Chapter 54: A walk through town

Stardust, his brothers and Luna said their goodbyes to the Chief and the village before leaving. They traveled through the forest for a day talking while Luna kept silent. She stared at the ground sadly still thinking about Star Cluster.
"It sure was nice of Chief Tahoe to invite us back," Starfire commented.
"Yes it was but I don't know if we'll ever make it back," Stardust replied.
Skyview looked down at Luna who continued to stared sadly at the ground, walking next to Stardust, "She's been quiet since that battle."
"I know how she feels," Starfire muttered sadly.
The black ponies looked at her sadly and lowered their heads as they remembered Star Cluster.
"Luna," Stardust called to her.
A tear began to trickle from her eyes. Stardust and his brothers stopped.
"I miss him," Luna muttered, "He was going to return to Ponyland with us."
Stardust nuzzled her cheeks, "I know, Luna. At lest he changed before his end came."
"Cheer up Luna," Starfire told her, "Star Cluster would not want you to be so sad."
"Besides, we're getting close to town," Skyview added.
Luna smiled but it quickly faded.
"Come on, lets get going. We can spend the day looking around before getting on the ship," Stardust told them. They continued walking til they came to a sign that looked to familiar to them 'Keep out'.
"I better hide," Skyview's horn began to glow. Then he turned into a cloud and float under Starfire's cloak, blending in with his black coat.
"Luna, you'll have to change," Stardust told her.
Luna's horn began to glow, her long white hair turned purple, then her horn and wings disappeared. Soon she looked like a normal earth pony.
"Now lets go," Stardust exclaimed.
They continued walking through the shadowy forest till they found a trail.
"This should lead us to town," Stardust guessed.
They followed the trail out of the forest and onto the sidewalk towards town. They walked the streets looking at the shops and fake statues. The ponies they had past on the streets were laughing and smiling, enjoying themselves but Luna was the only one who wasn't. She couldn't stop thinking about Star Cluster and what he had done to get rid of Fallon. The more she thought about it the more it hurt her. She tried not to think about it, it brought tears to her eye if she did and she didn't want to cry in front of everyone. She didn't look at the shops, nor did she want to, she just wasn't interested at the moment. She stayed close to her father so she wouldn't bump into anyone while she stared at the ground. She couldn't help but wished she could have done something to save Star Cluster.
"Luna, try to cheer up," Starfire urged her.
They past several restaurants and small food stands.
"That's making me hungry," Starfire stopped and looked at the small concession stand that made fruit smoothie.
"We don't have the money, not in this world anyways," Stardust replied at he walked up to him.
The native pony running the concession stand noticed them, "Hey, you."
The black ponies looked at the light blue pony with bright pink and blue hair.
"Are you friends with Tahoe?" he asked.
"Chief Tahoe?" Stardust asked, "Yes we are."
"You must be...the one to lost a brother," the pony muttered.
"Yes," Stardust replied sadly.
The pony looked at Luna, "Who is she?"
Starfire quickly ordered, then Stardust and Luna. Once they received their orders, they walked to the grass and sat at a wooden bench under a palm tree. Luna sipped on her smoothie in silence as she looked at other families at the other tables.
"Luna, try to smile or enjoy yourself," Stardust told her.
"I can't. How can you be so happy?" Luna asked.
"I'm not Luna. I'm just as sad as you. We lost our brother just when we were about to have him back again. Beleive me it's going to be really hard to tell our parents," Stardust answered, "But I try to cheer up. I know being sad isn't what Star Cluster wanted."
"We are here on the island for a while. Try to enjoy it before we head back," Starfire urged her.
Luna tried to smiled but the thought of Star Cluster just made her sad.

When they were done, they stood up and walked around before leaving town. They walked up a hill, past a hotel and walked for several miles till they came to the town they have arrived at. They looked around town and then went to the beach hoping it'll cheer up Luna but it didn't.
"Dad, he was going to start over," Luna muttered, a tear started to trickle out of her eyes, "He was...going to find...someone who would love him."
Luna couldn't stand it anylonger, she sad down on the sad and silently cried. Stardust and Starfire sat next to her and nuzzled her.
"I know Luna," Stardust whispered, "He changed at the end and for that I thank you."
They sat alone on on the beach while ponies in the distance played.