Chapter 37: Luna awakens

It was after midnight, the sun had long since disappeared and the crescent moon shined brightly in the sky. The nocturnal birds and crickets made noises in the forest. Luna slowly heard the noises of birds. She heard the sounds of ponies sleeping close to her. She opened her eyes letting her vision adjust to the dark. In front of her was Skyview and Starfire sleeping soundly. Luna smiled and was very happy to see them again but she didn't see her father. He wasn't sleeping with them. She looked around and then heard a noise behind her. She turned her head and saw her father curled in a ball sleeping close to her. She could hear his soft breathing.
"Dad?" Luna whispered weakly but he didn't hear her. "Dad."
Stardust was still asleep and didn't hear her calling for him but Skyview did. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Luna was awake. He stood up and walked over to Luna.
"You're finally awake," Skyview whispered.
Luna looked up at him and smiled.
"Let me get Stardust up for you." Skyview took his hoof and shook Stardust awake. "Someone is calling for you."
Stardust woke up and looked up at him. "What?" Then he yawned. "I'm tired."
"Dad?" Luna called again weakly.
Stardust looked down at her and smiled greatly.
"Your awake," Stardust lowered his head and nuzzled her. "Oh Luna. I was so worried."
Skyview left Luna and laid back down. He knew Stardust and Luna wanted to be alone.
"Dad," Luna began to cry.
Stardust sat up and picked her up. He held her close to his black fur, hugging her.
"I missed you," Luna whispered.
"So did I," Stardust replied.
"You came all this way to get me?" Luna asked surprisingly. "You, Skyview and Starfire?"
"Yes, we traveled far from Ponyland. Luna, I would travel anywhere to get you," Stardust explained.
"But Skyview and Starfire how did you get them here? I mean they're..."
"It wasn't easy, Luna. At least for Skyview." Stardust paused and nuzzled her on the forehead, "We can talk in the morning. Just go to sleep." Luna closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep. After Stardust was sure she had fallen asleep, he laid her on the blanket and then he to went back to sleep.

The next morning when the sun began to rise. Skyview woke up and saw Pineapple standing in the room staring at Luna. She hadn't noticed Skyview was awake till he stood up and stretched.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," Pineapple whispered.
"It's ok, I'm a light sleeper," Skyview whispered.
"She still hasn't woken up yet?" Pineapple asked.
"She did last night," Skyview replied.
"How is she?" Pineapple asked.
"I don't know. She just wanted her father," Skyview yawned.
"So are you hungry? Pineapple asked.
"Yes, but let me get my brothers up first," Skyview proposed.
"Sure, I'll be in the next room," Pineapple told him. She turned and left the room while Skyview woke up Starfire.
"Get up!" Skyview exclaimed as he shook him.
Starfire yawned. "What?"
"Get up or are you hungry?"
Starfire sat up and yawned again. "Sure I'm hungry." he stood up and stretched his legs than his wings. His cloak laid on the floor next to him where he had put it last night.
Skyview shook Stardust till he woke up. Stardust sat up and yawned.
"How's Luna?" Skyview asked.
"She just wanted to be held last night. I didn't ask her how she felt," Stardust replied.
"She woke up?" Starfire asked.
Luna yawned and opened her eyes. She found it hard to sleep with everyone talking next to her.
"Luna," Stardust called to her and ran a hoof over her face to move a strand of her hair. "How do you feel?"
"Tired," Luna answered.
"Are you hungry?" Skyview asked her.
Luna laid silently thinking. She felt more tired than hungry. "Hungry, I guess."
"Can you stand up?" Stardust asked her.
Luna lifted her head and tried to roll onto her stomach but she felt too weak. She laid her head down and rested for a minute, then tried again. This time with some great effort, she managed to roll on her stomach.
"I don't think she can, Stardust," Skyview told him.
"She's weak like Star Cluster was when he tried to stand," Starfire pointed out.
"Luna, are you sure you're just tired?" Stardust asked her.
Luna laid on her side and put her head on the pillow. "I feel tired."
"I think she's just really weak, even more so than Star Cluster, at lest he was able to stand," Skyview guessed.
"Looks like you'll have to feed her for awhile," Starfire suggested.
"Yes, I guess I'll have to. Can one of you bring her breakfast in?" Stardust asked.
"Sure," Skyview replied, then he left with Starfire behind him.

Luna looked down sadly at the hard wooden floor, "Am I going to be ok?"
"You'll be fine. You just need some rest," Stardust replied.
"What happened to me? What did Star Cluster do to me?" Luna asked.
"I don't know but I intend to find out," Stardust replied.
Luna looked up and around the room as if she suddenly realized she was no longer outside by the dragon statue.
"Umm, where am I?" Luna asked.
"You're in Pineapple's home. We will be staying here for a while," Stardust replied.
"In the village?" Luna asked.
"Yes. You can explore the village when you get your strength back."
Just then Skyview walked in with a bowel of various fruits and a fork.
Stardust picked up Luna and held her in one arm.
"Here Stardust," Skyview handed the bowl to him.
Stardust took the bowl and set in on the floor next to him. As soon as Skyview left, Stardust began feeding Luna with a fork.

After she had eaten and was full, Luna quickly fell asleep. Skyview and Starfire walked in with Pineapple and her father.
"She fell asleep?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, just a minute ago," Stardust replied.
"I was told she's too weak too stand," Chief Tahoe said.
"Yes she is."
"Why is she so weak though?" Starfire asked, "Pineapple is the only one who is fine."
"I don't know but I'm sure Star Cluster does," Stardust replied.
"Good luck getting anything out of that stubborn mule!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Oh, I will one way or another," Stardust replied. "Just as soon as I finish eating."
"I got your breakfast on the table for you," Pineapple told him.
"Thank you," Stardust replied and followed her to the next room.
"Umm, Chief. Where's Pineapple's mother?" Skyview asked curiously.
"Gone," Chief Tahoe replied sadly. "She died when Pineapple was very small," He looked at his daughter and smiled. "She looks and acts a lot like her though. I see my wife every time I look at her." Then he looked at the black ponies. "I know my wife would be proud of her." He turned and left the room.
Skyview and Starfire went to sit with Stardust at the table while Luna slept.