Chapter 46: Dreaming of Statues

During breakfast at the white table, the black ponies and the Chief talked about finding Fallon and how to get rid of him while Star Cluster had other things on his mind. He thought about Luna's dream and wondered what the ball could be. He looked down at Luna sitting next to him who was eating and listening to her father talking.
"Ask him," Star Cluster whispered.
Luna looked up at him wondering what he was talking about.
"Ask him about the ball in your dream," Star Cluster whispered to her.
"Not now," Luna whispered back.
"Yes this is the perfect time," Star Cluster whispered.
Skyview was sitting across from them listing to their whispering.
"Ask what?" Skyview asked.
"Nothing," Luna replied.
"Ask him or I will," Star Cluster told her.
Stardust and everyone at the table suddenly became silent after hearing Star Cluster.
"Tell who what?" Starfire asked.
Luna looked down at her bowl feeling embarrassed, "Umm, well..." She looked up at Chief Tahoe and Pinneapple who sat next to him. "Umm, Chief Tahoe. Have you ever seen a ball on fire but not burning?"
Chief Tahoe and his daughter looked at her surprisingly.
"Where have you seen it?" Chief Tahoe asked looking very serious.
"In my dreams. Why? What is it?" Luna asked.
"What dreams?" Stardust asked.
"Luna's been having dreams every night about a ball on fire and dragons," Star Cluster answered.
"I remember Rosebud telling us about your dreaming of dragons," Stardust commented.
"I dream about Kesia a lot and another dragon she's fighting with. But before that I dream about a white ball on fire then a white hand or Kesia's hand grabs the ball turning it and the fire to smoke. From the smoke a voice keeps calling for Kesia," Luna explained, then she looks at her father, "Why is it calling me Kesia? I'm not Kesia. I've told it that!"
"What kind of ball would be in flames?" Skyview asked.
"That could only be the Pearl," Chief Tahoe answered.
"A pearl?" Starfire asked.
"Not just any pearl. What I'm about to tell you, you all must swear you won't speak another word of this. No one outside my family knows about the pearl. All everyone know is Kesia has guarded a great treasure of power and wisdom," Chief Tahoe replied.
"We wouldn't tell a soul," Stardust told him, his brothers and daughter agreed.
"I'm trusting you all on your word," Chief Tahoe replied, "Kesia has guarded a white pearl but not just your average small white pearl, this one is big and it is on fire all the time. The Pearl holds great power to do anything you want it to do. It also holds great wisdom."
"Something round," Luna muttered remembering when she and Pinneapple were looking for something, "Pineapple, is that what you were looking for?"
"Yes, I was. I...was hoping to bring mom back," Pinneapple answered sadly.
Chief Tahoe hug his daughter, "Oh Pineapple. You're just like your mother, she would be proud of you but I don't think she would want you to use the Pearl's power on her. Lets just let her rest."
Pineapple began crying. "You talk about her a lot."
"Of course. It's hard not to when I see you. You look and act just like her," Chief Tahoe replied.
"I do?"
"Yes," Chief Tahoe smiled at her, then he looked at the black ponies. "The pearl is called The Flaming Pearl. Ponies for centuries have searched for it and never found it."
"How do you know about it?" Star Cluster asked.
"Remember that story I told you, the one about Melon and Kesia? Well Melon was great friends with Kesia and she told him everything. She trusted him and so he kept the secret within his family. I too have searched for it when I was little but I never found it."
"A pearl of great power?" Skyview asked.
"Stardust, remember that book, the one that told about a great beast imprissoned in the crystal ball?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I remember," Stardust exclaimed, "Something about wanting power."
"Wishing for power?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, Fallon was imprissoned for wanting or wishing for power," Skyview guessed, "I bet he was after the Pearl for it's power and the guardian Kesia imprisoned him."
"He's after the Pearl, again." Star Cluster exclaimed who just figured it out.
"That's what it said," Luna remarked.
"It did?" Starfire asked.
"It said, find me before Fallon does."
"It talks?" Skyview asked.
"No, it doesn't," Chief Tahoe quickly said, "I never heard of it talking."
"But it's got to be the pearl talking to me," Luna exclaimed.
"Why would it call for Kesia in your dreams?" Pineapple asked curiously.
"I don't know. I asked it that and it told me nothing," Luna replied.
"So, we must find the Flaming Pearl before Fallon does but how?" Stardust asked.
Everyone sat at the table silently at they thought about it and continued eating. Star Cluster had many thought about Luna and Kesia. He looked at Luna as if he suspected something. Then he looked up at the Chief, "Did you say in your story that Kesia made those dragon statues?"
"Yes she did. She made many and scattered them all over the island."
"Wait a minute. The dragon was sitting on a ball, was that the flaming pearl?" Skyview asked.
"Yes it is," Chief Tahoe answered.
"Could the Flaming pearl have something to do with those statues?" Starfire asked.
"I wouldn't be surprised. Kesia seemed worried when Melon got curious about the stone," Star Cluster pointed out.
"Chief Tahoe. Would it be ok for us to go on a treasure hunt?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I think we better find it before Fallon does. I will go with you."
"Daddy, can I come?" Pineapple asked.
"No, I need you here to take care of the village while I'm gone."
Luna looked at Stardust.
"No, you'll be safer here," Stardust answered as if he knew what Luna was going to ask.
"When would you like to leave?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"As soon as possible," Stardust answered.
"We can leave after breakfast."
"Great, the four of us will go," Stardust told him.
"I would rather not go," Star Cluster told him.
"You’re my little brother. I would love to have you join us," Stardust replied.
Star Cluster kept quiet realizing he had no choice but go with him.
"Do you have a map of the island?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," Chief Tahoe answered.
"Good, lets bring it and map out the statues so we don't run into the same one twice," Skyview told him.
"That's a good idea."
"Dad, how long will you be gone?" Luna asked.
"I don't know," Stardust replied.
"For a week at lest," Chief Tahoe replied.
"But..." Luna looked worriedly at Stardust, "The moon, it'll be full soon."
"I almost forgot about that. Well, it'll make our night journey easier then," Stardust replied.
"What about the moon?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"Every month when the moon is full we glow," Stardust explained.
"Glow?" Chief Tahoe asked, "Why?"
"We are from Ponyland in another world. We got we through the Gate which only opens on a full moon. When the Gate opens we glow," Stardust explained.
"Your from another world?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"Kind of hard to believe isn't it?" Starfire asked smiling.
"Well, after what I've heard and seen, I can believe just about anything," Chief Tahoe replied.
When they finished eating, Pineapple packed their food for a few days and gave each pony a bag to carry around their necks.
Stardust nuzzled Luna, "Be good and stay near the Village while I'm gone."
"I will Dad." Luna nuzzled his neck and muscular shoulders.
Stardust smiled and left the house with his brothers and Chief Tahoe.


Stardust, his brothers and the Chief had traveled all over for four days, marking on the map where the statues are. When it started to get dark, they made a camp fire and laid around it as the sky got darker. The Full Moon shined brightly as Stardust and his brother began to glow. The surrounding areas where they laid lit up. Chief Tahoe couldn't stop staring at them, it was like seeing a glowing ghost.
"What did you say caused you to glow?" Chief Tahoe asked curiously.
"The Gate. When it's open we glow," Stardust explained.
"At the moment it's opened," Skyview said looking up at the full moon.
"That's amazing," Chief Tahoe commented.
"That reminds me of something. Star Cluster, how did you know the Gates was your inheritance?" Stardust asked, "You left the castle before dad could announce it."
"I heard him and I still don't want them. Starfire or Skyview can have them," Star Cluster exclaimed.
"But dad gave..." Skyview started to say.
"I don't want them!" Star Cluster yelled angrily, "They're useless to me. Just who am I suppose to guard them from?"
"Why are you getting so mad about it? Are you still jealous of us? It's not our fault dad gave them to you," Stardust replied.
Star Cluster lowered his head, "I didn't mean to. I wish I had something that meant.."
"Something meaningful from our parents?" Stardust asked.
"Just how did you know about the inheritance?" Skyview asked.
Star Cluster looked up at his brothers and the curious Chief, "When I was little I laid in bed. It was after midnight and I couldn't sleep. I was hungry and so I decided to sneak to the kitchen and get a quick bite to eat. I was hoping it'll quiet my stomach long enough for me to get to sleep. On my way there I thought I'd check on mom and dad to be sure they were asleep, the last thing I wanted was to get in trouble again. When I got to their rooms I found out they were wide awake and talking about our inheritance. Needless to say I was rather excited about it. Of course I knew what Stardust would get, that was obvious. They talked for hours about what to give to Skyview and Starfire and me. Stardust got the throne and the land, Skyview got the town or at lest be in charge of running it. Then Skyview and Starfire inherited Paradise Estate even when our parents moved out. I was sad and thought they had forgotten about me which wasn't too surprising but they didn't forget. They decided the only thing left was the Gate. I was to guard the gate. I was so upset and mad, I went to my room and forgot about how hungry I was."
"There is something to guard and protect. The Gate is important...especially to Luna," Stardust pointed out. "She travels through the gate all the time to see us."
Star Cluster thought about what Stardust had said. The Gate was important to Luna, that would be the only reason worth guarding for.
" isn't so bad," Star Cluster muttered, "But if I don't like it, you can give the gate to someone else."
"That's fine," Stardust replied smiling.
"So, Stardust, you have a castle?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"Yes, I am king and I rule Ponyland with my brothers' help," Stardust explained.
Chief Tahoe smiled, "I thought you might have been some kind of leader, you just seem like you would be."
Skyview sat up and took the rolled up map from the bag and unrolled it, "I wonder how many Dragon Statues there are on the island?"
"Quite a few more," Chief Tahoe replied, "It'll take a few more days to find the rest."
"I hope we find...the treasure," Starfire muttered.
They spent the night looking at the map and talking about it.

During the days they were gone, Luna spent the time with Pinneapple or alone on the beach. She was lonely and wished her father would return soon. She searched for pearls on the beach but never found any. She swam with Pinneapple in the ocean and played games in the house. She even stayed up late on the night when the moon was full, talking to Pineapple and telling stories.
One evening, Luna was returning from the beach to the house when she saw her uncles walking in the house. Luna smiled greatly and was happy to see that they have returned. Luna ran through the village and into the house.
"Dad!" Luna cried.
Stardust turned and smiled at Luna, "Well, did you have a good time while I was gone?"
Luna rushed up to him and nuzzled him on the neck and muscular shoulder. Stardust nuzzled her shoulder and back, "I'm guessing you missed me."
After a few minutes Luna looked up at him, "Did you find it?"
"No I'm afraid not. We checked every Dragon Statue and it was not there."
"Oh, so I'm going to continue to have the dream til it is found?" Luna asked feeling disappointed that the Flaming pearl wasn't found.
"Luna," Star Cluster called to her, "Why don't you ask the Flaming Pearl in your dream where it is or how we can find it?"
"Yes Luna, ask it the next time you dream," Stardust told her.

After they had dinner and were feeling full, they went to bed. The black ponies and Star Cluster laid sound asleep. Luna laid asleep next to her father dreaming.
The white pearl in flames lit the darkness. Then suddenly Kesia's hand grabbed it, turning it to smoke.
"Kesia. You must find me!"
"Why do you call me that?" Luna asked but there was no answer, "How do I find you? Where are you?" Luna asked.
Suddenly she saw the dragon statue. Then the forest rushed past her like a blur, the only thing she saw was all the dragon statues. The next thing she knew she had whooshed up into the air and saw Drakon island below her with all the dragon statues. They were in the shape of a crescent moon.
"A moon?" Luna asked.
Suddenly Luna fell from the sky. She flapped her wings frantically but it didn't work. Luna was scared and began yelling. Suddenly she woke up yelling.
Stardust jumped awake, "What? What's wrong?"
"I...It...I was falling," Luna replied.
Star Cluster, Starfire and Skyview woke up after hearing Luna yell. Even Pineapple and Chief Tahoe woke up and came to the room to see what the yelling was about.
"Are you ok?" Starfire asked.
"You had that dream again but this time it was different," Star Cluster guessed.
Luna sat up on her blanket.
"Luna, what did you see?" Stardust asked.
"I saw the dragon statues. There was a lot of them, then I saw them from above."
"The Flaming Pearl showed you?" Chief Tahoe asked.
Luna looked up at him, "Yes, I asked and it showed me.." Luna paused when she saw the medallion around his neck.
"What's wrong?" Pineapple asked tiredly.
"That," Luna pointed, "That medallion."
"What about it?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"It has a crescent moon on it."
"Yes it does."
"What about it?" Skyview asked.
Luna looked up at Skyview, "The dragon Statues I saw were lined in a row in a shape of a crescent moon but.." Luna looked at the medallion, "There was no dot below the moon."
Everyone looked at the medallion and thought silently.
"Where's the map?" Skyview asked.
"In your bag of course," Star Cluster answered.
"Oh," Skyview left the room, a minute later he came in the room and spread the map on the floor, then he lit his horn to see the map better. Chief Tahoe and Pineapple were fascinated with his glowing horn at first.
"Chief, "Can I see your medallion?" Skyview asked.
"Sure," Chief Tahoe took it off and handed it to Skyview.
Everyone gathered around the map watching.
Luna gasped at the X marks on the map, "The moon,"
"Yes, It does look like a moon. Why didn't we notice this before?" Stardust asked.
Skyview put the medallion on the map. The number of dots matched the number of X's.
"What about that dot?" Starfire asked, "There's no Dragon Statue in that spot on the map."
"That is where the Flaming Pearl is," Luna answered.
Everyone looked at her surprisingly.
"How did you know that?" Stardust asked.
"I..uh...I don't know. I," Luna replied worriedly.
Star Cluster looked at her suspiciously as if he had suspected something.
"We must go and find it as soon as possible," Stardust told everyone.
"We can leave in the morning. I would like to bring a few guards in case we run into Fallon," Chief Tahoe quickly said.
"Can I go?" Pineapple asked.
"No, I must have you here," Chief Tahoe answered.
Luna looked at her father and was about to ask the same question but Stardust answered before she could ask, "No. Your safer here."
Luna sighed sadly.
"Stardust, I think she should go," Star Cluster told him.
"No, it's not safe for her."
"She is the one with the dreams. She is the one who knew where the Flaming Pearl is. I think she is the one who is suppose to find it," Star Cluster explained, "besides if your worried about Fallon getting her, don't be. He has no use for her now. All he wants is the Flaming Pearl."
Stardust thought abut what he said. He knew Star Cluster was right.
"Alright Luna you can go but do not for any reason, leave my side," Stardust told her.
Luna smiled greatly.
"Lets get some sleep. We will need it in the morning," Stardust added as he handed the medallion back to the Chief.
Chief Tahoe put on his medallion and left the room with Pineapple while the four brothers and Luna went back to sleep.