Chapter 51: Fallon's last stand - part 1

Star Cluster ran as far as he could, wondering around the forest. He walked down hill and continued through the forest with the pearl at his side. He was relieved that the pearl hadn't burned him through the bag. He was sure he could touch it now. As he walked he scanned the forest for anything that moved. He walked down another hill to a clearing and was about the head into the forest again when a dark red pony with red hair appeared from the forest. His eyes are yellow and sharp like a cat. He stared at Star Cluster's round bulky bag.
"Well, well, Star Cluster. What a surprise to see you here."
"Fallon?" Star Cluster asked, staring at Fallon's pony form.
"Who else would it be?" Fallon asked, "What is in your bag?"
"Nothing for you!" Star Cluster exclaimed.
"In that case I'll take it!" Fallon cried as he walked towards him.
Star Cluster walked back, trying to keep his distance.
"What is in the bag?"
"Nothing for you to know!" Star Cluster replied.
Fallon began to growl angrily.
"You must have the Flaming Pearl I've been after. It's the only thing big and round that I know of."
"I thought you hated ponies and yet you're a pony."
"There's nothing worse than being one!" Fallon yelled, "But this form makes it easier to get around unnoticed." Fallon stopped and looked at his angrily, "I'm through playing games with you!" He opened his mouth and shoot out flames at him. Star Cluster dropped to the ground just barley missing the flames. Fallon roared angrily and was about to shoot another blast fo flames when Stardust ran up to him like a blue and head butt him on the side. Fallon was thrown far and landed in the dirt and grass.
"Get up and leave, hurry!" Stardust shouted.
Star Cluster jumped to him feet and ran to the top of the hill.
Fallon got to his feet and saw other ponies running towards him and surrounding him with spears and bows & arrows.
Fallon laughed, "Do you really think those things will kill me. You ponies are weak little bugs compared to me!" Just then more ponies arrived, they were from another village.
"He doesn't look like a dragon," said a chief from the other village.
Fallon laughed, "that goes to show you how much you know about dragons!" he looked at the ponies seriously, "You want to see one well I'll show you a dragon." He closed his eyes and lowered his head. A second later, fire appeared and surrounded him. The ponies quickly stood a way from him. Fallon was consumed in fire to the point no one could see him. The body of fire grew rapidly until it was taller than the trees. When he stopped growing the fire quickly dissolved.
Everyone gasped shockingly. There stood a large dark red scaly dragon. He had four long sharp horns on his head. One long horn on his nose with four tiny horns on his face between the nose horn and long horns. A fin sat on his head stretching to base of his long tail. At the end of his tail were four sharp spikes. He had large leathery, bat-like wings folded at his sides. Fallon roared loudly, then he looked at the ponies and stomped his front feet, shaking the ground. The other ponies attack him with spears.

Star Cluster ran up the hill and stopped. He turned to see Fallon had changed to a dragon and his brothers fighting him. Starfire flew fast annoying him while Skyview turned to a cloud and tried to shut his mouth. The other ponies threw spears and arrows are at him making Fallon angrier.
Just then Luna showed up and stood next to Star Cluster.
"I'm sorry. I had to tell dad," Luna quickly said.
"It's alright, I'm glad you did. Fallon came close to frying me alive," Star Cluster replied.
They stood together and watched the fight in the clearing.