Chapter 47: Kesia's great treasure

It was morning and the Chief's household had just finished breakfast. They met in the court yard in front of the Chief's house. Five guards carried large bags while the four other guards carried spears and bows n arrows.
Once everyone was ready, they turned from the house and left the village walking into the shadowy forest. They walked for miles until they came upon a dragon statue covered in vines. Skyview looked at his map.
"We have quite a ways to go before we get there," Skyview commented.
The group continued with Luna next to Stardust. They walked far through the forest, going up hills and through thick forests till they came to another statue. It wasn't the right dragon statue so they continued. They spent a few days following the statues till they came to a forest where tall shady trees grew. The ground was hard, mostly of dirt, twigs and a few grass steams.
Star Cluster trailed behind his brothers thinking about Kesia and Luna. He looked up at Skyview and wondered if he would know more about the Kesia. Star Cluster walked up next to Skyview and whispered, "Skyview. What do you know about Kesia?"
Skyview looked at him surprisingly, "Why do you want to know?"
"I'm curious," Star Cluster whispered hoping Luna would hear him.
"Well, Kesia is a girl. She's covered in feathers, even her wings. She can talk and has green eyes. She has a large spike on her nose. two long pearly horns and a mane stretching from her head to the base of her tail," Skyview whispered, "Don't you remember seeing her?"
"No, I was unconscious when Fallon took my body. I have no memory of what he did," Star Cluster whispered back.
Luna heard their whisperings but she couldn't make out what they were saying, she turned her heard and looked at Skyview and Star Cluster, "What are you two whispering about?"
"Nothing important, Luna," Star Cluster quickly answered, as he looked at her, he noticed her horn shimmered like a white pearl in the sunlight.
Luna smiled and turned back around, facing ahead of her.
"Her horn, is it...pearly?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes it is but she doesn't want to hear about it," Skyview answered in a whispering voice.

Far ahead of them they could see the next dragon statue. They hurried to the statue and stood in front of it staring at the moss and vines that had grown all over it. Skyview took out the map and looked at it.
"This is the right statue. Now we have to look around this area," Skyview muttered.
"Where?" Starfire asked looking around, "There's nothing but tall trees, hills and large rocks."
"I don't know but according to this map it should be in this area," Skyview replied.
"Maybe it's in a tree?" Star Cluster suggested.
"Or under a rock," Chief Tahoe suggested.
Suddenly Stardust sensed Luna was missing, he looked around but didn't see her.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked.
"Luna, she's not here."
Everyone looked around but didn't see Luna anywhere. Stardust stood trying to use his senses to find her, "She went this way."
"How do you know?" Star Cluster asked.
"I can sense her and she is moving at a fast rate. Hurry, let's catch up to her!" Stardust turned and began running with everyone behind. Stardust continued to sense Luna moving and then suddenly she stopped. Stardust slowly began running ahead of them trying hard not to go into high speed. It would not be safe to run very fast in the forest.
Once Stardust was far ahead he suddenly stopped on a hill. Skyview stopped and stood next to him then Chief Tahoe and Starfire. Star Cluster caught a glimpse of something going fast through the forest but when he looked, he saw nothing. As he was watching the forest, he suddenly bumped into Starfire. The two fell to the ground and slid down the steep hill. Starfire and Star Cluster saw a very large rock and braced themselves for impact but it never came. Instead of hitting the rock, they went right through it.
Everyone on the hill gasped shockingly.
"A fake wall. No wonder no one ever found it," Chief Tahoe exclaimed.
"Well lets hurry and get down there," Skyview's horn began to glow then suddenly a cloud shaded like stairs appeared on the steep slope going through the rock. Stardust went first, then Chief Tahoe and last was Skyview.
Chief Tahoe stopped and looked back at his guards, "Stay here and watch the area." then he continued down the hill and through the rock.

Once they reached the inside, they saw Star Cluster climbing off of Starfire. They turned and gasped at Luna and what sat in front of her. The inside was a cave lit by a large flaming while pearl that sat on a pointed rock. Luna stood on her hind legs ready to grab the pearl with her front hooves. Her eyes looked like she was sleep walking. It was obvious she was not aware of what she was doing.
"Don't touch..." Stardust started to say.
"It's alright," Chief Tahoe quickly said, "As close as she is to the pearl, it's still not burning her."
The four brothers looked shockingly.
"How is that even possible?" Starfire asked.
Luna took the pearl and held it with both hooves, the flames from the pearl was not hurting her.
"She must have a pure heart in order to touch it. If greedy treasure hunters with impure hearts came and tried to take the Flaming Pearl, they would only get burned. That is something no one knows," Chief Tahoe explained.
Stardust walked up to Luna and lightly shook her, "Luna!"
Luna slowly regained unconsciousness and blinked a few times. She looked up at her father than at the Pearl.
"I..what...How..?" Luna stuttered trying to find the right words.
"You don't remember what happened?" Stardust asked.
"I umm. Remember being next to you and them, I felt something and heard a voice. That is all I remember," Luna answered.
Stardust took the pearl from Luna and held it, "I never seen a pearl so large."
Skyview and Starfire walked up to the pearl.
"It is pretty," Starfire commented.
"This is what Fallon wants," Skyview exclaimed.
"Well, he's not getting it. Who knows what he would do with such great power"? Stardust replied.
Skyview and Starfire held their hooves up to the pearl.
"I don't feel anything," Starfire muttered.
When they touched it, they suddenly got an electric shock. Skyview and Starfire quickly let go.
"Are you two alright?" Stardust asked.
Skyview and Starfire looked at their hooves.
"We're fine," Skyview answered, then suddenly he looked at Starfire who was also looking at him.
"What is it?" Stardust asked noticing the two staring at each other.
It was several minutes before Skyview answered him, "What's it like to sense us or Luna?"
"Well, I...or rather it's a deep feeling I have," Stardust paused. "I just know. Why do you ask?"
"Because I can sense you, Starfire and Luna," Skyview answered.
"You too? So can I!" Starfire exclaimed.
Star Cluster was curious if it would happen to him. He walked up to the Pearl but couldn't get close.
"What's the matter?" Starfire asked.
"It's too hot," Star Cluster turned and left the cave angrily and yet confused. He didn't understand why he couldn't touch the pearl. He had changed...hadn't he?
"That's odd," Skyview thought. "Maybe he hadn't changed enough to touch the Flaming pearl?"
"Skyview lets wrap this up and put it in your bag," Stardust exclaimed.
Star Cluster climbed the steep hill to the top and stood waiting for his brothers. As he waited, he looked around remembering that he had seen someone and wondered if that same someone was still watching?
Just then a cloud appeared on the Hill Chief Tahoe walked up the hill first then Stardust, Starfire and Skyview. Once they were on the hill the cloud disappeared.
"Now we return to the village. We will hide it in my house. It'll be safer there," Chief Tahoe told them.
They left the hill and continued walking through the forest. As they walked a dark red pony with red hair came out from behind a rock and tree. His yellow cat like eyes stared at them without blinking. Once they were far from him and he was out of Skyview's hearing distance, he turned and looked at the cave.
"I was so close too," He looked at the ponies in the distance, "I must have that Flaming Pearl! I have waited to long for it. Not even Kesia can stop me this time."

They walked for days guarding the pearl closely till they returned to the village. Skyview winked to the house so the villagers wouldn't see his round bulky bag.
Pineapple walked from the other room and stopped suddenly. She was surprised to see him.
"Your back?"
"Yes, we all are. I just got here a few minutes sooner," Skyview replied.
A minute later Chief Tahoe, Stardust, Luna and Starfire walked in the house.
"Did you find it?" Pineapple asked anxiously.
"Yes and I don't want anyone touching it," Chief Tahoe answered, "Skyview you can leave it in your bag and put under that small table," Chief Tahoe pointed to a small round table in the corner of the room.
"Well, it's almost dinner. I didn't expect you'd return so I didn't make enough. I'll be awhile till I get everyone dinner done," Pineapple commented.
"That's ok, Pineapple. We've got some talking to do anyways," Chief Tahoe told her.
For the rest of the day, they talked about the Flaming Pearl and Fallon till they had dinner and went to bed.