live over there as well."
"Oh, thanks for telling us," Stardust turned and left the pony.
The tan pony stood and watched as they walked through town. "How did he know the dragon was a she and she was a feathered dragon?" The pony looked at the statue. "The only thing feathered on the statue is the wings which doesn't indicate she's all feathered," the pony turned and looked at the black ponies. "They know more than they're telling. I'll have to keep an eye on them." He left the statue and followed the black ponies from a distance.