Chapter 49: Dragon Sightings

It was in the afternoon when Star Cluster left the village and walked to the beach. He couldn't help but wonder why he couldn't touch the Pearl. He thought he had changed but maybe it wasn't enough?
He walked with his head low as he thought. When he got to the beach he heard Luna and Pineapple laughing. He walked onto the cool shady sand and saw them playing in the water. Star Cluster laid down and watched them splashing at each other.
Luna jumped in the water splashing Pineapple and laughing.
"I can do that too," Pineapple exclaimed.
As they played Luna noticed Star Cluster laying on the sand watching her.
"Lets go talk to him," Luna suggested and ran through the water towards him.
"Luna, I don't...think..." But Luna had already left. Pineapple reluctantly followed her.
Luna ran up to him smiling, "Hi, Star Cluster. Are you here thinking again?"
"Yes," Star Cluster replied.
Pineapple arrived be kept he distance she still didn't trust him.
"About what?" Luna asked.
Star Cluster didn't answer at first, he just stared at the ocean waves, "Do you think I've changed?"
Luna was surprised by his question, "Yes, well...some I guess. Why do you ask?"
Star Cluster stood up, "I was just wondering," He turned and left the beach. He wasn't going to get any piece and quiet there so he headed back to the village.

When he walked into the village he saw two ponies in front of the Chief's house tired and worn out. Chief Tahoe and the black ponies stood outside. The villagers gathered around the two ponies. Star Cluster walked up to his brothers, "What's going on?"
Everyone turned and stared at him as if they were mad.
"Fallon was seen flying around at night four days ago," Stardust replied, "He's scaring the guests on this island and starting fires."
"No one has gotten a good look at Fallon so the native ponies were able to make up a story to calm the gust down," added Skyview.
"At lest for now," Starfire added.
"maybe we shouldn't leave anyone alone away from the village, especially Luna," Stardust suggested.
"I think it would be best if the little ponies stayed in the village and anyone else that leaves must have someone with them," Chief Tahoe announced.
"Fallon wouldn't be interested in Luna anymore," Star Cluster told Stardust.
"Don't forget who Luna is and I'm sure Fallon knows as well. He might go after her for the...well, treasure."
Star Cluster lowered his head, he had not thought of it that way. He know Stardust was right.
"Someone should get our daughters here. It's no longer safe on the beach in the open.
"I'll get them," Star Cluster quickly said. He turned and left the village. He didn't like the way everyone looked at him. He was dying to leave.

He left the village and walked to the beach. When he arrived on the beach he saw that Luna and Pineapple were running and laughing. Star Cluster walked along the beach following them when suddenly he saw a large red dragon. It's leathered wings flapped causing a big wave in the ocean. His yellow sharp eyes spotted two ponies on the beach. Luna and Pineapple stopped suddenly and screamed. Star Cluster ran towards them. Fallon roared and landed heavily on the sand. Luna ran but Fallon put a claw on her, flattening her to the ground. Pineapple ran towards Luna to help her but Fallon growled at her. Just as he was about to hit her with his tail, Star Cluster pushed her out of the way and was suddenly thrown a few feet away knocking him out unconscious.
Suddenly, Starfire flew towards him like a blur. Fallon leaned on Luna crushing her to death.
Skyview appeared grabbed the frightened Pineapple and winked out. Star Cluster woke up and saw Luna being crushed. He jumped to his feet and ran up to her while Starfire kept him busy.
Luna looked up at him with tears.
"Hold on, Luna," Star Cluster whispered but it was to late, Luna closed her eyes and went in a deep sleep. Star Cluster tried to move Fallon's hand on her but he was to big. When that didn't work he bit Fallon's hand.
Fallon roared and hit Star Cluster across the sandy beach and landing in the shade near the forest.
Skyview appeared and took Luna then winked out just as Fallon's hand came down.
Starfire continued to fly around Fallon who was annoying him. Suddenly without any warning, Starfire was hit with Fallon's tail. Starfire flew out of the sky and landed in the shady forest. He was still awake but fell sore from where Fallon hit him.

Star Cluster woke up and saw Fallon staring angrily at him.
"I can't stand ponies. They're nothing but a bunch of bugs to me," Fallon said, then he looked at Star Cluster closely, "Your just as stupid, weak and useless like the rest of them. You are the worst though," Fallon raised his head from Star Cluster, "Your nothing but a big baby and quite easy to deceive. Ponies are much too trusting and...Loving." Fallon raised his hand, "You've done me a big favor by setting me free, now let me put you out of your misery!"
Star Cluster gasped, he has not felt fear in a very long time. Just as Fallon's hand came down, Skyview appeared, took Star Cluster and winked out.
Fallon smashed the sand leaving a large imprint. When he saw the Star Cluster was gone, he roared angrily.
"I want Kesia and I was so close to getting her if it wasn't for those...bugs," Fallon thought angrily, "She has the flaming Pearl!"

Skyview appeared with Star Cluster who looked scared at first.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked.
"I came close to...being killed," Star Cluster answered, then he noticed Starfire and saw him standing there in pain.
"I'm fine, just sore from being hit,"Starfire answered as if he could read his face.
Star Cluster stood up and noticed Pineapple hugging her father, she was obviously scared. Stardust was holding Luna who still hasn't woken up.
"Is she alright?" Star Cluster asked.
"I don't know," Stardust answered.
As he called for Luna to wake up they suddenly heard Fallon flapping his wings and roaring. Fallon left the beach and flew over the forest searching for the ponies he just fought but he couldn't find them.
Everyone in the village watched him fearfully, fly over them several times.
"What is he doing?" Starfire asked in a whispering voice.
"Looking for us I guess," Skyview answered.
"That's odd, it's like he can't see us or something," Chief Tahoe muttered.
"We must be invisible," Star Cluster guessed.
"How is that possible?" Stardust asked.
"Pearl," Luna whispered, then she coughed a few times.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed, "Are you alright?"
Luna smiled, "I know how a pancake feels now,"
Everyone smiled and laughed but only for a short while, they were quickly reminded of what was happening when they saw Fallon fly over them again.
"What about the pearl?" Pineapple asked.
"I'm sure she is the one making this village invisible. After awhile Fallon will give up and leave," Luna replied.
"What pearl?" one of the villagers asked.
Chief Tahoe stepped forwards, "This secret was only kept in my family so I do not want it lo leave this village. Kesia's great treasure is a large powerful pearl called The Flaming Pearl. It's in my house safely hidden."
The villagers slowly began whispering among each other about Kesia and the Pearl.
"What's going on? Why is that dragon after us?" a villager asked.
"He want's the Flaming Pearl and will use anyone to get to it," Chief Tahoe replied.
Stardust let Luna on the ground, "are you ok now?"
"I'm fine," Luna replied.
Star Cluster looked at everyone and saw how scared they were. He looked at Starfire and Luna who were feeling bruised. He remembered what Fallon said on the beach, Your just as stupid, weak and useless like the rest of them....You are the worst though...You've done me a big favor by setting me free, now let me put you out of your misery.
Star Cluster lowered his head sadly. He realized not only had he ruined his brothers and Luna's life but he had done more harm to everyone by finding Fallon. Having Fallon did not bring him happiness it only made things worse.
Skyview and Starfire noticed how sad he looked which was very rare to see.
"What's wrong Star Cluster?" Skyview asked.
"I'm sorry," Star Cluster looked up at Luna, "I'm sorry I ever found Fallon. I should have left him where he was."
"How did you find him?" Stardust asked.
"It was sometime after I ran from home. I wondered around finding something to do in life when I ran into a strange pony. He had a cloak and hood on so I don't know who he was but he told me of a great power that would help me. Well I simply couldn't pass that so he made me promise if I got it I was not to tell anyone about him, only that I found it. So I agreed and he told me where it was. I climbed a steep and rocky mountain to get to it...well I'm sure you can guess the rest." Star Cluster looked at the villagers and then at his brothers, "I found Fallon, brought him here. I've ruined your lives," Star Cluster lowered his head sadly, "I've done nothing right. I've messed up everything all because I wanted something from our parents and got jealous of you three. I wish now I had never found Fallon." He looked at Luna, "I'm so sorry, Luna. Some uncle I turned out to be." Then he turned and walked into the house leaving his brothers and everyone else shocked.
"He...just apologized?" Starfire asked still shocked.
"I'm surprised too," Stardust said, "I thought I'd never hear it from him."
Luna turned and was about to go in the house but Stardust stopped her, "No, leave him be."
"But..." Luna began to say.
"Believe me Luna, he needs to be left alone," Stardust replied.
"Listen!" a pony shouted from the crowd, "He's gone!"
Skyview listened with his sharp hearing, "I think he is gone."
"That is great but it's still best if everyone stayed close to the village," Chief Tahoe told everyone.
The villagers agreed and went back to their houses.
The chief, his daughter, Stardust and his brothers went back into the house.
"That was too close," Starfire exclaimed.
"Tell me about it," Skyview replied, "I almost got flattened a few times."
While everyone talked, Luna peaked into the next room and saw Star Cluster laying on his blanket, curled in a ball. She couldn't tell if he was crying or simply sad.
"Luna," Stardust whispered.
Luna turned and walked up to her father.
"I said to leave him be," Stardust whispered.
"I just wanted to see him," Luna whispered back.
"We have to get rid of Fallon!" Skyview exclaimed.
"But how?" Starfire asked.
"The Pearl," Luna answered, "Use her powers to destroy Fallon."
"Does she have enough power to do that?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, she hold a lot of power," Luna answered.
"Then we leave tomorrow to get rid of Fallon before he destroys us and the guests on the other side of the island," Stardust told everyone.
Star Cluster laid in a ball listening.
"Maybe I can set things right with the flaming Pearl?" Star Cluster thought.