Chapter 3: The Ghost Painting

Dash walked around town in the middle of the night heading for the forest. When he came upon the edge of the forest he took out his flashlight and continued walking, hoping he wouldn't get lost.
"If I can just get to the hill, I'm sure I'll find a good view of something I can draw," Dash muttered.
He walked through the forest and eventually found his way to a clearing. He continued till he reached the top, then he turned around and saw a wonderful view of Ponyland. He sat down in the tall grass, he placed the flashlight in his book while he sketched. It was peaceful on the hill, no yelling or ponies nearby. All he heard was the crickets. For awhile he forgot everything and just concentrated on sketching.
After awhile he began to feel tired and knew it was very late. He put his book in his bag and left the hill, as he had just walked to the forest edge when he heard a noise. she stopped and looked around in the dark but saw nothing moving.
Suddenly he saw a winged unicorn running out of the forest on a hill. She was pure white, not a single color on her. Dash gasped at the sight of her. She was just a little pony laughing and playing on a hill.

Luna hadn't realized someone was watching her till she stopped and looked at the town. When she saw Dash she suddenly winked out and appeared in her room at she breathed heavily with worry.
"If mom and dad finds out an artist saw me, I'm in big trouble," Luna thought. "Hopefully he won't sketch me."

The next day, Luna and her friends met at the ice cream shop and sat down at the counter waiting for Starlight when Dash came in the shop with his blue bag.
"Hi, Dash," The girls exclaimed.
"Hi, girls," Dash replied happily.
"You seem rather happy today," Melody observed.
"Yeah, a lot happier than yesterday," Luna added.
"That's because I found my inspiration," Dash replied.
"You did?" they asked.
"I took your girl's advice and decided to draw something else last night. I went on a hill above Ponyland when I saw the most amazing pony. I swear she was real," Dash lowered his voice so others around him wouldn't hear. "I saw a white winged unicorn."
"The ghost?" Clover asked.
"You saw her?" Patch asked, taking a glance at Luna who had worry written all over her face.
"Ghost?" Dash asked.
"It's a rumor but they say there's a ghost in ponyland and only very few ponies have seen her," Bright Eyes explained.
"So you're lucky to have seen her," Bon Bon added.
"Yeah, very lucky," Luna added worriedly.
Just then Starlight walked out from the back kitchen and saw her friends in a group. She had not yet noticed Dash with them.
"I'm ready, let's go to the club house," Starlight stopped and saw that Dash was there with them. "Oh, I didn't know you were here."
"You girls have a club house?" Dash asked.
"Yes, it's just a private club though" Starlight answered.
"Oh, I see. Well, I have to run, I got some sketching to do. I'll see you girls later," Dash hurried out of the shop leaving.
"What was that all about?" Starlight asked.
"We'll tell you at the club house," Melody told her.
They left the shop and hurried through town.

When they reached their club house, Starlight unlocked the door and let them inside. Once they were all inside, Luna changed forms to her original self.
"So what happened?" Starlight asked.
"Dash found his inspiration," Melody answered.
"Unfortunately, I'm his inspiration," Luna sighed worriedly.
"What where you doing out in the middle of the night?" Patch asked.
"I wanted to get out and stretch my legs like I used to. I felt pretty good too until I saw Dash watching me," Luna looked down at the table worriedly. "I'm sure he sketched me and dad, you know Stardust, said not to be seen. If my adopted parents finds out..." Luna looked up at her friends. "I'll be in so much trouble. If he paints it and shows it off..."
"Calm down. We'll have to think of something," Starlight assured her.
"Maybe he won't paint a drawing of you," Sweetheart guessed.
"I sure hope not," Luna replied.
The girls spent most of the day in the club house eating and talking until the sun began to set. Luna and the girls hurried home.

The next day the girls met at the club house. Bon Bon had brought her cake for everyone. Sweetheart brought muffins.
Luna sat and ate a muffin as she thought about Dash. Did he sketch her that night? Will he paint her and show it off in public? Questions kept racing through her mind. She had been so worried last night that she didn't sleep very well.
"Lunarstar?" Bon Bon called to her.
Luna blinked a few times and then looked at her.
"You ok?" Sweetheart asked.
"No, I'm still worried. He can't paint me and show it off in public!" Luna exclaimed.
"I looked for him today and he wasn't around," Starlight replied.
"He could have left and gone home," Bright Eyes suggested.
Luna felt even more worried. Just then there was a knock at the door. It startled the girls, they had not expect anyone to arrive. Luna quickly changed to an earth pony as her friends watched with fascination. Starlight opened the door and was surprised to see Dash standing there with two bag and a medium size Picture frame wrapped in a brown paper.
"I'm leaving soon but I just came by to give this to you girls," Dash handed the painting to Starlight.
"How did you find us?" Melody asked.
"A pony at the Ice cream shop told me where you girls were. Well I'd like to thank you for your girls help. I've got to run, I don't want to miss my train."
"Did you sketch the..the ghost?" Luna quickly asked.
"Yes I did. It was my inspiration and when ever I need to get inspired again I just look at the sketch. I must run bye!" Dash quickly left the yard.
Starlight took the painting inside and shut the door. Luna turned back into a winged unicorn while Starlight and Patch ripped the brown paper off. The girls were surprised and just stood staring at it. It was a painting of Luna as a white winged unicorn on the hill with the wind blowing.
"Wow, he's very good!" Bon Bon exclaimed.
As the girls stared, Sweetheart noticed his name in the corner Dash Cosmos. "He's written his name...I think it's his name." Sweetheart pointed to the name.
"Dash Cosmos," Bright Eyes read.
"Dash Cosmos!?" the girls exclaimed surprisingly.
"That..He was Dash Cosmos?" Patch asked.
"The well known painter?" Starlight asked.
"And to think, he gave us one of his paintings for nothing," Clover commented.
The girls decided to hang the painting in the club house on the wall so that only club members could see it, which was how Luna liked it. She didn't want her parents to know about it...ever.
Luna and her friends spent the day talking about Dash and the painting till it was time for them to go home