Chapter 39: Star Cluster's watchful eye

It was morning and Star Cluster heard a pony calling for him. He woke and saw Pineapple holding a bowel.
"Ummm...Are-are you hungry?" She asked looking a bit scared.
Star Cluster sat up from his blanket and yawned. He looked over at Luna and saw that she was finally able to roll on her stomach and eat for herself.
"Yes I am,"Star Cluster replied.
Pineapple held the bowl out to him. Star Cluster took the bowel and began eating the chopped fruit. Luna eat slowly while Star Cluster wasted no time finishing his bowl. When he was done, he stood up and stretched his legs. He could definitely feel his strength returning to his legs. He was able to stand longer without feeling shaky.

Star Cluster did not feel welcome in the house. He knew everyone was mad at him but he didn't care. He left the house and roamed around the village as ponies stared at him cautiously. He walked to the well watching the females flock around it for water. When they saw Star Cluster approach, they stepped back. Star Cluster stopped. He noticed they seemed a bit scared of him. He turned and walked towards a patch of grass between two houses. He turned around and laid down watching the girls. They continued to flock around the well, each drawing out a bucket of water. Every now and then they would look up from the well and stare at him or whispers things about him. Star Cluster didn't care what they said about him. He was used to ponies whispering about him.
As Star cluster watched he remembered when he was little and had went to a party with his parents and three brothers. Everyone was fascinated with the four of them. Every now and then Star Cluster would hear his name whispered among the group.

"Well there you are, Pretty boy!" Starfire exclaimed.
Star Cluster blinked a few times, then looked up at him.
"Stop calling me that," Star Cluster stood up and left Starfire. He walked behind the houses watching the families through the windows as he past them. There was something about them that felt familiar something he had long since forgotten. He lowered his head and continued walking, he had walked to the edge of the village and laid down next to a tree. In the distance he could see little ponies playing and chasing each other around.
Star Cluster began to remember when he used to play with his brothers. They would play their favorite game Rope Toss, he would chase Stardust all over the yard. It took a long time to finally catch him.
Just then a ball rolled towards Star Cluster and stopped a few feet away from him. One fo the little ponies walked towards him slowly and picked up the ball without looking away from him. Then he kicked the ball and ran.
"Why is everyone staring at me or acting so scared?" Star Cluster wondered. "They must have heard about what I did no doubt."
"There you are, pretty boy!"
Star Cluster jumped then turned to see Skyview standing behind him. Star Cluster stood up and brushed his fur flat.
"Stop calling me that!" Star Cluster yelled. Then he turned and walked away from him going even farther from the village.
"Stop what?" Skyview asked walking next to him.
"Stop calling me Pretty Boy!" Star Cluster yelled angrily. "I have a name!" then he walked even faster.
"That's just a nick name..."
"I hate it!" Star Cluster began to run.
Skyview stood looking at him angrily. Suddenly he winked out and appeared in front of Star Cluster stopping him in his tracks.
"It's just a nickname we gave you!" Skyview explained.
"I don't like it!" Star Cluster exclaimed. "You three did nothing but tease me with it."
"Is that what you thought all these years?" Skyview asked, "We gave you that name. It's a special name we thought you'd like. Everyone calls us the three black ponies, we felt you were left out so we gave you the name Pretty Boy. We never teased you with it. All these years you got upset over it? I don't mind being called the three black ponies because it's true. I don't see why the name Pretty Boy bothers you so much. It's true, you are pretty," Skyview took a step back. "Look at me. I'm black, there's hardly anything pretty about me. You should consider yourself lucky you have more colors than us!" Skyview began walking past him. "No one calls you Pretty Boy but us."
Star Cluster watched him as Skyview left. He didn't move from the spot till Skyview was in the village. Star Cluster turned and began walking through the tall trees in the forest. Soon he came to a sandy white beach and sat down staring out in the ocean, thinking about what Skyview had said.
He thought about when he was little and his brothers called him pretty boy a number of times. Then he realized they called him that as if they were calling his real name. Could he have been wrong about them teasing him?
Star Cluster remembered what Skyview said at the last minute before he left. 'No one calls you Pretty Boy but us' for once Star Cluster smiled. Although he was glad no one was around to see his smile.