Chapter 4: Begging of Dreams

The sun had set and the sky got dark. Buster and Charades finished dinner and was leaving to head to their apartment.
"Bye, see you in the morning," Charades called to them from the door.
"Bye," Luna replied standing in the living room.
Buster and Charades left, shutting the door behind them. Luna hurried to the window and peeked outside while making sure no one was out. She stood and watched as they left the yard.
"Lunarstar, it's getting late. You should get to bed," Rosebud told her.
Luna turned from the window and walked up to Rosebud. "Can't I stay up a little bit?"
"Lunarstar, you have school in the morning," Rosebud replied.
Luna felt a bit disappointed. She was hoping to go outside for a while.
"Go on. Time for bed," Booster urged her.
Rosebud hugged her. "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Luna hugged her parents then she hurried upstairs to her room.
Luna climbed in bed and laid down under her blanket. As she rested her head on her pillow she could hear her parents walk up the steps heading to their room. Booster peeked in her room and saw that she was in her bed. "Goodnight, Lunarstar."
"Goodnight, Dad," Luna replied.
Booster closed the door when he saw Luna had closed her eyes. She felt her body relaxing. Her eyes were getting too heavy to open and soon she had fallen fast asleep. The house was quiet, not a sound could be heard except for the clock on her wall ticking but it didn't bother Luna.

It was after midnight and Luna began to dream. It started out with a ball in flames, a white hand with claws grabbed the ball, disintegrating to smoke.
"Kesia," a voice whispered
Suddenly there were two dragon's fighting fiercely in the sky. There was a dark red dragon and a white dragon. As they fought, the white dragon blew a rainbow smokey mist. The red dragon gasped and was soon covered in the rainbow misty cloud. He began to glow, then turned to a ball of blue flames. Suddenly the white dragon turned and saw a dark green dragon approach, his mouth wide open showing his long fangs and sharp teeth.
"Ahhh!" Luna yelled as she jumped up from her pillow. Her heart was racing and a tear fell from her cheek. Luna rubbed her face with her hooves. She felt hot and noticed her cheek was wet. Was she crying? The dream wasn't sad, so why would she be crying?
Just then Rosebud and Booster walked in her room looking tired and worried.
"Lunarstar, are you alright?" Rosebud asked.
Luna jumped but she quickly noticed it was just her mother. "I'm fine."
"Did you have a dream?" Booster asked.
"Yeah, a...dream," Luna mumbled. She remembered the first half of her dream but not the second half. The white dragon was different than other dragons she had seen in book and movies. Was it really a white dragon?
"Lunarstar, are you sure your ok?" Rosebud asked noticing her sudden silence.
"I'm fine," Luna replied as she tried to calm herself down.
"What were you dreaming?" Booster asked.
"Dragons fighting," Luna replied tiredly.
"Dragons?" her parents replied.
"Well, it was just a dream, Lunarstar," Booster told her. "Try and get some sleep."
"Ok," Luna replied.
Her parents hugged her goodnight and then they left her room. Luna laid her head on the pillow and tried to sleep but every time she closed her eyes she could see the green dragon's fangs coming towards her. She opened her eyes when she heard the faint sound of the wind blowing. She looked at her window and gasped. There was a shadow dancing on her curtain. Luna threw the covers over her ears and head with her face poking out from underneath. She was starting to feel scared as images of the dragons raced through her mind. She could see the dragons fighting on her curtains. She laid in her bed shaking from fear. As she watched, the shadows danced wildly and the wind started to howl louder. She shook under the covers thinking about her father Stardust and how much she wished he was with her. She always felt safer with him. Luna jumped out of bed and grabbed her locket from her jewelry box, then she hurried out of the room.
The hall was dark, and the wind sounded quieter in the hall. She put on her locket and went to her parent's room. Rosebud and Booster laid sound asleep under the blankets as they cuddled next to each other. Luna walked to the bed and shook her mother.
Rosebud opened her eyes and saw Luna staring at her, "Lunarstar, what's the matter?"
"I can't sleep," Luna replied as she looked at the shadows on the curtains.
"Try and go to sleep. Your going to be so tired in the morning if you don't," Rosebud whispered.
"But...the..."Luna looked at the windows again.
Rosebud smiled. "There's nothing outside."
"But...the shadows and that noise."
"Lunarstar, that's just the wind. It sounds like it's going to storm soon. The shadows is from the tree," Rosebud explained. "Try and get some sleep. There's really nothing to be afraid of."
"Ok," Luna weakly smiled.
She turned and left the room but she didn't feel like sleeping, not just yet. She quietly walked down stairs to the living room then she went to the kitchen. The wind still howled and she could see strange shadows.
"There's no dragons there," Luna kept telling herself as she stared at the shadows. She took out a glass and filled it with water. She quickly drank the water. For awhile she didn't feel afraid.
She put the glass on the counter and started to walk out of the kitchen when suddenly the screen door outside to the kitchen flew open and banged loudly. Luna jumped and ran past the living room and up the stairs. She hurried into her parents room and climbed in bed next to her mother. Rosebud and Booster woke up wondering what shook the bed. They turned and looked at the end of the bed and saw Luna curled in a ball covering her face with her hooves.
"Lunarstar?" Rosebud whispered.
Luna began to cry she felt so scared.
"I guess it wont hurt for her to stay with us for the night. That wind would scare any little pony," Booster remarked.
Rosebud got close to Booster and whispered in his ear, "I don't think it's the wind. I think the dream she had is scaring her."
Booster looked at Luna and noticed her peeking at the window.
Rosebud took the covers from under her and covered her, "Goodnight Lunarstar."
"Goodnight," Booster replied as he and Rosebud went back to sleep. Luna closed her eyes but all she could hear was the wind howling like mad dragons. It had been a long time since a storm had scared her. Why was she scared? It was only a dream that she had and yet, she felt it was more than just a dream.
She didn't know how long she laid in bed before she finally fell asleep.

The next morning Rosebud and Booster was in the dinning room eating breakfast with Buster and Charades.
"Where's Lunarstar?" Charades asked as he looked around.
"Won't she be late for school?" Buster asked.
"She's not going to school today. She just got to sleep an hour ago," Rosebud replied.
"What?" Charades and Buster exclaimed almost choking on their food.
"She had a bad dream and the storm didn't help much either. She stayed awake through most of the night till morning," Booster explained.
"It's been a very long time since she's been this scared on a stormy night," Rosebud added.
"What was she dreaming about?" Charades asked.
"Dragons fighting," Booster replied.
"That is all she told us," Rosebud added.
"Dragons?" Charades asked. "There was two large dragons at Dream Castle during the battle. Luna was one of them, a large white dragon but she has no memory of turning into one," Charades explained.
"Can the dream be connected to her changing into a dragon?" Buster asked.
The four of them sat at the table and wondered. Was Luna dreaming about the battle she had at Dream Castle, or was it something else?