Chapter 5: Raspberry's Cousin

The school bell rang and the little ponies rushed out of school. Luna and her friends walked from school through the park.
"I'm so glad it's a weekend!" Melody exclaimed, "I've got band practice."
"All the homework we had to do all week. I'm glad Miss Hackney is giving us a brake," Patch replied.
"I could use a brake. I hadn't had time to bake my special cake," Bon Bon complained.
"My mom needs my help to run the shop this weekend," Starlight replied.
"I got to get hope and help feed my sisters. I'll see you guys later," Sweetheart left the girls and ran hope.
"I'll meet you guys at the ice cream shop," Melody told them and ran from the group.
"I got to hurry home, see you guys later," Clover left and ran home.
"I'll see you later," Luna left the group and ran through the park, towards the exit. She slowed down to a walk.

When she got home, she hurried to her room, dropped her school bag on her bed and hurried downstairs to the kitchen. Luna could smell the cookies when she walked in the house.
"Mom, I'm home!" Luna yelled.
"I thought I heard you, Lunarstar," Rosebud replied.
Luna walked in the kitchen and saw her mother carrying a plate of cookies.
"Lunarstar, would you mind helping me?" Rosebud asked. "Take this plate outside and put it on the table. Then let the boys know there's cookies outside for them."
"On the table?" Luna asked.
"It's going to be a warm day and they need a place to put their drinks and food," Rosebud handed Luna the see through plate. Then she went to the counter and picked up a tray with a pitchers of water, lemonade and cups. She turned and followed Luna outside in the back yard. Luna set the plate on the table and hurried to the shed. Her mother was right, Luna could feel the sun warming her coat. It was certainly going to be a warm day.
Luna peeked in the shed and saw her father, Buster and Charades cutting a wooden block. It seems as though they were making something out of it.
Booster looked up from the wooden block and saw Luna. "Lunarstar. I see your home from school."
Buster and charades stopped and looked at Luna.
"Mom brought out a plate of cookies for you guys."
"That sounds good," Buster said.
"Lets take a brake then," Booster suggested. They quit what they were doing and followed Luna to the pouch where the table sat.
"Dad, I've got to go."
"Where are you going?" Booster asked.
"To the ice cream shop," Luna replied. "Bye."
Luna ran around the house and through her front yard. She was excited that it was a weekend.

"She sure loves to play," Buster observed.
"She gets that from her father and uncles," Charades replied.
"I'm sure she'll slow down when she gets older," Rosebud hoped.
"Maybe a little," Charades replied.

Luna ran past a few blocks, then she walked through the park, catching her breath. There were several little ponies playing. Luna couldn't wait to play with her friends.
She left the park and went to the ice cream shop across the street. She walked inside and sat at the counter. Starlight was behind the counter making shakes when she noticed Luna.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Starlight exclaimed happily.
Just then Melody, Clover, Patch and Bright Eyes walked in.
"Hi," They exclaimed happily.
"Where are the others?" Luna asked.
"They'll join us later," Bright Eyes answered.
They girls sat down and ordered ice creams and shakes. When they received their orders, they paid the waitress. As they eat their ice creams and shakes, Patch kept watching a light pink almost white pony with yellow and red hair sitting next to Raspberry talking.
"Who is that with Raspberry?" Patch asked in a whispering voice.
The girls looked and they too wondered who she was.
"I haven't seen her before," Bright Eyes replied.
"Don't tell me Raspberry actually made a friend?" Melody wondered.
As they talked and looked at her, Raspberry noticed them. The girls gasped that Raspberry had caught them staring. Raspberry and the light pink pony stood up and walked up to the girls.
"What are you guys staring at?" Raspberry asked looking rather upset.
"Sorry, Raspberry. We were just curious as to who is with you," Bright Eyes replied.
"Oh, well this is my cousin. Her name is Candy and she's staying with me at my house for the weekend."
"Oh," the girls replied.
"Hello Candy," Patch said.
"It's nice to meet you," Melody said.
"Thanks everyone. It's nice to meet you all," Candy replied, smiling. "I'm hoping to have some fun with my cousin while I'm here."
"Lunarstar, are you going to join the track team this year?" Raspberry asked.
"No, I can't my...parents said no."
"Oh, well that's too bad," Raspberry smirked.
"I did hear that a new pony in school is planning to join the team. I heard she's pretty fast," Luna smirked back at her.
"Oh, that sea green pony with white and pink hair?" Starlight asked from behind the counter.
"Yes that's her."
"She's pretty nice and from I heard she could very well beat you in a race, Raspberry."
"I doubt that," Raspberry hissed. "Lets go, Candy!" Raspberry stormed out of the shop with Candy behind her.
The girls laughed as she left.
"Is that true? There's a new pony that can beat Raspberry?" Clover asked.
"Yes, there's a new pony in school, in fact there's quite a few new ponies," Bright Eyes answered.
"Can she beat Raspberry?" Clover asked.
"Anyone can beat her unless she's running scared," Luna answered.
The girls laughed. Just then Blueberry and Teddy walked in.
"Hi, what's so funny?" Blueberry asked them.
"Oh, we were just talking to Raspberry a while ago," Patch answered.
"Oh, so you meet my cousin?" Blueberry asked.
"Candy, she seems nice," Starlight replied.
"Nice. You have to be kidding. From what Blueberry tells me, she bad news. She makes me look good," Teddy quickly said.
"Come on, she doesn't seem the type," Patch replied.
"She most certainly is. Don't let you niceness fool you. She loves to pull pranks," Blueberry warned them.
"So do I," Patch replied.
"But not like her I bet. Like that one time, she thought it would be funny if she chopped her neighbors flowers to pieces. The neighbor was furious when she saw her flowers but Candy just laughed," Blueberry explained.
"That's awful!" Melody exclaimed.
"Oh, she's done worse, believe me," Blueberry replied.
"What about her parents?" Bright Eyes asked.
"They're always away on business but they always have someone at the house watching her. It just happens this weekend there's no one to watch her except for my parents," Blueberry replied. "Be careful you girls. I can guarantee you she'll do something this weekend. I have to go and warn Ace and Lancer."
Blueberry turned and left with Teddy behind him.
"Wow, we better watch her," Melody suggested.
"Yeah," the girls agreed.
"It's a nice day out, why don't we play ball or something?" Patch asked.
"Sure," Melody replied.
"Let me run home and get my ball," Patch proposed.
"Ok, we'll meet you at the park," Bright eyes told her.
Patch stood and hurried out of the shop.
"Starlight, how about you?" Luna asked.
"I can't. I have to watch the store."
"Oh." Luna turned and followed her friends to the park while running into Bon Bon and Sweetheart.

They stood in the park and waited for Patch. after a while Patch showed up with a ball in her school bag. They went to the clearing and sat in the shade for a while to cool off.
"Lunarstar, can I ask you something?" Bright eyes asked.
"Why won't your parents let you join the track team?"
"Oh, they thought it was best if I didn't. Buster and Charades agreed too," Luna answered. "I'll be too busy running between worlds to be on the team."
"What do you mean?" Sweetheart asked.
"I thought you were going to be here for a long time," Bon Bon remarked.
"I am but I'm also Princess of Ponyland and there's things I need to learn so I'll be going back on the next full moon. It'll be for a month though," Luna remembered what her father had told her that night, 'We also want you here at the castle every now and then even if you have to bring your school work with you.'
"That's in a few weeks," Melody exclaimed.
"I'll be back before you know it," Luna replied.
Patch took out her ball and stood up, "Lets go play!"
The girls followed Patch to the clearing and began kicking the ball around while a goalie stood at each end.
They played for while. Clover was goalie and kept missing the ball. Bon Bon was goalie for the other team, she was just as bad at Clover was.
As they played the day got warmer and the sun beat down on their coats. The girls decided to stop and head back to the ice cream shop to cool off. Patch put the ball in her bag and followed the girls out of the park.

The girls left park and was about to go across the street when a group of ponies screamed and ran out of the shop. Luna and her friends hurried inside and found the place was empty.
"Starlight what happened?" Patch asked.
"There's a mouse in here," Starlight answered as she walked around with a broom.
"Help me find it before we lose our customers for good."
The girls walked around looking under tables and booths. Just then Clover screamed, "There it is!" she pointed at the corner of the room. The girls looked and saw it was a small white mouse. Starlight quickly hit it with a broom. The mouse ran from the corner to the booths. The girls trapped it and tried to reach it but couldn't. Luna used her horn, knowing there was no one in the shop. The mouse floated out from under the booths. Patch grabbed it and Luna's horn stopped glowing and it disappeared. Patch held the mouse and began to pet it to calm it down. Once the mouse was calm, it sat on her hoof twitching it's whiskers.
"That's mouse isn't wild," Bright Eyes observed.
"Could be someone's pet?" Sweetheart suggested.
"Wow," a voice cried.
The girls turned and saw Ace, Blueberry, Teddy and Lancer walk in.
"Where did everyone go?" Ace asked.
"A mouse scared everyone out. We think someone lost their pet, mouse," Starlight guessed.
"Was Raspberry and Candy in here?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes but they ran out screaming with the others," Starlight replied.
"It was Candy, I just know it was her!" Blueberry exclaimed.
"Starlight, I'm telling you it was Candy. Don't believe her innocent act. Trust me, this is just the beginning of Candy's pranks," Blueberry told her.
Could a nice pony like Candy be that bad? Was Blueberry right about her. The girls were about to find out just how bad she can be.