Chapter 42: Lets talk

After breakfast, everyone followed Stardust to another room.
"Now that Luna is feeling better, we need to start thinking about Fallon," Stardust sat on the floor and looked at his brothers. "Fallon is lose and he's got Luna's powers. We can't go home till we have gotten back what he took."
Star Cluster turned. "You can do that with out me."
"Wait!" Stardust cried. "You know Fallon better than we do."
Star Cluster turned his head to looked at him. "You're the mighty King. You'll have no trouble deciding anything. You don't need my help." Then he turned and left the house.
"Just what is his problem?" Starfire asked, feeling annoyed with him.
"Who knows?" Skyview replied.
"Well it's getting tiresome!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Umm, do you mind if I went out?" Luna asked.
"Go ahead, Luna but stay near the village," Stardust answered.
Luna smiled and left the house. She was excited to get out and play.

Luna stepped outside and saw the ponies doing their everyday chores. They gathered at the well while some sat outside cutting fruits. The little ponies played just outside the village. Everyone seemed busy. Even her friend and uncles. Luna walked through the village saying hi every now and then. She walked behind the houses and stood next to a tall tree watching them. After awhile she got board and decided to go to the beach. She followed the dirt trail to the white sandy beach. She stood and watched the waves in the distance. The birds flying above the water, swooping down every now and then to catch a fish.
She turned to see what the fishing ponies were doing when she noticed Star Cluster in the shadow at the edge of the beach, staring out into the ocean. She wondered what he was thinking. She had seen him sit by himself a few times since she had woken up. Why did he sit by himself? Why was he so grouchy all the time? He hardly said a word to her since she first woke up. Questions and thoughts began racing through her mind. She wanted to ask him some questions, but she was to scared to. As she stared at him, she decided to try and talk to him. After all, he was normal like her and couldn't possibly do anything to her now.

At the house the black ponies decided they had to have Star Cluster there since he knew Fallon better than anyone.
"I will get him," Skyview proposed. He stood up and left the house. He wondered around the village, looking between houses. He left the village and saw little ponies playing. He scanned the area around them but still he didn't see Star Cluster.
"Where did he go?" Skyview thought, "I haven't seen Luna either." He began to get worried. He left the playful little ponies and walked towards the beach. He had gone far from the village when he saw Star Cluster.
"Good, there he is," Skyview thought. He was about walk closer to him when he saw Luna walking toward Star Cluster from the sandy beach.
Skyview hid behind a tree and listen carefully.

Luna nervously walked up to him. "Umm...Hi."
Star Cluster looked at her then he continued to stare at the ocean.
"Umm, may I ask you something?" Luna asked.
Star Cluster sat there ignoring her, hoping she would go away.
"Why did you take Dream Castle?" Luna asked nervously.
It took several minutes before Star Cluster answered. "Because I wanted to."
"That's it?" Luna asked, "Is that way you sent my father against me because you wanted to? Is that why you wanted to catch me?"
Star Cluster looked at her angrily which scared Luna.
"You don't know nothing. Nothing at all!" Star Cluster exclaimed.
"I know what dad told me. You used to play with them and..."
"And I took all their blame," Star Cluster stood up looking down at her angrily. "You have no idea what's it like to be in my brothers shadows. Watching them getting everything! Going from one Kingdom to another. Going to stupid parties. Meeting ponies who I could care less about! All I ever did was follow them around and watch them get all the attention, watching them get everything and leaving me with nothing. So I decided if I was to get anything, I was going to have to take it from them and so I did. I took their memories, their castle, Stardust's wife and friends. I even took our parents. I took those who went against me. I took it all!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.
Luna stood as tears flowed from her eyes. She wanted to cry and run but she was to scared to move.
"Your Stardust's daughter. The princess who will get everything as well. You get so much attention it's sickening!" Star Cluster added.
Luna sobbed loudly. "You...hate me?...You did all this because your jealous?"
"Jealous?" Star Cluster almost laughed. "Certainly not!"
Luna thought about all that he had did and the things she could of had. She began to feel angry and yet she was still very sad.
"You-you ruined everything!" Luna yelled angrily at him with tears still flowing down her cheeks. "I never grew up knowing my dad or my uncles, thanks to you. I don't know what's it like to have a real family. I grew up with my adopted parents always having to hide myself from other ponies and wanting to know what's it like to have real parents." Luna wiped tears from her cheek and looked at him angrily. "You sent my own father after me! ruined my life...thirteen years of it! Do you know what's it like to watch other families going out and doing things? But I never could, I had to be careful. Do you know what's it like to be different? To be a winged unicorn in a world where there isn't any? I never had friends growing up. I was alone!" Luna continued to wipe her tears as they continued to trickle down her cheek. "I don't have it all. You took it! Did taking Dream Castle make you happy? Did taking Mom make you happy? Sending my dad, Skyview and Starfire after me make you happy? I hope you're happy for what you've done!...Uncle!" Luna dashed past Star Cluster and continued to run as she cried loudly.

Star Cluster stood watching surprisingly, he couldn't get over her yelling at him. He turned and walked onto the sandy beach watching to ocean. He tried to think about other things but he couldn't stop thinking about what Luna had said 'You-you ruined everything...I never had friends growing up....don't know what's it like to have a real family....I don't have it all. You took it!...' Star Cluster lowed his head sadly as he thought abut the questions she had asked. 'Did taking Dream Castle make you happy? Did taking Mom make you happy? Sending my dad, Skyview and Starfire after me make you happy?' Star Cluster closed his eyes 'I hope your happy for what you've done!...Uncle'
Star Cluster suddenly realized what he had done. "I truly have ruined everything."

Skyview stood behind a tree in the shadows shocked at what he had seen and heard. He saw Star Cluster stand up and walked along the beach towards Luna. Skyview was about to follow him when Starfire walked up to him. "What is taking you so long? Star Cluster is right there."
"I know that. I heard him and Luna argue."
"About what?" Starfire asked curiously.
"I'll tell you and Stardust later, this is too important at the moment. Starfire would you just go back and wait?" Skyview asked.
"Umm, sure," Starfire replied, he turned and began walking back to the village while Skyview follows Star Cluster in cloud form.

Star Cluster walked past the fishing ponies and continued until they were a dot in the distance. He walked looking for Luna but didn't see her. It wasn't till he heard that he was able to find her. She was laying on the grass at the small cliff crying as tears soaked her cheeks. Star Cluster walked up to her and sat down next to her.
"What do you want?" Luna asked sobbing.
"Your right about me," Star Cluster replied.
Luna looked up at him surprisingly. "I-I am?"
"I was jealous but," Star Cluster paused as if it was almost painful to continue. "But it never started out like that. I had forgotten what is was that I really wanted. It wasn't until you yelled at me that I remembered."
"W-what was it?" Luna asked still sobbing.
"A family."
"But you got one."
"If that's what you can call a family. All we ever did was travel to parties and other kingdoms. When we were home, my parents were still too busy to be with us. They never had time for us. I wanted us to spend time together like other families." Star Cluster paused and looked sadly at Luna. "All I ever wanted was to be loved but seeing my brothers slowly getting the love and affection that I really wanted just made me mad and soon I got jealous. I know now it wasn't their fault and you had nothing to do with my problems."
Luna had stopped crying. She couldn't believe what he was telling her.
"I'm sure Stardust told you all about when we were little but let me tell you my story, maybe then you'll understand better."