Chapter 55: Returning home

They stood up and left the beach. They walked through town to the docks where a medium size ship sat waiting, it was the same boat as before. They walked up to the ship and went up to the ticket collector.
"Your Tahoe's friend?" the male pony asked.
"Yes we are Chief Tahoe's friend," Stardust answered.
The pony looked at Luna.
"She's my daughter," Stardust answered as if he knew what the pony was going to asked.
"Where's the third one?" the pony asked.
"He's around," Starfire answered, "Somewhere."
"Oh well, welcome and enjoy your stay. You'll be in the same room as before."
Stardust, Starfire and Luna walked up the plank and went into the boat to their room. There was a bed and a bed cot folded.
"You can come out," Stardust said as he shut the door.
A cloud came out from under Starfire's cloak and returned to his pony form. Luna laid on the bed, she was to sad to do anything.
"Luna, I don't want you in this room the whole time sulking. Walk around the decks or something," Stardust told her.
"I just want to lay here," Luna replied.
"Luna!" Stardust exclaimed.
Luna climbed out of bed.
"Go on, we will join you in a minute," Stardust told her.
Luna left the room and walked to the deck. She stood and watched at the ship leaving the docks. She wondered around the dock passing ponies her age. She looked over the railing and watched the water hit the ship. It fascinated her and for a while she not longer felt sad. She looked up at Drakon island feeling sad again. She turned from the railing and walked to the next deck and looked at the island. She stood and stared before Stardust and Starfire found her.
"There you are," Starfire exclaimed.
"Are you enjoying the view?" Stardust asked.
Luna looked at him and gave a weak smile, "I guess so."
Stardust smiled then he and Starfire walked around her, standing on each side of her. enjoying the breeze. They watched the island got smaller and smaller.
"I wish Star Cluster was here," Luna muttered.
"So do we," Stardust replied.

Meanwhile, far from Drakon Island deep in the forest cleaning sat a blue and white house. Flowers grew around the house. The trees rustled their leaves in the wind. A light sea green baby pony with white hair, ran as she kicked her pink ball.
"Be careful, Peaches. Stay close!" the light green pony with yellow and white hair, shouted.
Peaches kicked her ball hard in the tall grass. The ball bounced into the forest, Peaches looked at her mother who sat reading a book. It was obvious her mother wasn't looking so Peaches hurried into the forest looking for her ball. She had just stepped to the forests edge and stopped next to a tree. She didn't find her ball but what she saw shocked her. She turned and ran to her mother calling for her. Her mother dropped the book and hurried over to her.
"What's wrong?" the mother asked.
"Mommy!" Peaches cried, "A...pony...I think it's a pony. It has no hair!"
"Show me."
Peaches ran to the forest edge where her ball was last seen. She stopped at the large tree and pointed to the pony laying amount the leaves and broken twigs. The pony's body had no hair or fur. it's skin was dark purple and covered in scratches.
The mother gasped, she had never seen a pony so hairless in her life.
"That poor pony. what an awful thing to see," the mother whispered.
"Mommy look," Peaches exclaimed pointing to the body.
The mother looked closely and couldn't believe what she was seeing. The purple pony began to rapidly grew fur and hair.
"Why, it's...a boy," the mother gasped, then she noticed his feet was hairy. She had never seen ponies with hair feet before. What kind of pony grows his fur back?
Peaches was just as shocked as her mother.
The pony slowly opened his eyes. He saw only blurry images at first. He blinked several times before his vision was clear.
"Um," the mother began to say getting close to the pony, "What's your name?"
The pony laid on the ground silently as if he didn't hear her.
"Mommy, maybe he can't hear?" Peaches suggested.
The mother began to wonder if her daughter was right.
"Star Cluster."
The mother smiled, she was relieved he wasn't deaf.
"Where are you from?" she asked him.
He laid silently, thinking, " don't know."
The mother stood surprised, "you must have Amnesia."
"Mommy, what's..Amnesia?"
"Someone who temporary lost their memories. It'll take some time before he can remember anything," The mother looked at Star Cluster, "Are you sure that's your name?"
"I think so. It...feels familiar."
The mother smiled, "Looks like you can only remember you name. Can you stand? I can clean your cuts and them you should rest."
Star Cluster slowly got to his feet, feeling tired and worn out. He slowly followed the pony out of the forest and across the clearing to a house.
Star Cluster stopped suddenly and looked back.
"What's wrong?" the mother asked.
"I...just feel I left something important behind," Star Cluster replied. It was a deep sad feeling he had but he didn't know what it was.
"Come, you must rest after I clean your cuts."
Star Cluster turned and continued into the house.