Chapter 45: Forgotten birthday - part 2

The sun was setting fast and the forest started to get dark. As Luna and Star Cluster approached the village, they noticed no one there. They walked through the village looking at the empty houses. Luna began to worry, she wondered where her father and uncles were. They walked to the Chief's house when they saw the villagers on the left. They were sitting on the ground around four long blankets by a large camp fire. Luna and Star Cluster walked from the village over to were Stardust was sitting. Luna sat between Stardust and the Chief while Star Cluster sat at the end next to Starfire. Luna looked around wondering what was going on. Everyone fell silent and looked at Luna.
"What's...going on?" Luna asked, worriedly.
"Have you forgotten what today is?" Stardust asked her.
"Today?" Luna asked as she thought. She knew something was special, something...she forgot. A minute later it suddenly hit her, "I don't believe I forgot. It's my 14th birthday."
Stardust smiled, then he nuzzled her, "Happy birthday."
Then everyone joined, "Happy birthday!"
Luna smiled greatly.
"Lets eat and then we can have the cakes brought out!" Chief Tahoe announced."
"Cake?" Luna asked, "You made cake?"
Chief Tahoe smiled at her, "Yes, we can make cakes and anything else but the ingredients such as floor and sugar has to come from town and we live very far from town. Thanks to Skyview we were able to get the floor here in time to make some cakes."
"Oh," Luna replied.
A group of male ponies brought out large bowels and plate, then they set them on the blankets. Luna was the first to fill her plate then the others. As the sky turned dark the light from the fire lit the surrounding forest.

After Luna and everyone had eaten a group of male ponies brought out four cakes, one for each blanket. Luna received a white coconut frosted cake with candles on them.
"Go on, Luna. Blow them out," Stardust urged her.
Luna stood up and blew on the candles. Then a female pink pony cut a slice and sat it on Luna's plate, then she cut the cake for everyone else.
The little ponies quickly eat and then left the group to play. They ran to the forest but not far from the group. They took a ball and began kicking it to each other. They'd kick it around trees trying to avoid the other team. Suddenly on of little ponies kicked the ball hard. It hit a tree trunk and bounced off towards the adult.
One of the female ponies was walking past Star Cluster with a bowel when the ball suddenly hit her head. She lost her balance and fell on other ponies and plates sending food flying in all directions. A couple of slices of cake flew right at Star Cluster, hitting him in the face.
Starfire tried hard not to laugh out loud. Star Cluster used his front hooves and began wiping the cake and icing off of his face. He turned and saw Starfire and Skyview laughing, even Stardust tried not to laugh. Luna hid behind her father laughing. Soon a few others joined in.
Star Cluster finished wiping his face but he had mixed the icing in with his fur, coloring it white.
"Your's...white." Starfire laughed.
Star Cluster glared at him, "This isn't funny."
"Come on, where's your sense of humor?" Starfire asked as he laughed.
Star Cluster stood up and began walking away.
"Where are you going?" Skyview asked still laughing
"To wash the cake off," Star Cluster replied as he walked towards the ocean. He past the little ponies looking a bit upset.
"Sorry," the little ponies muttered.
Starfire was still laughing, "I'll go see how mad he is." Starfire stood up and followed him.

Star Cluster walked to the beach and to the rocks that stretched to the deep end. Star Cluster sat down and began washing his hooves, then his face. As he cleaned his fur from the icing, he heard laughter. Star Cluster turned and saw Starfire coming towards him, still laughing.
"I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time," Starfire exclaimed as he chuckled.
"Well, I didn't find it funny!" Star Cluster yelled and continued washing his fur. As Starfire stood watching Star Cluster, a crab suddenly grabbed his tail. He could feel some weight on his tail, he turned to see what it was and gasped.
"A crab!" Starfire yelled surprisingly as he looked at his tail. The crab let got but it was angry. Starfire backed up when suddenly he fell in the water. He quickly surfaced and climbed out of the water. He was completely soaked to the skin. His wings were heavy with water and hung low.
Star Cluster suddenly felt the urge to laugh, he smiled greatly, trying his best not to laugh. Starfire looked at his surprisingly. It had been a long time since he saw Star Cluster smiling.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"You...look like a drowned rat," Star Cluster answered as he burst out laughing, "Where's your sense of humor?"
Starfire glared at him, then he bolted into a run chasing Star Cluster.

Stardust watched the darkness hoping his two brothers would return but they haven't. He knew Starfire was at the beach moving rather fast, he could sense him.
"Just what is taking those two so long?" Stardust asked.
"I'll go look," Skyview winked out catching everyone by surprise. A minute later he winked back smiling.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
"You won't believe me," Skyview replied.
"What are they doing?" Stardust asked.
"They're on the beach running up and down, playing," Skyview answered.
Stardust looked at him surprisingly, "Are you sure?"
Stardust smiled, "I think Star Cluster maybe changing."
"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. It's getting hard to tell if he mad or not," Skyview commented.
"I think he's just grouchy most of the time," Stardust guessed, "Lets finish this party and let them play."
For the rest of the night, Luna sat and enjoyed her party while Starfire tired his best to catch Star Cluster on the beach.