Chapter 53: Fallon's last stand - part 3

Kesia walked towards Fallon while the ponies ran behind her towards Star Cluster. Fallon lowered his head, narrowing his eyes and stared at her.
"I will not be imprisoned again!" Fallon told her.
Kesia lowered her head showing her pearly horns, "I have no intentions of imprisoning you, only killing you."
Fallon roar and dash towards her. Kesia dash towards him lunging her shard claws and spiked nose towards him.
Stardust, his brother and the other ponies stood on the hill fighting. Chief Tahoe and the other ponies gasped at what they were seeing.
"Kesia, she's real?" another pony asked.
"The guardian has returned," another shouted.
"She has feathers all over her," another pony muttered surprisingly.
Stardust watched worriedly. His brothers were also worried but there was nothing they could do for her.
"I'm sure she'll be fine. She took care of Fallon at Dream Castle," Starfire commented.
"I'm more worried about her returning to normal," Stardust replied remembering the last time Luna returned to normal at Dream Castle. He really thought Luna was dead and he feared she could die this time.
As they watched, Star Cluster slipped away unnoticed. He walked around the clearing to the other side.
"Flaming Pearl, would you help me defeat him?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, I will."

Kesia landed on her back with Fallon on top of her. He grabbed her next and was about to pull when Kesia took all four claws and scratched his stomach. Fallon let got and roared in anguine of the pain. Kesia stood up and attacked him. she grabbed him around the neck and rustled with him on the ground, smashing into trees. Fallon scratched Kesia on the neck forcing her to let go, then he kicked her off of him. As Fallon was getting up he caught a glimpse of Star Cluster in the forest. Fallon quickly used his tail and grabbed Star Cluster, holding him tight. He brought his tail around him and took Star Cluster in his hand, tightly. Kesia was about to stand up when she saw something in Fallon's hand.
Stardust and his brothers gasped shockingly.
"Don't even take another step closer," Fallon warned her, "Or your uncle will get the life squeezed out of him," Fallon squeezed tightly letting Star Cluster moan in pain.
"Alright, stop it, Fallon!" Kesia cried.
Fallon smiled, letting up on his grip. Star Cluster took a deep breath of air.
"Finally, I got you where I want you. The great guardian dragon," Fallon exclaimed with a smirk.
Star Cluster struggled hard to take the bag from Fallon's grip and hold it above his hand.
"Now, help me. Flaming Pearl," Star Cluster whispered as he carefully took the pearl out of the bag.
Fallon looked at his hand and saw Star Cluster holding the Flaming Pearl.
"Finally," Fallon whispered but before he could take the pearl, it began to glow bright. So bright that Star Cluster had to close his eyes and even then it was still to bright. Fallon gasped shockingly as the bright yellow and white glow grew. The ponies had to cover their eyes as the bright glow covered Fallon like a giant ball. Kesia covered her face with her wing. Suddenly the ball exploded turning into millions of twinkling stars falling to the ground. Kesia and the ponies gasped shockingly. Fallon and Star Cluster was gone, leaving a bare dirt patch on the ground. Kesia stood up and walked to the bare spot in disbelief. The ponies walked from the hill scattering in the clearing and looking around. Kesia looked around in all directions but she didn't see Star Cluster or Fallon. Suddenly a purple fur landed on her nose. Kesia stared at it, she suddenly knew what had happened. She lowered her head letting a tear out of her eye. Stardust and his brothers saw fur falling from the sky, most was purple but some were yellow, green, blue and orange. Everyone lowered their heads sadly. The pony they had hated and feared turned good, had saved them and their island.
Kesia was heart broken, she sat down and began to glow. The white waters appeared surrounding her as she shrunk. When Luna had returned to her original form. She collapsed to the ground crying loudly as tear poured heavily from her eyes. Stardust rushed up to her and was relieved that she was alive but seeing her so sad just broke his heart. Stardust walked around her and picked her up. She was to weak to move but she was awake. Luna curled in a tight ball hugging his black fur as she cried loudly. Her eyes was so filled with water that she couldn't open them, her tears continued to flow like a waterfall. Stardust hugged her and nuzzled her, a tear fell from his eye, he knew just how sad she was. Skyview and Starfire lowered their heads sadly, they too let a tear drop from their face.
"I'm so sorry," Chief Tahoe said gently, "He will be remembered as the one who saved us and our island."
"Thank you," Stardust managed to whisper.
The ponies stood watching the fur and twinkling stars fall. When it was all over, they turned and began walking back to their villages.
"Where's the Flaming Pearl?" Starfire asked.
"Probably got blown up with..." Skyview paused, he just couldn't say it. The thought of him brought a tear to his eye.
They walked in silence listening to Luna cry.