Chapter 40: The Village Tale

It was morning and the black ponies sat in the house talking to Luna while Star Cluster slept.
"So how are you feeling this morning?" Stardust asked.
"Fine, at least I can sit up," Luna replied as she sat up on her blanket.
"You'll be able to walk around soon," Skyview commented.
"I can't wait to look around!" Luna exclaimed.
"You'll like it here. The villagers are nice," Starfire told her.
Just then Star Cluster woke up yawning. He stretched his legs and sat up in bed.
"Well I see you're awake," Skyview exclaimed.
"How could I not? The four of you were talking so loud," Star Cluster yawned.
Just then Pineapple walked in with a bowl for Luna and handed it to her. Chief Tahoe followed her.
"Well, Luna. Feeling better?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"Yes I am."
"Chief, I was wondering about those dragon statues. Why are they all over the island? Who made them and what's this about a dragon we heard?" Starfire asked.
"I'm more curious about the dragon than anything else," Skyview remarked.
"The guardian dragon?" Star Cluster asked.
"You know about it?" Stardust asked.
"Fallon told me he was imprisoned in the crystal ball by a guardian dragon and that he was going to get revenge for what she did to him," Star Cluster explained.
"Fallon knew her?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Star Cluster answered.
"How do you know the dragon is a she?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"We saw her once," Starfire replied.
"Really?" the Chief asked in disbelief. "Just what did she look like?"
"She's all white and can talk. She had feathers all over her, even her wings," Skyview answered.
The Chief stared at them shockingly. "You have seen her then, but when? How? She hasn't been seen since..." the chief paused. "Well, since my great, great, great grandfather."
"Your grandfather?" Skyview asked.
"Yes and since Fallon is loose I think you all need to hear his story," The Chief replied. "I have never told my daughter this but I think it's time she knows."
Everyone sat on the floor and listened as he began to tell the story.
"It started when my grandfather was very young. He was...well, like Pineapple..."

Melon was a bright green pony with green and orange hair. He slept on his wooden and straw bed but he couldn't sleep. He sat up in bed and looked out the window. The sky was very dark, all he could see was the half moon partly through the trees.
"I'll show them," he whispered. "There's no dragon on this island."
Melon remembered earlier when he had heard the tales of a dragon guarding a great treasure. He tried to tell them it wasn't true and that there was no proof but no one believed him. Melon got out of bed and quietly left the house. Everyone was still asleep.
He left the village through the dark forest, hoping no one saw him or heard him leave. Once he was safe from the village, he began running. He wanted to get as far from home as possible. He knew once his parents found out that he had left, they would get a search party and start looking for him.
He ran through the darkness, not sure where he was gone but he didn't care, as long as it took him far from home. He remembered his father warning him to never cross the river for if he did, he would sure meet the dragon and never come back.
"That's not true and I'll prove it. I'm tired of those stupid stories everyone tells. They know it's not true."
As morning came, the forest began to get lighter. Melon had ran so far from home that he didn't recognize the forest. He knew that they would never find him which made him happy. He continued walking and searching for any signs of a large dragon but all he saw and heard were animals waking up.
He had walked for half the day and was getting tired, his feet started to ache and he was starting to feel hungry. As he walked around the forest he saw a cluster of bananas hanging low, he stood on his hind legs and tried to reach them but he was too short. He looked around and saw a stick laying next to the tree. He grabbed the stick and held it up to the bananas and tried to get a few of them to fall. Suddenly, a group of banana fell hitting him on the head. Just then he head a faint giggle. He looked up from covering his face and scanned the forest but he saw nothing only trees, bushes, hills, mountains and rocks. Since he saw no one he figured he was just hearing things. He looked down and picked up a few bananas. Then he began eating them. When he was done and was full of bananas, he continued walking.
Night was coming soon and he had to find a place to sleep. Ahead was a tall dark rock, he walked up to it and was about to lay down when he noticed the odd looking rock. It was hard and dark looking.
"This spot doesn't seem like it's natural place. How weird," Melon thought. Then he yawned and lowered his head, "I'll look at it in the morning." Melon laid down stretching his feet and falling fast asleep.
When morning came, he woke up and stretched.
"Good morning," Melon heard a voice.
He looked up and saw a pure white earth pony, standing in front of him. Her eyes were bright green. Her hair was long, stretching to her knee. Around her neck was a silver and copper medallion. She stood and smiled at him.
"Ummm, h-hi," Melon stuttered, shocked to see another pony.
"May I ask what your doing here at this rock?" she asked.
Melon stood up and smiled, her voice sounded kind and soft.
"I was just sleeping here," Melon replied.
"Oh, is that all?" she asked.
"Yes, why do you ask?"
"Just reason," she replied.
Melon turned around looking up at the rock. "It's strange looking."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well look at it. The size and coloring, it just doesn't seem like it fits here."
"Oh, you mean the Draconite stone?" she asked.
"The what?" Melon asked curiously.
"Draconite, that's what this stone is. It's very hard, harder than...other rocks," She explained.
Melon touched the rock and was marveled at it's hard shape.
"You'll probably see more like this one. They're all over the island."
Melon stood and smiled at a thought he had.
"What is it?" she asked, not sure if she liked the way he was smiling.
"Oh just a thought I had. It's impossible though so it wouldn't matter," Melon replied.
"Would you mind telling me what it is?" she asked.
"Well, I thought if I could carve this into a dragon I can go back to my village and prove their dragon stories came from this."
"Humm," she muttered as if she was thinking about something. "Why would you want to do that?"
Melon turned and faced the pony, "They tell stories of a dragon guarding some...treasure. I told them it's wasn't true. There is no dragon. I have lived here all my life and never even once seen or heard one. I left my home to prove there is no dragon."
"How are you going to prove that?" she asked curiously.
"I'm going to search the island and return to tell them I never found one."
"You'll need proof. Just saying there isn't one doesn't mean that proves it."
"Well if this stone was a dragon I could prove their stories was made up from this stone."
The white pony became silent. She liked the idea of the stone carved as a dragon but she didn't like his reasons.
She smiled at Melon. "What's your name?"
"Melon. What's yours?"
"I'm Kesia."
Melon smiled. "I didn't think there was any villages nearby."
"There isn't. I live alone across the river. Where are you from?"
"A village by the beach," Melon pointed. "But I'm not going back till I can prove there is no dragon."
"Alright. Mind if I come with you?" Kesia asked.
"Not at all. Your a lot taller than me so maybe you can help you get some fruit?"
Kesia giggled. "You certainly could have used my help with those bananas."
Melon looked at her curiously. "That was you laughing?"
"I'm sorry," she smiled at him. "You looked so cute trying to reach those bananas."
"Cute?!" Melon made an ugly face when he heard that word.
Kesia continued to giggled. "Yes, you're cute."
Melon continued to make an ugly face as he walked past her. She turned and followed him. "So where are you going to look?"
"Over the river."
Kesia gasped. "Umm, over...there?"
"But ummm...there's nothing there."
Melon stopped and looked at her. "There isn't?"
"I live there so I would know."
"Oh," Melon replied. "Umm, how about we just wonder around and look then?"
"That's fine with me," Kesia smiled.
As she followed him she took a deep breath of relief. "I can't let him find it, I know he's after the treasure," she thought. She looked towards the river in the distance. "It's where my home is."
They walked around the forest talking and laughing through most of the day and through the night. The next day the wind began to blow harder. The trees began to rustle their leaves.
"Looks like a storm is coming soon," Kesia commented looking up at the sky.
Melon stopped and looked up. "How can you tell?"
"The wind is blowing harder, the dark scattered clouds. Melon, we need to find shelter by nightfall."
"Where?" Melon asked looking around the forest.
"I know a place," Kesia took the lead with Melon following her. They walked down hill, through the tall forest and followed a cliff in the distance.
"There," Kesia pointed to a cave.
"I see it!" Melon exclaimed happily.
When they reached the cave. They laid down watching the dark clouds gathering and blocking out the sunlight.
"Looks like a bad storm is really coming," Kesia observed.
When night had fallen and Melon had fell fast asleep Kesia stood up and left him. It had been hours since Melon had fallen asleep. and the cold wind blew at his fur coat. He woke up and looked to see if Kesia could sleep through it but she wasn't there. He stood up and left the cave calling for her but there was no answer. He wondered around the forest calling her name through the howling wind when suddenly he heard a loud crash. He had never heard anything like it, curious to know what it was he left and ran towards the dark forest. As he ran he saw something odd ahead. When he arrived he saw a stone dragon. He stood and stared at it. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The stone looked like it was made of the same hard rock that he had seen earlier.
"The turned into a dragon?" Melon thought shockingly. He wanted to get a closer look but when he took a step forward he suddenly jumped back. The ground was very hot and smokey.
"It's hot," said a familiar voice.
Melon turned and saw Kesia standing there. "Where were you and...what happened to this...stone?"
"Well, and left. I ummm...heard a noise and came here. What are you doing here?"
"I got cold from the wind and saw that you had left," Melon replied.
Just then they felt a rain drop hit their noses.
"Hurry, back to the cave!" Kesia cried and ran with Melon behind her.
They ran as fast as they could. The rain drops began to poor heavily. The lightning lit up across the sky. When they reached the cave, they stood there, soaked. The water dripped from their coats and mane.
The thunder crashed loudly making Melon jump.
"My parents. I hope they'll be alright."
"They'll be fine Melon. Don't worry," Kesia sat down and rung her hair till it was damp. Melon sat down and watched the lightening. Suddenly he heard a loud crash.
"What was that?" Melon ask worriedly.
"I'll go look." Kesia left the cave and walked into the hard pouring rain. Melon looked out from the cave but he couldn't see anything only a sparking glow. The rain was so blinding he couldn't even guess was it was. A minute later Kesia came back, soaked as before.
"Lightning has started a fire in the distance."
"Where?" Melon asked worriedly.
Kesia pointed. "In that direction on the side of a mountain by the beach."
"What?!...Are you sure?" Melon exclaimed.
"Yes. I do believe your village is over there."
"My parents!" Melon cried and ran out into the rain.
"Wait you can't go out there!" Kesia yelled but it was too late.
Melon ran in the blinding rain. The only thing he could see was the light from the fire in the distance. It was so far he could never get there over night. Suddenly, something very, very large and white grabbed him and flew through the sky. Melon didn't know what it was, it held him tightly and it made sure he couldn't see. Was it helping him or going to eat him. Melon was scared and didn't know what to do. A few minutes later it dropped him. Melon looked and saw his village in the distance. The fire was very close. Melon ran towards the village, yelling loudly. The rain began to die down till it was but a sprinkle. A few of the villagers woke up and ran out of their homes. Melon was able to get his parents out of bed and out of the village safely. As they stood and watch the homes catch on fire. Melon noticed Kesia standing behind them. " village."
Kesia walked towards him sadly. "I am sorry about your village." The villagers stared at her. They had never seen her before.
"But my home," Melon began to cry, "My stuff."
Kesia looked around and saw the others crying silently. She lowered her head sadly, then walked past them.
"Wait, it's too dangerous to get close to it!" Melon cried.
Kesia sat down looking towards the village. "I don't know where I would go if I lost my home," Kesia turned her head looking at Melon. "Therefore I will save yours." She turned and faced towards the village then closed her eyes. A second later she began to glow brightly till she couldn't be seen. A stream of white, sparkly water appeared around her. She began to grow rapidly until she was taller than the trees. Melon and everyone around him gasped. Kesia was a large white feathered dragon.
She took a deep breath and blew a rainbow misty cloud towards the village and on the side of the mountain. The fire was smothered turning to furls of smoke. When the fire was completely gone, Melon ran from his parents grip towards Kesia. He ran to the front of her and looked straight up at her not sure what to say.
Kesia looked down at him, getting close to him. "I am sorry for not telling you."
Melon was shocked that the dragon could even talk.
"Y-you never said a word to me that you were...a dragon. You let me think there wasn't. I search this whole island for one said nothing!" Melon cried angrily.
Kesia sighed sadly. "You were looking for something that you hoped you wouldn't find. You wanted to prove there was no dragon but to tell you the truth, there are quite a few of them, just not on the island."
Melon sighed sadly. He knew Kesia was right. He looked up at her. "But if you're a dragon then how come you were a pony like me?"
Kesia closed her eyes. A second later she began to glow brightly till she couldn't be seen. A stream of white, sparkly water appeared around her. She began to shrink rapidly until she was a normal, white earth pony. She opened her eyes and saw that Melon and the villagers were surprised.
"All Dragons can shapshift to one form. I choose this form because it's easier to get around unnoticed and...guard."
"The treasure?" Melon's father asked.
"Yes but don't ask me about it," Kesia replied. She looked down at Melon and smiled. "You were brave going out into the storm and into the village to save everyone. I would like you to hold onto something for me."
"What is it?" Melon asked curiously.
Kesia took the medallion from around her neck and put it on his neck. "Would you take good care of it for me?"
"Yes I will."
Kesia smiled. "You've changed a lot since I first meet you."
"I have?" Melon asked.
"Yes," Melon's father replied.
Melon stood and smiled. The villagers surrounded him and thanked him for saving them from the fire.

Luna gasped surprisingly. "Kesia, she's the white feathered dragon?"
"Yes," Chief Tahoe replied.
Star Cluster looked at her, it was strange the way she asked him. It was as if she had heard the name before.
"So dragons can change to ponies?" Starfire asked.
"I wonder what Fallon looks like as a pony?" Skyview asked.
"It'll make it even harder to find him," Stardust replied.
Luna looked at the Chief's medallion. It had an upside down moon on it with a dot.
"Is that hers?" Luna asked pointing at his medallion.
"Yes, it was her. Melon became Chief and so did his decedents. Kesia and Melon stayed friends till the day he died. The village hasn't seen her since until that one day. Someone in this village heard a great battle. Two of the villagers went to check it out but they never came back. That was the very last time we heard or seen any dragons," the Chief replied.
"Those stones, what are they called?" Skyview asked.
"Draconites," Chief Tahoe answered.
"Some ponies thinks our ancestors carved them but we didn't, the dragon did!" Pineapple exclaimed.
Just then Luna's stomach began to growl.
Starfire laughed. "I think someone is hungry."
"It's almost dinnertime. Come, I'll make dinner for us!" Pineapple exclaimed.
Everyone left leaving Star Cluster and Luna alone.
"Have you heard the name Kesia before?" Star Cluster asked.
"No I haven't," Luna lied. She was too scared and worried about her dreams to tell anyone about it.
Star Cluster stood up and left the room.
"I think she has but where has she heard that name before?" Star Cluster thought as he followed his brothers into the next room.