Chapter 35: More statues along the way

Stardust and Starfire had roamed around town looking at the dragon statues. They walked through the crowds till they came upon a sign next to a side walk, 'Hiking trail'.
"Lets try that," Stardust suggested.
"Go hiking?" Starfire asked.
"Yes...a long hike," Stardust replied smiling.
The tan pony kept his distance but continued to follow them.
"I bet they're going to find those statues," the pony muttered.

Stardust and Starfire saw a group of ponies and joined them. In front was a brightly colored pony who was about to lead them through the forest.
"Alright, everyone ready?" the pony asked.
"Yes," everyone answered.
"Now don't forget, stay on the trail or you'll get lost." The pony turned and began walking towards the thick forest with the group behind him.
Stardust and Starfire walked slowed, trailing far behind. Once Stardust was sure the group was far ahead, Stardust quickly left the trail and began running with Starfire next to him.

They ran far from the trail as the grassy ground began to disappear, leaving dirt and sticks scattered around. the trees looked taller. Once Stardust felt he was far from the trail and the group, he slowed down and stopped when he saw a sign on a tree.
"Keep out," Starfire read.
"Well I don't plan to stop here," Stardust replied. He looked around and then looked at Starfire. "Skyview, you can come out now."
A gray cloud floated out from under Starfire's cloak and stood next to him as Skyview returned to his pony form.
"It's about time!" Skyview exclaimed. "I don't like being under his cloak for so long."
"How do you think I feel? You make me look fat!" Starfire exclaimed.
"It's not me, it's your wings," Skyview replied, then he looked around. "Where are we anyways?"
"We are on Drakon Island and we're in the forest. I don't think Star Cluster and Luna are in town. I plan to search this whole island until I find her," Stardust answered.
Skyview looked at the sign. "But this..."
"I don't care what it says. If my daughter is on the other side of this island then I plan to go there and find her," Stardust interrupted him.

Not too far from them hidden very low behind a tree and pointed leafy bush was the tan pony gasping at Skyview's horn.
"He's a unicorn?" the tan pony thought. "A real unicorn and he looks just like the other two black ponies." He was now very curious about the three black ponies and was determined to find out what they were up to.

"Lets go before someone finds us here," Stardust said. He took off at a run with his two brothers next to him. They ran deep into the shadowy forest, kicking up dirt and dust. Suddenly Skyview stopped. His brothers quickly stopped.
"What?" Stardust asked noticing Skyview scanning the trees.
"I guess it was nothing. I thought I heard someone running behind us," Skyview replied.
"Could have been an animal or something?" Starfire suggested.
"Yeah, It probably was," Skyview turned and ran after Stardust until they were tired and worn out from running.
Starfire sat on the ground. "I think we ran far enough."
"Yes, I guess so," Stardust agreed. "Let's just walk from here."
Starfire stood up and followed his brothers till they saw an odd shaped rock ahead of them. As they walked closer they saw it was a dragon statue but quite short compared to the fake statues they saw in town.
"This must be real," Starfire guessed.
the three of them took the vines off and cleared the moss from the statue.
"It's shorter than the fakes too," Stardust added.
Skyview looked closely at the stone. "This stone looks familiar."
Stardust and Starfire looked closely as well.
"It's the same colored and texture of the Gates," Stardust observed.
"That's strange. I didn't think there were any stones like the Gate," Skyview commented.
"Lets find more. Maybe Luna saw them too," Starfire guessed.
"Yes, she could have." Stardust left the statue and continued walking deeper into the forest. After they had traveled far they ran into another dragon statue.
"This one looks just like the last one," Starfire observed.
"I think they all look alike," Skyview replied.
Skyview saw something interesting on the stone, he pulled off the vine and stood back.
"What is she sitting on?" Skyview asked.
"A ball?" Starfire guessed.
"I can see that but why?" Skyview asked. "Can't she sit on the stone?"
"Hmm. It does seem important to her," Stardust replied.
As they stood there looking at it. Stardust suddenly sensed something. It was very faint but he could sense Luna's presence.
"What is it?" Starfire asked noticing Stardust standing tall and straight and looking around.
"It's Luna, I can feel her but barely."
"You may feel her but I can hear her. She and someone else just screamed," Skyview told him.
"Hurry, I have a feeling something has happened to her." Stardust left the statue and ran with his brothers behind him.