Chapter 34: Caught with a familar statue

Deep in the forest on Drakon island, Luna had spent a few days following Pineapple around and looking for something that she had no idea what it looked like. They walked through the forest to a cliff and stood looking on the other side. There were more trees and large rocks and hills.
"Can you do that again?" Pineapple ask. "W-wink I think you called it."
"Yes I can," Luna's horn began to glow. She lowered her head and touched her shoulder. Suddenly they winked across the cliff.
"Wow, winking really does save a lot of time. Thank you, Luna," Pineapple exclaimed happily.
Luna smiled. Then she followed Pineapple to a group of rocks next to a small cliff side ahead.
"Let's search here,"Pineapple told her.
Luna moved a few rocks. "Could you tell me anything about what I'm suppose to find?"
"Well, it's round," Pineapple replied searching through rocks at one end.
"Is it valuable or important?" Luna asked.
"Yes it is."
"Well I doubt it'll be hidden here. I don't think anyone would hide something so important or valuable under these rocks," Luna guessed.
Pineapple stood up thinking about what Luna had said. It wouldn't make sense for something so valuable to be hiding among these rock where anyone could easily find it. She would have to look some place harder and less likely for ponies to look.
"Yes you're right. It can't possibly be here," Pineapple agreed. She left the rocks and walked up the hill and along the cliff side. When they reached the other side of the hill, Luna noticed the trees looked taller and there was more dirt than grass. They walked through the shadowy forest till Luna saw a large rock covered in grass and moss.
"Could it be there?" Luna asked.
"Don't know till we look," Pineapple replied. She took off at a run with Luna next to her. When they reached the large rock, they split up and each walked around the rock in the opposite direction. When they met up on the other side, they stood and looked at each other.
"I don't see anything," Luna told her.
"Neither do I," Pineapple agreed.
"Why don't we look over there?" Luna pointed at more large rocks in the distance.
"We better not go to far in that direction."
"Why?" Luna asked.
"The town is there and we're getting close to the border."
"Border?" Luna asked.
"This side of the island is private. Only natives to the island can come over here. Guests that comes to this island is not allowed here," Pineapple explained.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"It's...that's the way it is."
"Oh," Luna muttered. She believed there was something Pineapple wasn't telling her but what was it?
"Come lets go this way. It looks dark and mysterious. It could be hiding over there."
Luna turned and followed her silently for awhile as she listened to the crunching of the leaves and sticks.
"You talked about your father a lot the other day. He sounds like someone important," Luna guessed.
"Oh, he is. He's Chief of the village," Pineapple replied.
"So he's like a King?" Luna asked.
"Yes, you could think of it that way," Pineapple smiled.
After awhile Luna saw something in the distance. It wasn't too tall but it had an odd shape.
"What's that?" Luna asked pointing at it.
"I'm not sure," Pineapple replied and began running towards it.

They ran through the shadows kicking up dirt and crunching on sticks when they came upon what Luna had seen.
It was a medium size covered in vines and moss. Pineapple and Luna pulled the vines off the statue and cleared the moss. Luna stood back and stared at the dragon statue. She recognized the dragon from her dreams. It was also the same statue that she had seen in Bright Eyes's book.
"Another one. It looks like no one's found this yet!" Pineapple exclaimed.
"Another one?" Luna asked not looking away from the statue.
"There's more like this one but all over the island. They say the natives of the island made them but it's not true!" Pineapple exclaimed. "We did not make these. We couldn't have. They stone is much to hard to even carve."
"Hard to carve?" Luna asked not understanding what she meant.
Pineapple put a hoof on the base of the statue. "The stone is very hard, maybe even harder than steel. There is nothing that can carve it."
Luna continued to look at the dragon for several minutes before she heard a twig snap. Luna and Pineapple turned around and saw Star Cluster standing there.
"Well well, if it isn't the Princess," Star Cluster said.
"Hurry!" Fallon shouted, impatiently.
Pineapple looked around for that voice but saw no one in the area.
"What do you want from me?" Luna asked looking scared and hugging the statue. "You can't get Ponyland back. I'm no use to you."
"Maybe not for Star Cluster but you are very valuable to me," Fallon answered.
"Who is that voice I hear?" Pineapple asked curiously and standing next to Luna.
"My name is Fallon. I'm a dragon stuck in a crystal ball. I've come here to be released."
Pineapple suddenly looked scared. "A real dragon?" She looked up at the statue.
"Don't insult me!" Fallon yelled, "I'm not that featherhead dragon!"
Suddenly the key around Star Cluster's next disappeared and reappeared in front of him, turning into a staff. Star Cluster took the staff and pointed it at Luna and her friend.
Luna and Pineapple stood shaking from fear as they watched the ball on the staff glow. Suddenly a rainbow beam shot out from the ball and hit them. Luna and Pineapple screamed loudly. The light was so blinding, they couldn't see a thing.