Chapter 38: Prisoner in the village.

After Stardust had his breakfast, he and the Chief left the house. Some of the villagers stopped and stared at Stardust as he walked outside.
"I want to see if I can get some answers out of Star Cluster," Stardust told him once they stepped outside.
"Right this way then," the Chief took him past several houses to a building in the distance. It wasn't made of straw or sticks like the other building but it was made of hard clay. They walked inside through the wooden door. Inside was small enough for one cell. Star Cluster laid on straws behind the bamboo bars.
"Star Cluster," Stardust called to him.
Star Cluster had his tail towards him with his face away from him. His feet was folded under him while his back legs stretched out.
"What do you want?" Star Cluster asked from the shadows.
"What did you do to Luna?" Stardust asked but Star Cluster kept silent and said nothing, "Answer me!"
"So the great King is demanding an answer," Star Cluster muttered angrily. "Go away."
"Not till you tell me what you did to Luna!" Stardust exclaimed.
Star Cluster turned his head and looked at him then he looked away.
"Just what is wrong with you? She's your niece and you don't care. Do you care about anything? Do you even care about yourself?" Stardust asked but still there was no answer. "Please tell me."
Star Cluster didn't move nor did he look at him. Stardust sighed, "I know you've got the answer and I'll get it eventually," Stardust turned from the cell and was about to walk out with the Chief when he heard Star Cluster say something.
"Wait!" Star Cluster quickly said. "I'll tell you if you let me out and to stay out freely."
Stardust and the Chief looked at each other.
"I would rather leave him in there for what he's done to our daughters," Chief Tahoe said.
"So do I, but he's got the answers and I need to know what is wrong with Luna," Stardust replied.
The Chief stood and thought about it. He knew Stardust was right. There was only one pony who knew the answer and that was Star Cluster.
"Ok, open the cell," Chief Tahoe told the guard in the corner. He stood up and unlocked the door then opened it for Star Cluster.
"Now tell me," Stardust exclaimed.
"Let me talk to her first, to be sure," Star Cluster replied.
"Fine," Stardust replied. "But don't do anything to her. I'll be watching."
Star Cluster slowly got to his feet still feeling a bit shaky in the legs. He turned and followed Stardust out of the building.

They walked to the house and went inside. Star Cluster followed him to a room where Luna was sleeping. He walked close to her and laid down on the floor folding his feet under him. His brother looked at him curiously.
"I have to lay down before I fall down," Star Cluster explained to them.
Stardust walked around Luna and sat behind her. then with a hoof he shook her.
"Mmmm?" Luna muttered, She raised her right leg and covered her face from the sunlight, then went back to sleep.
Skyview laughed. "She sleeps like Starfire."
"I don't do that," Starfire exclaimed.
"Yes you do!" Skyview replied.
"No I don't!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Sure you do!," Skyview exclaimed.
"Would you two argue later?" Stardust exclaimed. He looked down at Luna and shook her again. "Come on, wake up."
Luna moved her leg and yawned then she opened her eyes. At first she saw something purple and furry in front of her. When she looked up, she gasped in fear.
"It's alright Luna. Don't be scared. I think he wants to talk to you," Stardust guessed.
"Yes, I just want to talk," Star Cluster agreed. He looked down at Luna looking serious as usual. "How are you feeling?"
"T-tired," Luna answered fearfully.
"I don't mean that," Star Cluster paused for a minute as if he was thinking, "Umm, do you feel different?"
Luna stared at his green eyes without blinking as she thought about what he said.
"Different?" Luna asked, then she closed her eyes to see if she felt different. She knew she was tired and felt weak but was there something else? As she thought about it, she realized there was something missing.
"Empty," Luna replied looking up at him.
"What are your powers? What can you do beside shapeshifting and changing your appearance?" Star Cluster asked.
"I-I can...move things." Luna replied.
Star Cluster looked around for an object and saw Skyview's pillow behind him. "Do you see that pillow? Try and move it."
Luna stared at the pillow trying to concentrate on moving it. When it didn't budge, she thought harder but still nothing happened.
"Don't bother trying," Star Cluster told her. He stood up and turned around, then he walked to Skyview's blanket and laid on it.
"Why can't I move it?" Luna asked.
"Your horn didn't even light up," Starfire observed.
"That's because you have no powers," Star Cluster answered. "That is why you feel weak, tired and empty. You were drained of all your powers."
"Why did you do that?" Stardust asked him angrily.
"I didn't. Fallon wanted it. He said it was to set himself free," Star Cluster answered.
"You mean Fallon is loose on this island?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, that is why I no longer have my key," Star Cluster replied.
"Who is Fallon?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"He is a dragon. A mean and large red dragon," Starfire answered.
The Chief looked at him shockingly, "Real live dragon?"
"Yes," Star Cluster answered. "A stupid, impatient and pushy dragon."
Luna closed her eyes thinking about her friends and her parents. She thought about the life she had in this world. How would she live in this world without her powers? Luna opened her eyes. She felt tears trickling down her cheeks.
Starfire noticed Luna silently crying. "Luna, what's wrong?"
Everyone looked and saw the tears falling from her eyes.
"What am I going to do without my powers?" Luna sobbed. "I won't be able to see my friends or anyone else. I can't show myself to anyone."
"Then we'll have to get them back from him and destroy Fallon once and for all," Stardust replied.
"Good Luck!" Star Cluster exclaimed. Then he rolled over on his side and rested his head on the pillow then stretched him legs out.
"That's where I sleep!" Skyview exclaimed.
"Well, not anymore," Star Cluster exclaimed smirking. "I'm tired and in need of sleep."
"How come your so weak?" Skyview asked, "You don't have powers."
"My jumping ability was taken," Star Cluster answered.
"Ha, and you..." Starfire began to say.
"Shut up, don't you dare say it. He said he wanted her powers. He never said he could take other pony's abilities." Star Cluster yawned. "Now don't bother me. I'm so tired." Then he closed his eyes. Luna watched till he was fast asleep, then she too closed her eyes and fell asleep.
"I guess we can talk else where," Stardust suggested.
The group left the room and went outside. They spent the whole day talking and wondering around the village till it was time to go to bed.