Chapter 43: Star Cluster's untold past

Star Cluster sat next to Luna still feeling bad for what he'd done.
"I've always gotten others attention but it wasn't easy to get my parents attention. It wasn't till I was seven that I noticed something was missing. I didn't quite know what it was until that one late afternoon when we were heading for another party." Star Cluster explained.
Luna sat up and listened as he told his story.

The sun was in the horizon getting close to sun set. Star Cluster, his parents and brothers were walking with a group of soldiers around them. They had walked for a few days and was glad to see the castle they were traveling to.
"Daddy, can't we just stay home for once?" Star Cluster asked.
"No. We were invited to a party. We can't just turn them down. We are the Royal Family of Ponyland. One of the oldest kingdom on the planet," Ribbon Lock explained.
"Star Cluster!" Sunlight exclaimed.
Star Cluster sighed sadly, knowing it was a waste of time to try and change their minds.
"I'm sorry but we can't. I can't help it if every kingdom wants to invite us. They expect us to be there. We can't just let them down," Sunlight explained.
"I don't mind going!" Starfire said happily.
"You think it's fun, and there's always food for you to eat," Skyview told him.
Sunlight smiled at them. "Yes, it is fun and the food they provide is very good."
"I like meeting the princes!" Stardust exclaimed.
"Yeah, except for those girls," Skyview added.
Ribbon Lock laughed. "You three will change your minds about girls someday."
"No we won't," the black ponies replied.
Ribbon Lock and Sunlight laughed.
They continued to talk till they arrived in town. The ponies in town stood aside watching them.
Star Cluster always felt uneasy walking through town with his parents. They walked to the castle and through the iron gates joined by other kingdoms. The soldiers stood outside by the castle walls while the royal families continued into the castle. There were soldiers lined up in a row, guiding them towards the throne room.
They walked down a wide marble hallway. The floor had a red rug laid out, from the door outside to the ballroom doors. Behind them was another royal family, watching the boys and looking amazed. Star Cluster followed his parents through the doors. Some of the ponies stopped and watched them and they whispered to each other. Star Cluster and his parents were meet by two ponies wearing golden crowns, the female was a pink rainbow haired unicorn. The other was a light blue male pony with pink, blue and purple hair.
"You must be King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight," the male pony guessed. "It's good that you could come to our party. I am King Sprite and this is my wife Queen Sunbeam."
"These are our boys," Sunlight turned and looked at her four boys. "This is Stardust, Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster."
"Oh my, are they really all boys?" Queen Sunbeam asked.
"Yes, all four of them," King Ribbon Lock replied.
"You boys will grow up to be so handsome," Queen Sunbeam walked up to Star Cluster and smiled. "You are certainly a pretty boy."
Star Cluster had heard that said from almost every pony he had met. He was starting to get tired of it. His parents looked at him expecting him to say something.
"Umm, thanks," Star Cluster reluctantly said.
"Mommy, can we go?" Stardust asked.
"Yeah, I'm starving after that long walk we had," Starfire agreed.
"Alright but be good," Sunlight answered.
The boys smiled greatly. They were glad to leave their parents. Star Cluster had to admit, he to was hungry. He followed his brothers to a long table. The servants behind the tables poured punch for them. The four boys took the drinks and began drinking them as they looked around.
"Wow, I wish we had a balcony in our ballroom," Starfire commented, noticing the balcony around the room and a set a stairs leading to it.
"We do have one," Stardust pointed out.
"Yes but it's short. Not much of a balcony," Starfire replied.
"Hey look, there's a group of boys. Lets go talk to them," Skyview suggested.
"Star Cluster are you coming?" Stardust asked.
"No, I'm going to stay here," Star Cluster replied.
Star Cluster stood drinking his punch as he watched his brothers leave. He took a sip from his cup and looked around the room. He saw his parents talking to the king and queen. He saw his brothers talking and laughing with boys their age. He even saw the girls by another table talking and giggling. When Star Cluster was done, he set his cup down on the table and walked through the room. He was curious what the room looked like from the balcony. He went up the stairs and around to the other side. There were ponies on the balcony talking to each other. as Star Custer passed them, they would say hi or whisper his name. Star Cluster stopped and stood on his hind legs leaning on the railing. He could clearly see his parents and brothers as opposite ends of the room. He noticed a boy about his age talking to his parents and eating with them. Star Cluster saw a few other boys and girls with their parents and some were not. Star Cluster began to feel like something was missing but he wasn't quite sure what it was. Something most ponies had and he didn't.
He looked up and noticed a few doors on one side. Star Cluster left the railing and walked to the doors. He was curious as to what it looked like outside. He cracked the door opened and walked outside to the balcony. The sun was only a sliver now, and the sky was turning pink and purple.
Below him was a yard with a pond and several trees. Star Cluster turned and looked through the glass door. Everyone was busy talking or walking by. No one noticed that he was outside.
"They're all the same. Parties are so boring." Star Cluster turned around looked past the walls towards the town and nearby houses. "I wonder what's it like over those walls?" Star Cluster looked inside again to be sure no one was looking. Then he scanned the walls and yard. None of the soldiers were even watching, most of them were in the front of the castle. Star Cluster looked down to be sure there was a clear spot for him to land. Then he ducked low and suddenly, he jumped over the railing and landed on the ground. Star Cluster dashed across the yard till he was close to the wall then he jumped high over the castle wall unnoticed and landed on the other side.
"And my parents thinks I'm the only normal one in the family. There's no way I'm telling them about my jumping ability," Star Cluster thought.
He ran to the forest, passing trees and bushes. He ran towards the town, leaving the castle far behind. When he arrived he stayed in the forest, not daring to show himself, risking that someone might see him. Every pony was busy doing their jobs. Most of the ponies in town were leaving.
Star cluster sighed feeling disappointed that there was nothing exciting going on. He continued into the forest till the sky got dark. After awhile he noticed a flickering like in the distance. Curious as to what it is, he ran towards it. When he got close to it he saw that is was a bonfire with a group of ponies around it, laughing and talking. The little ponies ran around playing with each other some of the adult ponies played with the little ponies. Star Cluster stood and stared not realizing that he could be easily seen. He smiled as he watched them run, it was something he hadn't seen, something different, something he felt was missing.
"I wish my family was like that," Star Cluster thought. "But they're not. I don't think we ever did anything together or played with each other."
It was then that Star Cluster realized his family wasn't spending time with each other. They were caught up with other things.
"Hey!" a pony cried noticing Star Cluster behind a bush.
"Come and join us!" a male pony yelled.
Star Cluster wanted to join them so bad but he feared that they would know who he was.
"Come on, don't be shy!" cried a voice.
Star Cluster decided to take a chance and left the forest. He walked over to them smiling.
"Hello," said a white male pony. "I don't believe I've seen you before."
"I'm...just...ummm...visiting," Star Cluster replied nervously.
"Well if your not a runaway then your welcome to join us," said another pony jokingly.
Star Cluster smiled.
"What's your name?" a female pony asked.
"It's ummm...." Star Cluster looked around and saw shadows from the fire dancing around. "Umm, Shadow."
"That's a nice name, Shadow." the female pony replied. "Why don't you have something to eat and you can play with the little ponies or stand by the fire and keep warm."
"Ok, thanks." Star Cluster left them and went to get some fruit from the wooden table.
Star Cluster spent several hours playing, eating and talking but when it was time for him to leave, he said his goodbyes and left heading into the forest. He ran smiling and laughing. He couldn't remember when he had so much fun. When he came to the castle walls he jumped over it unnoticed and through the yard then jumped high towards the balcony. He walked through the crack of the door and stood on his hind legs leaning on the railing. He saw that his parents were now talking to other ponies, his brothers were still talking with boys their age. It was clear after spending time at the bond fire that his family was missing something.
"We're nothing like a family," Star Cluster thought.
He left the balcony and walked down stairs curious to know if his parents noticed he had left.
He walked up to his mother who was talking to another pony.
"Mommy," Star Cluster whispered to her.
Sunlight looked down at him, "I'm busy talking at the moment. I'll talk to you in a minute."
Star Cluster sighed sadly, he left his parents and stood from a distance. He looked at them sadly. "They're just too busy for me."

Skyview listened with extreme interest when Star Cluster was done telling his story. Then he winked back to the Chief's house scaring everyone in the room.
"Skyview!" Stardust and Starfire cried. They stood and flattened their fur.
"Sorry. I just had to return before Star Cluster does."
"Starfire told me you sent him back and that you'll explain later," Stardust replied.
"Yes well...Star Cluster and Luna were talking together.."
"What?...Really?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"They yelled at each other at first but...Stardust you won't believe this but I think he's changed now," Skyview told him.
"Changed? Star Custer?" Starfire asked in disbelief.
"Yes, and what I'm about to tell you, don't tell Star Cluster or Luna. They don't know I was there."
"Ok," Stardust and Starfire replied.
"Well you know how we were always gone to parties?" Skyview asked as he began to tell what he had heard from Star Cluster.

Luna sat next to Star Cluster surprisingly.
"I...didn't know it was like that," Luna muttered.
"No one did," Star Cluster replied. He stood up and looked at the ocean sadly as the sun began to set. "I truly have ruined your lives and my brothers over something I thought was what I wanted." He looked at Luna. "And for that I am sorry." Star Cluster walked onto the sandy beach feeling sad.
"It's almost dinner. Aren't you coming back?" Luna asked.
"No, not for a while. Please, I want to be alone for a while." Star Cluster continued walking leaving Luna alone.
She no longer feared Star Cluster but felt sorry for him. Her stomach growled reminding her how hungry she was. She stood up and ran back to the village.

Skyview had finished Star Cluster story and saw how surprised his brothers looked.
"I...I had no idea," Starfire managed to say.
"Neither did I but if you think about it, Star Cluster is right," Stardust said.
"Why didn't he tell us about it?" Starfire asked.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he had tried," Skyview answered.
"Poor Star Cluster. He just wanted our parents' attention and try to get us together like a family," Starfire muttered.
"It's sad if you think about it. I can see why Star Cluster was mad at us," Stardust replied.
Skyview suddenly heard a pony running towards the house and figured it could be only one pony.
"Luna is coming," Skyview told them.
Just then Luna entered the house and saw her father sitting on the floor. "Good, I didn't miss dinner."
"Where's Star Cluster?" Starfire asked.
"On the beach walking," Luna replied.
"Isn't he coming for dinner?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. He just wanted to be alone," Luna replied. "Dad, he told me a story about..."
"I know, Luna. Skyview told me."
"He..did?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Sorry, my super ears don't miss much," Skyview jokingly told her.
"It's time for things to change," Stardust stood up. "He's been left alone far to long. It's time for him to join us." Stardust left the house and headed towards the beach while the other went to the dining room and waited for their return.
Once Stardust returned with Star Cluster they sat at the white table eating and talking. Then they went to bed.