Chapter 52: Fallon's last stand - part 2

Luna and Star Cluster stood on the hill watching the battle in the clearing. Ponies ran around Fallon, Starfire just angered him while Skyview tried to keep the ponies from getting killed. Fallon opened his mouth and shout out flames. Ponies ran when they said his mouth opening. A few of the ponies caught on fire and rolled on the ground, putting it out.
Luna stared as she began to remember the battle with Fallon and the other dragon she had killed. Star Cluster stared at Fallon, "I can't believe I...I found him and set him free." He saw how his brothers were getting beat and their friends. Star Cluster was surprised that Stardust had saved him from Fallon's fiery breath. Star Cluster looked at Luna and saw her staring blankly at the fight, "Luna?" But she didn't blink or turn away, "Luna!"
Luna blinked and looked at Star Cluster.
"Are you alright?" Star Cluster asked, "You shouldn't even be here."
"I have to be here. He's got my powers. I must have them back."
"He's got my ability too but it's still to dangerous for you to be here," Star Cluster told her.
Luna looked at him worriedly, "If I can get my powers back I can be Kesia again," Luna looked at the round bulky bag, "Pearl, how do I get them back?"
"I told you, the powers are yours and can't be taken, only given."
"What does that mean?" Luna asked.
"Kesia, have you forgotten what it means to be a guardian? It's more than just words."
"More than just words?" Luna repeated her. She thought hard on what pearl said. Suddenly it hit her, she remembered what the Pearl meant, "A guardian isn't a guardian without guardian powers."
"Guardian powers?" Star Cluster asked curiously, "What is that?"
"It was given to me. It can't be taken and kept unless it's given to you. I could have called for them anytime if I had know this sooner," Luna exclaimed feeling bad for not knowing.
"What is guardian powers?" Star Cluster asked again.
"They're what you need to control the Pearl and protect it," Luna answered.
"Control it? Can't anyone use it though?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes but if the pearl doesn't like it she won't give it to you," Luna saw the confused look on his face, "Well, think of it this way. Without guardian powers, you'll have 3 wishes but with guardian powers you'll have unlimited wishes and be able to do anything you want with it. The power is also used to protect it like I did with Fallon, I used my guardian powers to put him in the crystal ball centuries ago."
"Oh I understand now," Star Cluster told her.
Luna walked down the hill and stood tall staring at Fallon, "Guardian powers I call you! Come to me!"
Fallon growled angrily when he saw Luna. Suddenly to his great surprise, a rainbow sparkling glow surrounded him. The ponies quickly stood back not sure what was happening to him.
"No!" Fallon yelled. The rainbow misty glow left him, bringing a blue and white misty sparkling glow with it.
"My other powers are coming too!" Luna cried happily.
The misty sparkling glow surround her, moving rapidly creating a whirl wind. Her hair flew around her wildly in the wind. Her powers began to inclose in on her till they covered her body. Luna glowed for several minutes til her powers disappeared into her coat and skin. Luna sat down and closed her eyes. A second later she began to glow brightly till she couldn't be seen. A stream of white, sparkly water appeared around Luna. She began to grow rapidly until she taller than the trees.
"No!...Not again!" yelled angrily.
The water dissolved and Luna stopped glowing. All the ponies stared at her shockingly.
"Kesia," Chief Tahoe whispered, "It's...really her."
Everyone else began whispering her name.
There sat a large, white feathered dragon. Her wings were feathered and so was her body except for underneath her, it was white scale stretching from her head to her long tail. On her head were two long pearly white horns, and at the tip of her nose was a large spike. On the back of her neck was a white mane from her head to the base of her tail. Kesia opened her eyes revealing green eyes.
"No!" Fallon yelled, "This can't be happening!...not again."