Chapter 44: Forgotten birthday - part 1

The early morning sun had rose and Luna sat at the white wooden table smiling at her empty bowel. She was full from eating the fruits.
"Pineapple, Are you going to play at the beach with me today?" Luna asked.
"Not today. I have...things to do."
"Oh, ok," Luna replied feeling disappointed, "Well I'm going out to the beach."
"Don't wonder to far, Luna," Stardust told her.
Luna stood up from the table and left the room. Stardust watched and kept silence till she had left the house and was far away.
"We have something important to talk about," Stardust told everyone.
"I've told you everything I know about Fallon. So you don't need me here for that," Star Cluster quickly said.
Stardust smiled, "No, it's not about Fallon. Today is Luna's birthday."
"It is?" Skyview and Starfire asked.
"I can't wait. I'm going to make mom's favorite cake. Coconut cake, I had it once for my birthday. It was so good," Pineapple exclaimed.
The boys looked at her surprisingly.
"I told Pineapple and Chief Tahoe earlier this morning," Stardust explained.
"We will have a village party tonight," Chief Tahoe said, "I think we could all use a brake, especially after we spent a week or two looking for Fallon."
"It's like he just disappeared," Starfire exclaimed.
"Maybe he's not on the island?" Skyview suggested.
"He's got to be here," Star Cluster quickly said, "He had me bring him and Luna to this island. He's here for a reason."
"He could have made himself look like a pony, like Kesia did," Chief Tahoe suggested.
"We don't even know what he looks like as a pony," Starfire told him.
"We could search through town for any suspicious pony," Skyview suggested.
"When Kesia changed, did you say she was all white?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes. Why do you ask?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"I just wondered," Star Cluster replied.
"We can talk about Fallon later. We have to keep Luna away from the village," Stardust told them.
"We also have to set up the party while she's gone," Chief Tahoe added.
"I'll keep Luna busy," Star Cluster quickly said.
"You will?" his brothers asked.
"Don't sounds surprised!" Star Cluster exclaimed, "I'm heading to the beach anyways."
"Ok, someone will come and get you when it's time," Stardust told him.
"Fine," Star Cluster stood up from the table and left the room.

He walked out of the house and through the village, ignoring the stares fo other ponies. He walked into the shady forest while glancing in the other direction at the little ponies playing. When he reached the beach, he stood and look both directions for Luna till he found her. She was standing in the water looking at something. Star Cluster walked up to her and looked down. She was staring at a starfish moving in the water.
"Interesting," Star Cluster muttered.
Luna looked up at him and smiled, "Cool, isn't it? I heard of Starfish but I never thought I'd see one."
"Yes, I guess it is," Star Cluster replied. He turned and walked to from the water and laid in the shade of the trees on the white sand.
Luna turned and watched him lay down. Ever since she yelled at him, all he ever seems to do is sit at the beach and watch her.
"Star Cluster want to play?" Luna asked.
"No, I'll just watch you," Star Cluster replied.
"That's no fun watching me," Luna walked up to him smiling, "Come on and play or walk along the beach or something."
Star Cluster laid there silently thinking about what she said. When Luna didn't get a response, she sighed sadly, lowing her head, "I'm going to play then. See you later."
Luna turned and walked along wet sand at the water came on shore and retreated again. She was hoping to have Star Cluster play but she figured it was too soon for him to change. As she walked and enjoyed the cool breeze, she began to hear a splashing sound. Luna stopped and turned to see what it was when suddenly she had water splashed on her. One side of her was wet, her coat dripped and one of her wings hung low from being wet. She stood in the wet sand surprised at what had happened.
"I thought you wanted to play?" Star Cluster asked standing in front of her.
Luna looked up and smiled, then she began running.
Star Cluster smiled at her and ran as he splashed water. Luna couldn't get close to him because of all the splashing he was making. Star Cluster smiled trying his best to make large splashes. The two of them ran far along the beach till they got tired. Star Cluster was the first to stop.
"Lets rest for a while," Star Cluster told her. He left the wet sand and walked to the dry and shady sand. Then he laid down, folding his front feet under him and his back legs stretched out. Luna laid down next to him.
"That was fun. We'll have to do that again sometime," Luna commented.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "Yes it was fun," Then his smile faded as she thought about his past, "It' been a long time since I played."
"Are you...still mad at dad...jealous of him?" Luna hesitated to ask.
"Sometimes. It's not easy not to be," Star Cluster sighed sadly, "Stardust is lucky. He's married and has you."
"You could get married," Luna exclaimed.
Star Cluster laughed, "Who would merry me after what I've done. Every pony in the other world has heard of me," Then he looked at Luna seriously, "I doubt anyone would want me to stay in ponyland."
"What?" Luna exclaimed, "Give it sometime. They'll change their minds about you."
"I doubt it, Luna," Star Cluster answered, "Even my parents are probably mad at me."
"Well, why don't you talk to them?"
"They'll be to busy to hear me or make some excuse," Star Cluster replied.
Luna lowered her head sadly, not sure what she could say to help him.
"Perhaps I can try anyways," Star Cluster added smiling at her.
Luna looked up at him and smiled. Then she stared at him.
"What?" Star Cluster asked sumptiously.
"I like it when you smile. You seem different when you do." Luna asked.
"Oh really?" Star Cluster asked staring out at the ocean.
Luna and Star Cluster laid in the sand for a while, neither one of them knew how long. Star Cluster thought about Luna and when she asked if the Dragon was Kesia. He thought about when Fallon suddenly changed his mind about killing her. He thought about when Fallon had him take Luna to the island. When he saw Luna escape from the crystal ball. He remembered when she looked at him with green cat like eyes. He remembered, Chief Tahoe's story about Kesia. The more he thought about Luna the more he felt there was something strange about Luna. Why was he thinking about Luna and Kesia? Was the two connected in some way?
"Luna, can I ask you something?"
Luna looked at him, a bit surprised he would ask her such a question, "Sure."
"I want an answer to this."
"Umm..ok." Luna was nervous as to what he was going to ask.
"Have you heard of Kesia before?" Star Cluster asked.
"Kesia?" Luna asked, "Well...umm."
"Luna, have you heard the name before?" Star Cluster asked.
Luna looked away from him. She didn't want to talk about Kesia, "No."
Star Cluster glared at her, not believing what she said.
"Are you sure?" Star Cluster asked.
"Why are you asking me?" Luna asked.
"You said a while back 'Kesia, she's the white feathered dragon"
"I...I was surprised, that's all," Luna replied.
"I noticed but why?" star Cluster asked.
Star Cluster smirked, "So you do know."
Luna jumped to her feet, "I don't!"
Star Cluster stood up, "I need to know, Luna. I don't see why your so upset about it. Is there something about Kesia your not telling anyone?"
Luna stood and looked at the ocean for a minute before answering, "No not really." Luna paused before continuing, "I have heard the name before."
"When?" Star Cluster asked.
Luna turned and faced him. Then she sat down, "In my dreams."
"Your dreams?" Star Cluster asked sitting down, "Would you mind telling me about them?"
"It started shortly after dad won Dream Castle that my dream began. I still have them, I had one this morning and yesterday. They seem to be getting worse though."
"What's it about?" Star Cluster asked curiously.
"I...I see a white ball on fire but it doesn't burn. Then a large white hand with claws grabs the ball. The ball and the fire turns to smoke. From the smoke I hear a voice calling for Kesia. After that I usually dream about Kesia and another dragon fighting," Luna answered, she looked up at him, "That is the first time I've ever seen Kesia."
"And you have that dream every night?" Star Cluster asked.
Star Cluster fell silent staring at the sand which made Luna worried, "A white hand with claws? I'm guessing that would be Kesia's hand," he looked up at Luna, "Is there anything else?"
"Ever since I got to this island it keeps telling me to find it. How can I find something I don't know?" Luna asked.
"Ask Chief Tahoe about it."
"Are you serious? Who is going to believe me...I mean really, a ball on fire that doesn't burn and a voice that talks from the smoke."
Star Cluster just looked at her seriously, "Ask him or I will."
"No. I-I'll ask him," Luna quickly said.
"There's something I'm a bit curious about. Did you know your eyes change?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, I have never seen them do it till I got to this island and saw my reflection in the water. I don't know why they do that," Luna answered, she looked up at Star Cluster curiously, "Why are you so interested in me and Kesia?"
"Just some thoughts I had that I needed to know." Star Cluster replied.
Luna looked at him curiously, "Is that why your always here alone? You've been thinking about it?"
"That's one of the reasons. Luna, why don't you play? I'll be here watching?"
Luna stood and smiled, "Ok." she turned and ran into the water.
"Strange, If I didn't know better I'd say she was..." Star Cluster paused then laughed to himself, "That's not even possible. There must be another reason for her dreams, eyes changing and body color." He continued to lay in the sand watching her play and splash in the water.

The sun was starting to set, the ocean reflected the orange sun in the horizon.
Just then Skyview appeared next to him. Luna was to busy playing to noticed him.
"Pretty boy" Skyview whispered, "You can bring her back now."
Star Cluster glared at him til Skyview disappeared. He stood up and called for Luna, "Luna. We should be heading back now."
Luna stopped what she was doing and followed Star Cluster. The walked along the beach till they came to the trail. Luna looked up at him and smiled. Star Cluster caught her smiling, "What?"
"You know, Star Cluster. It's not to bad being with you," Luna replied.
Star Cluster smiled but quickly faded as they got closer to the village.
"This day...spending time with you reminds me of a pony in Ponyland that I meet. She really liked me. I think her name was Raspberry," Star Cluster commented.
To his surprise Luna began the laugh, "You're the one?"
Star Cluster stopped and looked at her curiously.
Luna stopped, still laughing, "I'm sorry. Me and my friends heard Raspberry had a crush on a pony but no one knew who it was."
"Oh, I see," Star Cluster muttered, "She's not the first to have a crush on me. They come and go but that pony is just...irritating."
They continued walking as Star Cluster listened to Luna's giggling.