Chapter 48: Keisa's memmories

Luna laid down in bed with her father curled in a ball next to her.
"Goodnight," Stardust whispered to her as he nuzzled her cheek.
"Goodnight," Luna replied.
She and everyone in the house wasted no time getting to sleep. They all slept soundly and peacefully except for Luna. She continued to have the dream.
The Flaming Pearl sat in the darkness alone.
"Kesia!" the voice whispered.
"Go away, I found you. Now leave me alone!"
Luna woke up. She sat up and looked around the room in the darkness. Everyone was still asleep. She couldn't see Starfire and Skyview because of their black coats blending in with the darkness but she could hear them sleeping. She rubbed her face with her hoofs tiredly.
"There's only one thing that can stop it," Luna thought.
She stood up and quietly left her blanket. She thought she was walking on a clear path out of the room but suddenly she stepped on Skyview.
Skyview woke up and saw Luna looking down at him surprisingly with her left hoof up.
"Luna?" Skyview asked tiredly, "What are you doing?"
"I...uhhh...was going to the kitchen."
"That's in the other direction. Just where are you really going?" Skyview asked.
Luna walked over him and began heading out of the room.
"Luna!" Skyview suddenly said in a whispering voice.
Luna turned and looked at him who was now sitting up, "I'm going to see the pearl."
"You can't. No one is to touch it," Skyview told her.
"I got to!" Luna exclaimed, waking her father up and then Starfire.
"Luna what are you doing?" Stardust asked.
"She was going to see the flaming pearl," Skyview answered.
"Luna you know you can't,,"
"But dad...I've got to see it!" Luna exclaimed.
Star Cluster yawned and then sat up in bed. "Would you go to bed?"
"I can't!" Luna exclaimed then she hurried out of the room to the bag with the pearl inside.
Skyview winked to the room and saw Luna opening the bag. Stardust hurried out of the room, "Luna!"
Luna looked at him with tears running down her cheeks. "I can't sleep. I'm still dreaming it and it won't stop calling me Kesia!"
"It talks?" Starfire asked as he and Star Cluster walked in the room.
"No it can't," Chief Tahoe answered as he and Pineapple walked in the room.
"It does and it won't leave me alone!" Luna yelled.
"Luna!" Stardust yelled angrily.
"I'm sorry dad, I...I just want a good night's sleeps," Luna replied as she began to cry.
Luna quickly took it out of the bag and unwrapped it. The Pearl in flames sat on the yellow cloths that it was wrapped in. Luna picked up the pearl and stared at it.
"What do you want?" Luna asked. "Why can't you leave me alone? I'm not Kesia!"
"But you are Kesia," the Pearl replied shocking everyone in the room that heard it.
"You mean it really does talk?" Chief Tahoe asked shockingly.
"I am not. I'm Luna, I was born as a winged unicorn. That's it!" Luna exclaimed.
"No, you were reborn as a winged unicorn," the Pearl corrected her.
"Reborn?" everyone asked.
"No, I'm not Kesia. I can't be Kesia!" Luna cried.
"I think you are," Star Cluster suddenly said calmly.
Everyone looked at him surprisingly.
"I'm not!" Luna replied.
"You are all white, like Kesia is. I've even seen your eyes turn green, the same color as Kesia's. She is a girl, like yourself. She even has two pearly horns just like your pearly horn. You're the only one who has been dreaming about the flaming pearl and no one else. Of all the powerful creatures and ponies in Ponyland, you were the only one Fallon wanted," Star Cluster pointed out. "You are Kesia."
"But that's not possible," Luna replied as she cried.
"You died centuries ago and I couldn't let my only guardian disappear forever so I sent you to the future where you would be reborn and yet keep a few of your formal self. Besides Kesia, you're the only one who ever called me Pearl just like you did a minute ago," the pearl explained.
Luna was shocked, she felt she had always known but she never wanted to believe it. "But why didn't you contact me sooner?"
"I've been calling you for centuries. It's only recently that you were able to hear me," The Pearl explained.
"That must have been right after you changed to Kesia?" Starfire guessed.
"It's like you completed the final change of being Kesia again," Skyview guessed.
"But why?" Luna asked, "Why did you send me those dreams of dragons?"
"I didn't send you those dreams. I was only calling for you," Pearl replied.
"You...didn't?" Luna asked.
"Those could be your memories," Stardust guessed.
"My...memories?" Luna asked. "Pearl, what happened to me?"
"I can't tell you," Pearl answered.
"It's best if it is told from someone who was involved."
"Involved in what?" Luna asked.
Pearl kept silent and didn't answer.
"Involved in what?...Pearl!"
"You'll get your memories back soon and then you can tell the story for yourself," Pearl answered.
Luna sat and thought about her dreams with her and another dragon fighting. Luna put a hoof on her forehead, as the images came faster and faster making her dizzy.
"Luna?" Pineapple asked but Luna didn't hear her.
Stardust quickly went to her and picked her up before she fainted on the floor.
"Luna?" Stardust called to her but Luna had already fainted in his arms.
"Well at least she'll get some sleep," Starfire pointed smiling.
"Flaming Pearl, what did you do to her?" Stardust asked.
"I did nothing to her. She fainted just as I feared she would. The information she learned was a bit too much for her. She will be fine when she wakes up," Pearl answered.
"What did you do to us when we touched you in the cave?" Skyview asked, "We can sense each other and we never asked for that."
"I only gave you what you were supposed to have in the first place," the Pearl answered.
"What do you mean?" Starfire asked.
"It is not time for you know anymore," Pearl replied
"Why?" Skyview asked.
"You'll know in time but not now," Pearl answered.
"But..." Starfire was about to say.
"Forget it, she's not going to tell us anymore than that, besides I'm tired and I want to get back to sleep," Stardust yawned.
"Bed, sounds good," Star Cluster agreed and left the room to lay back down.
Chief Tahoe wrapped the pearl and put it in the bag then he and Pineapple went back to bed.
Stardust followed Star Cluster and laid Luna down on her blanket while Skyview and Starfire laid at his feet.

A day had past and Luna was still asleep. When the next morning had came, Luna moved her legs. It was the first time in a day that she had moved.
"Looks like she's waking up," Star Cluster observed laying across from her.
Stardust sat up and shook Luna. Skyview and Starfire sat next to her hoping she would wake up. Pineapple and the Chief walked in the room to check on Luna.
"Luna, wake up," Stardust said to her.
"Mmm?" Luna muttered.
"Come on, wake up,' stardust told her.
Luna yawned then she opened her eyes to see everyone staring at her. She had forgotten she fainted a day ago.
"How do you feel?" Starfire asked.
"Fine," Luna replied.
"You fainted the other night talking to the Flaming Pearl," Stardust explained.
Luna sat up as if she suddenly remembered.
"Do you remember anything about being Kesia?" Skyview asked.
Luna thought hard, then she looked up at everyone. "Yes I do. I remembered what happened or pieces of it anyway. Can I see the pearl again?"
Chief Tahoe left the room and came back a minute later with the Pearl. Luna took the pearl and help it in front of her, "Pearl. I remember now."
"Good," Pearl answered.
"What happened to you? How did you die?" Chief Tahoe asked.
"I..think I was sleeping one early morning, guarding the Pearl when a red Dragon named Fallon came. He wanted the Pearl and I wasn't about to give it to him. He and another dragon fought me for it. I killed one of them and I continued to fight Fallon. He wanted the Pearl's great power and would kill for it so I imprisoned him in a ball with all the power he wanted with a great price. He couldn't use his power on anyone unless he got their permission. Just as I had finished off Fallon another Dragon came out of no where and attacked me. I...don't quite remember seeing it only that I chased it off the island. I couldn't chase it any longer. I had lost too much blood to stay in the air for too long so I fell and landed in the forest. I thought I was alone when two ponies carrying the Pearl appeared from the forest. They had kept the pearl safe while I was fighting. They came and thought I could use the Pearl to save myself but I was far too gone to be saved so I did the only thing I could. I gave the two ponies my power. After that I'm not sure what happened." Luna explained.
"I told the two ponies where to hide me," the Pearl answered. "Then I told them about the gates and that it'll be the only way they'll be safe from Fallon. I also took Kesia's blood and inserted it into their genes so Kesia would someday be reborn."
"Are you saying, we're descendants of those ponies?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, your descendants are from Chief Tahoe's tribe," The Pearl answered.
"It must have been those two ponies that left the village and never returned," Chief Tahoe guessed remembering what he had said after he told the story.
"Pearl, I have no powers. They were taken. How can I be Kesia again without them? How do I get them back?" Luna asked.
"The powers are yours and can't be taken, only given," the Pearl answered.
"What does that mean?" Luna asked, "My powers were taken. I never gave them to Fallon."
"I see you have not remembered everything. You will understand in time," the pearl replied.
Luna sat there silently thinking for several minutes but she could not remember what the pearl was talking about.
"I don't remember," Luna told her.
"You will in time, Kesia," The Pearl repeated.
Luna handed the Pearl to Chief Tahoe who quickly put the pearl away.
"Luna are you alright?" Starfire asked noticing her sudden silence.
Stardust smiled, "I bet your hungry."
Luna smiled up at him, "I'm starving."
"I'll bring your breakfast in then," Pineapple told her and then she quickly left the room.
Stardust wrapped his arms around Luna and hugged her. "You're still my daughter."
Luna smiled greatly as tears trickled down her face.
"How sweet," Star Cluster whispered to himself still feeling a bit upset that he couldn't touch the pearl. He stood and left the room.
"I'm going with Star Cluster to the dining room," Starfire told his brothers and then left the room.
Luna spent the day walking around the village and beach as she thought about her past. When it was time to go to bed, she sleep peacefully without dreaming.