Chapter 50: The Missing Pearl

The crescent moon shined behind the drifting clouds. Everyone in the village was asleep except for Luna. She opened her eyes and saw that Star Cluster was asleep. She turned her head and saw that her father was sound asleep. She sat up listening to Skyview and starfire sleeping.
"Good, now is my chance," Luna thought.
She stood up and walked quietly out of the room making sure she didn't bump into Skyview this time. She left the room and quietly walked to the small round table. She took the bag with the Pearl and hung it around her neck. Then she turned and quietly left the house. She walked taking carful steps out of the village hoping no one woke up. Once she was some distance away she ran as far as she could till her legs began to hurt.
She slowed down to a stop and sat down resting. As she sat there she could hear the birds starting to wake up. The sky slowly started to get lighter she began a rustling noise on the ground. Luna stood up and looked around, it took her a few minutes to see what it was. Star Cluster was following her. He stopped running and stood in front of her.
"Star Cluster?" Luna ask surprisingly, "I thought you were asleep."
"I was. I woke up and you were gone with the Flaming Pearl. What are you doing with it?"
"I was going to use it on Fallon. What are you doing here?" Luna asked.
"I was going to take the Flaming Pearl." Star Cluster answered.
Luna took a few steps back in surprise. Star Cluster walked around her then he suddenly grabbed her. Luna tried to wiggle from his grip. He could barley hold her with one hoof, He quickly used his other hoof and took the bag from around her neck, then he gently let you go.
"I'm sorry Luna but this whole thing is my fault. I found Fallon, made a mess of everyone's lives including my own. This is my chance to get rid of Fallon and start over."
Luna looked at him not sure what to believe.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "Please believe me, Luna. Just this once." He nuzzled Luna's cheek, "I have grown to love you so quickly. I can't believe I ever did the things I did to you during those thirteen years. I regret ever finding Fallon," He lifted his head and looked down at her, "I know I've said that many times but you have no idea how bad I feel about it. When I return to Ponyland, I will change, start over and if I'm lucky I might find someone...who loves me."
Luna eyes began to water, a tear trickled down her cheek, "But Fallon, you won't have a chance against him and you can't possibly touch the Pearl."
"I think it'll let me touch it now. I have no selfish reasons to use it only to defeat Fallon," Star Cluster smiled at her one last time then he turned and ran leaving Luna behind to watch.

Once he was gone, Luna ran back to the village. The sun was starting to rise and her father had woken up. Everyone got worried when they discovered Luna, Star Cluster and the Flaming Pearl was gone. When Luna ran into the house, she saw that everyone was in the room talking.
"Luna, where have you been?" Stardust asked, "and where is Star Cluster and the Flaming Pearl?"
"He took it from me and ran to find Fallon. He said the whole thing is his fault and wanted to use the pearl to defeat Fallon," Luna replied breathlessly.
"Chief Tahoe, we have to go after him," Stardust exclaimed.
"I agreed. We will need averyone. I'll round everyone up in the front of the house," Chief Tahoe replied, he left the house waking everyone up and gathering only the male ponies for battle.
"You," Chief Tahoe pointed, "Go tell the other village what's happening and have them help us. We are going to fight a Dragon."
The Black ponies left the house and joined Chief Tahoe.
"Luna, stay here," Stardust told her.
Luna knew better than to try and change his mind so she stayed quiet and watched at the marched out of the village.
Once they had gotten far and Luna stood just outside the village watching, Pineapple walked up to her, "I know how you feel. Always staying behind when the good parts happened."
"I'm going. I must go," Luna told her.