Chapter 41: Walking around

Early before the sun rose, Luna, the black ponies and Star Cluster slept peacefully in the room. Stardust slept next to Luna. Star Cluster slept across from Luna on the other side of the door. Starfire and Skyview slept at Luna's feet.
Luna began dreaming. She saw the ball on fire again. Suddenly a white hand with claws grabbed it, turning the fire to smoke.
"Kesia," the voice called from the smoke.
"I'm not Kesia! I maybe white like her but I'm not her!" Luna shouted annoyingly at the voice.
"Kesia, you must find me before Fallon does."
Suddenly Luna saw Kesia the white dragon laying on the ground with deep bite marks on her neck. She was breathing hard. Just then she noticed two ponies hiding in the forest.
"Come please," the voice whispered. "I don't have much time."
"Luna!" a voice yelled.
Luna jumped awake from her dream.
"Luna," Stardust called again.
Luna looked around and saw Starfire and Skyview was sitting next to her and Star Cluster was laying down looking at her.
"What?" Luna asked.
"I called you several times," Stardust replied.
"Are you alright?" Skyview asked.
"I'm fine. I guess I was just really tired," Luna answered as she turned and looked at Star Cluster.
"I seriously doubt that," Star Cluster muttered. He stood up and left the room yawning.
Luna looked up at her father and smiled.
"You sure?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I'm fine," Luna replied.
"We better get going or we'll miss breakfast," Starfire told them.
"Luna, can you stand and walk yet?" Skyview asked.
Luna rolled onto her stomach and slowly stood up. "I think so."
"Good," Stardust smiled. "I think you need to get out and look around the village today."
Luna smiled. "Really? I can go out?"
"I don't see why not. You can stand and walk around now," Stardust replied.
Luna smiled greatly. She was itching to get out and see what the village was like.
"Are you guys coming?" Pineapple asked from the next room.
"I sure am," Starfire replied walking past his brothers.

After breakfast Luna left the house and stood at the doorway looking around. There were many ponies. Many of the females gathered around a well, some sat outside their homes talking cutting up fruit.
Luna began walking towards the group of ponies at the well. When the ponies saw Luna coming they smiled and greeted her.
"Hello," one of them said.
"We heard you weren't feeling well. Are you better now?" another asked.
"I'm fine now," Luna smiled at them.
They smiled at her and continued to stare at her.
Just then Pineapple walked up to her. "Luna, want to go to the beach?"
"Sure," Luna replied anxious to get from the group of ponies.
Pineapple smiled and began walking out of the village with Luna next to her. Once they had walked far from the village, Luna could smell the ocean ahead. She smiled and ran towards it. Pineapple ran after her.

Luna stopped at the sandy white beach staring at the clean clear crystal blue ocean. The palm trees were tall and cast a shadow over the beach.
"Pretty, isn't it?" Pineapple asked.
"Yes, it is. The beach is so much clearer here than back home," Luna replied.
"Where do you live?"
"In Ponyland," Luna replied as she looked around.
"Ponyland? Are there more like you there?"
Luna looked at her and smiled. "No, I'm the only winged unicorn. There's a lot of earth ponies, unicorn, pegasus, flutter ponies, sea Ponies and so much more."
"Sea ponies?" Pineapple asked curiously.
"I only saw them once. They live in the water and has fins instead of legs," Luna explained.
Pineapple tried to imagine a pony like that. Luna laughed, "You'll have to see one. It's hard to imagine one unless you've seen it."
Pineapple smiled. "I'd love to see one sometime."
Luna signed sadly, "Ponyland is...a bit to far for."
"Very far?" Pineapple asked.
Luna smiled at her. "Yes it's very far."
Just then Luna heard a splash, "What was that?"
"It's the Fishing ponies," Pineapple replied.
"The what?" Luna asked.
"Male ponies from our village goes to the ocean to catch fish for dinner or anything they might find besides fish."
Luna looked down the beach and saw ponies in the far distance. They were too far to tell what they were doing.
"Want go watch?" Pineapple asked.
Pineapple smiled and the two ponies ran along the sandy beach. Luna enjoyed the run, it had been a while since she ran. They kicked up sand and laughed.
Ahead of them were sixteen ponies. Two were in each wooden boats pulling on the nets out to sea. There were four boats, two on each side.
"Hello," the yellow pony said to Luna.
"Hi," Luna replied. "Are you fishing?"
"Yes we are," an orange pony answered.
"Then why are you just standing here?" Luna asked.
The boys chuckled.
"We are waiting to catch the fish then we will pull on the net to bring them on land," a blue pony explained.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"We do this every morning," the yellow pony added. "Sometimes we catch a lot and sometimes we don't."
"Do you need help with the net?" Luna asked.
"No, we can do it. It's our job," the green pony smiled. "Why don't you two go play?"
"Sure. Come on, Luna," Pineapple continued running down the beach with Luna behind her. Pineapple ran in the water on the wet sand splashing water, then she stopped and stomped her front hooves at Luna getting her legs wet. Luna laughed and did the same. They continued to play and run around the water trying to get each other wet. The two stood catching their breaths and laughing.
"This is fun!" Luna exclaimed happily.
"Yeah, it sure is," Pineapple agreed. She looked past Luna and noticed the ponies were now pulling the nets, "Look, they're bringing in the net now."
Luna turned and watch with fascination, as she stood there a crab noticed Luna's tail waving wildy in the water. Luna was so interested in the net that she never noticed the crab grabbing her tail. Luna suddenly felt a tug on her tail. She turned and saw a red crab. Luna gasped and ran out of the water with the crab at her tail. Luna stood in front of the angry crab. It's other pinchers continued to snap at her. Luna backed away slowly from the crab as it walked towards her. Pineapple went to walk up behind it but it turned and snapped it's pinchers at her. One of the boys noticed the two girls were having trouble with something. They saw Luna looking down worriedly as she backed away.
"I better go see what the trouble is," a blue pony proposed. He let go of the net and ran to the girls only to find an angry crab. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the crab holding Luna's long white tail. He carefully walked around the crab and waited till it was occupied before he could grab the crab.
Luna was relieved once he picked up the crab and made it let go of her tail.
"Be careful. It could have grabbed your leg instead of your tail," the pony commented. He turned and let the crab go than hurried back to the net.
Luna and Pineapple stood watching until the boys had managed to bring the net onto the beach. Luna turned to see if the crab had left and she saw it crawling back into the deep ocean. Luna walked back to the water with Pineapple only to find she had stepped on something hard. Luna scraped it with her hoof, then picked it up.
"You found an oyster!" Pineapple exclaimed. She looked down at the water scanning the wet sand till she found one. Then she picked it up and opened it. Luna stood and watched toss the oyster back into the water then she searched for another one.
"Ummm, What are you doing?" Luna asked curiously.
"I'm looking for oysters."
"I can see that but why?"
Pineapple looked up at her and smiled, "To see if there's any pearls inside. If I'm lucky I might find one. Luna, why don't you open yours and look?"
Luna looked at the oyster closely. She couldn't see how to open it. Pineapple walked up to her smiling. "Let me do it for you." Pineapple opened it and gasped. "Wow, how lucky can you get? You found one!"
Luna took the oyster from her and looked inside. There at the bottom embedded inside was a white shiny pearl.
"What are you looking at?" a voice asked scaring the girls.
Luna turned and saw Skyview had winked behind them. "Skyview! Look what I found!"
Skyview took the oyster and looked inside, "It's a white pearl."
Pineapple looked closely at the pearl then at Luna, "It's the same color as your horn."
Skyview looked. He had forgotten about what the tiny ponies had told him, "She's right."
Pineapple looked at her horn curiously. "Is your horn made of pearl?"
"No, it's...just a horn. I don't know why it's so pearly. It's just a horn, that's all," Luna answered. She didn't like it when ponies noticed her pearly horn. It reminded her that she was different, even from a unicorn. For awhile Luna had felt normal, she had forgotten she was a winged unicorn until Pineapple asked her that question.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Pineapple replied.
Skyview couldn't help but stare at her horn. It reminded him of when Luna changed into Kesia. She had two pearly horns like Luna. Was there some connection between the two?
"Luna!" yelled a voice.
Luna looked around but she saw now one. Suddenly Starfire flew from across the sky and down towards the water. Then he put his hind legs out and touched the water as he continued to fly. The suddenly impact caused a big splash getting Luna partly wet.
Pineapple and Skyview laughed.
"Starfire!" Luna yelled. "You'll pay for that!"
Luna flapped her wings and flew from the ground after Starfire. They flew in a circle, then over trees and back towards the ocean. Luna tried her best to catch him but she was just to slow and was tiring out fast.
"You need to fly more often Luna!" Starfire yelled.
Luna flapped her wings a little harder but just as she thought she was getting close, he would speed up.
They flew over the fishing ponies and along the beach.
the males ponies stood for a few minutes, watching the two plying around and laughing.
Luna spent the day on the beach with Pineapple, Skyview and Starfire playing while Star Cluster watched behind a tree in the forest.