Chapter 6: The Trouble Maker

A few days later, late in the evening, the girls went to their club house and began yelling angrily at each other. Clover was no longer purple and pink, she was now all green. Sweetheart and Starlight had blue spots on her fur.
"Hold it!" Starlight shouted.
The girls suddenly became quiet.
"Candy has done some awful things to us and it's about time we pay her back but sitting here and yelling isn't going to help," Starlight told them.
"Did you know what she did yesterday?" Patch asked angrily, "I was playing soccer with the boys in the park..."
The girls sat and listened as Patch told her story.

Patch brought her ball to the park over the hill where Ace, Teddy, Blueberry and Lancer waited.
"Sign up is almost here. We need to practice if we're going to be the best!" Ace exclaimed.
Patch took out her soccer ball and gave it to Lancer who was to be goalie. They went to the field and started playing. Lancer kicked the ball and they all started chasing it. Patch kicked the ball to Blueberry who did his best to keep it from Ace, but he didn't see Teddy until it was too late.
"Got it!" Teddy yelled. He kicked it to Ace who quickly kicked it past Lancer.
"Yeah! that's one for us," Ace cried happily.
Lancer took the ball and kicked it. Blueberry caught the ball and kicked around Teddy while trying to avoid Ace.
"Over here!" Patch yelled.
Blueberry kicked the ball only he kicked too hard and sent the ball down the hill into the bushes.
"I'll get it!" Patch yelled.
She hurried down the hill and stared searching through the bushes.
"Patch, here's your ball," Candy said coming out from behind the bushes.
"Thank you, Candy." Patch took the ball but noticed she was trying hard not to laugh.
"Got it!" Patch yelled.
She stood from the bushes and kicked it. The ball popped and vanilla cream splattered all over her. Just then she heard a laugh, he turned to see Candy laughing and running.
"Candy!" Patch yelled angrily.

The girls sat and listened till Patch was done with her story.
"Well that was nothing. Try having your ears busted!" Melody exclaimed. "I had to have band practice at home before our concert that's coming up soon."
The girls listened as Melody told her story.

Melody was in the living room when she heard a knock at the door. She stood up and left the living room. She walked to the door and opened it.
"Melody, we're ready," the green pony said.
"Great," Melody turned. "Mom I'm going in the garage to practice."
Melody shut the door and walked to her garage in back. She picked up her Mic. The girls took their guitars and studio keyboard and began playing but there was no sound coming from the speakers.
Melody went to the speakers and turned it up. "Ok try it now."
They played but still there was no sound. Melody turned it up. "Ok, try it again."
Again they played but still no sound. Melody turned it up high. "Ok, this has to work. It's set high."
"I don't know, Melody. Your speakers probably blew," one of her friends said.
"Lets try it one more time," Melody proposed.
They started playing and suddenly the sounds coming from the speakers were so loud that the girls fell to the ground holding their ears tightly. When the sounds was gone, they started asking each other if they were ok but neither one of them could hear. Candy walked out from behind the speakers and laughed. Melody and the girls noticed he was wearing ear plugs. Candy ran out of the garage laughing.

The girls around the table gasped.
"Oh, Melody, that was awful!" Sweetheart muttered.
"How's your hearing?" Patch asked.
"It's better than it was yesterday, at least I can hear. The doctor said we won't have our full hearing back for a few days."
"I can't believe how mean she is. Does she really think it's funny what she did to us?" Starlight asked.
"Oh I can promise you she does," Clover exclaimed angrily, "Thanks to her I'll be green for a week."
"What happened?" Bright Eyes asked.
"It started when Mom went to the store and got some shampoo since I was out."
The girls listened and stared at her who was now green.

"Mom, did you get it?" Clover asked.
"Yes I did," their mother answered as she entered the living room. "It's in the kitchen on the counter."
Clover walked to the kitchen and saw a white bottle of shampoo on the counter by the open window. Clover picked it up and walked out of the kitchen to the stairs in the hall. She went upstairs, "I'm going to take a bath."
Clover went to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. Bubbles in all sizes fizzed from the water and stuck to the rim of the tub. Clover set the bottle of shampoo on the tub rim and soaked her coat. Once she was soaked, she stood up, took the shampoo and poured in on the sponge. Then she began rubbing all over. When she was done she laid in the water soaking herself, then she stood up, left the tub. She rung out her hair and rubbed the towel on her coat not realizing her coat was slowly changing colors. When she was dry, she left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. He mother turned and saw her, she stood and gasped, then screamed. Clover was scared and didn't know what was going on. Her father rushed in from the garage and gasped at her.
"What?" Clover asked who was at the point of crying.
"" her father answered.
"What?" Clover asked.
"Let me get a mirror," her mother said.
"I'll get a towel and see if I can scrub it off," her father ran up stairs.
Just then Clover heard laugher. She went to the counter and poked her head outside.
Candy was leaning on the fence laughing as hard as she could.
"Hey Clover!" Candy yelled, "Did you know Clovers are green and not purple and pink?" Candy quickly left still laughing.

"Clover, your father couldn't get it off?" Bon Bon asked.
"No, it's dye and won't come off for a while," Clover replied worriedly.
"You should have seen what she did to my cake!" Bon Bon cried angrily.

Bon Bon had just finished her dirt cake and set it on the counter by the window when her mother called to her.
"Bon Bon, would you get your little brother? I'm a bit too busy and our sisters aren't here to help."
"Sure, Mom," Bon Bon left the kitchen and went up stairs. She walked into her little brother's room and picked him up from his crib. Then she went downstairs and into the living room.
"Here he is, mom."
Her mother looked up from cleaning under the table and took the baby boy from her, "Thank you Bon Bon."
Bon Bon went to the kitchen, she was anxious to eat her cake. She took out a plate and scooped some cake out of the bowl. Then she took a spoon and started eating it. Suddenly she ran to the trash and spit it out. Then she took out a glass, filled it with water and rinsed her mouth.
Just then she heard laughing. Bon Bon went to the window and saw Candy by an apple tree laughing. Next to her saw her cake.
"Bon Bon, how did you like my dirt cake?" Candy asked still laughing. She turned and ran. Bon Bon looked in the bowl and saw it was filled with cream and real dirt.

"Gross!" the girls exclaimed.
"How awful," Luna remarked.
"Dirt tasted awful. Candy had taken my cake and threw it out then filled it with dirt. I'm still mad about it."
"Ooo...That..that...rotten stinker!" Sweetheart cried.
"Speaking of stinkers, what she did to me was stinky!" Luna exclaimed.

"Lunarstar!" Rosebud called from the kitchen.
Luna hurried downstairs in her winged unicorn form and into the kitchen.
"Luna could you run to the store and get me some seeds?" Rosebud asked.
"Sure, mom," Luna replied. She took a piece of paper from her and left the kitchen. as she walked through the living room, her horn started to glow, her hair turned purple, then her horn and wings disappeared.
She hurried outside and ran to town. She went into the store, bought a bag of flower seeds then she left carrying a yellow bag. As she walked by a fenced alley, garbage suddenly fell on her. Luna was covered in banana peals, half eaten food and other unrecognizable things. She shook it off of her before anyone saw the garbage floating in the air on her wings but she was still dirty. Luna heard laughing. She peeked over the fence and saw Raspberry running but Candy stood there laughing. "Oh, Lunarstar. You stink, did you even take a bath?" Candy turned and ran still laughing.
Luna was mad, but when she noticed everyone staring at her, she ran and began to cry.
When she got home her mother came out of the kitchen and gasped. Luna hurried up to the bathroom with her mother as she told her what happened.

"Oh, what an awful thing to do!" Melody cried.
"Mom was pretty mad about it. I did get her seeds home but they stunk."
"You should have seen what she did to me, it was just as gross!" Bright Eyes exclaimed.

Bright Eyes went to the park carrying her bag full of books.
"I can't wait to get home and read these books I got from the library. Maybe it won't hurt to sit and read for a bit."
Bright Eyes went to the lake and sat under a tree. She emptied her bag and set her three books next to her, then she took a book and began reading. Half the day went by till she reached the end of the book. Bright Eyes set the book down and went to pick another one up and she screamed and jumped to her feet. On her two books were nasty, slimy worms with a note. Bright Eyes picked up the note and read it 'Book Worm'
Just then she heard laughing. She turned and saw Candy in the bushes laughing.
"Candy!" Bright Eyes yelled angrily.
Candy turned and ran.

"Ewww, that is gross!" Clover exclaimed.
"That must have been shortly after she left the ice cream shop," Starlight replied.
"I'm so mad about it. Thanks to her I got blue spots all over me," Sweetheart exclaimed.
"Me and Sweetheart got the worst of it," Starlight said as she started to tell her story.

Sweetheart walked across the street and was about to go inside the ice cream shop when Candy and Raspberry walked out of the shop laughing.
Sweetheart wondered what was so funny. She walked in and saw Starlight running from table to table handing out their drinks and ice cream but that didn't seem to funny to Sweetheart.
Sweetheart went to the counter and sat down. Starlight hurried behind the counter and took Sweetheart's order.
"Just a strawberry sprinkled blueberry shake," Sweetheart said.
"Coming right up," Starlight turned and went to get a cup, filled it with strawberry and blueberry ice cream, then she went to the shake machine. A few waitresses did the same and turned on the shake machine. Suddenly the shake and ice cream splattered all over. The ponies in the store screamed and ran. Sweetheart and the waiters were covered in ice cream and whipped cream. Starlight tried to turn it off but it would turn off. One of the girls ducked under the counter and unplugged all the shake machines.
Starlights mother walked in after hearing the screams. She stood and gasped at the sight of them.
"Mom something went wrong with the shake machines!" Starlight exclaimed.
"I can see that. Well clean this up and then you girls she clean yourselves up. I'll get a towel for you," Starlight's mother turned and left heading in the back kitchen.
Just then Starlight and the girls heard laughter. They looked at the door and saw Candy laughing.
"You should see yourselves!" Candy laughed. Then she ran out of their sight.

"She needs a lesson or something!" Melody cried.
"I agree but what?" Starlight asked.
As the girls talked, Candy and Raspberry quietly walked up to the club house and listened. Candy did her best not to laugh out loud.
Luna was just as mad as they were and was so caught up in what they were talking about that she almost forgot the time. She looked at the curtains on the window and saw it was getting dark.
"I have to go," Luna told them suddenly.
"But we have to plan," Melody replied.
"It's getting late and I have to go," Luna changed back into an earth pony and stood at the door, "Bye, talk to you tomorrow."
Luna opened the door and left.
Once Luna was far from the club house, Candy and Raspberry left and stood on the sidewalk.
"I'm not completely finished with them yet," Candy muttered.
"I think you went too far," Raspberry told her.
"Come on, Raspberry. This is fun. Showing off is not what I call fun," Candy replied.
"I rather show off than do what you do," Raspberry turned and left.
"Wait a minute. Let's repaint their club house tonight?" Candy asked.
"Tonight? You mean at night?" Raspberry asked as she thought about the ghost and the black unicorn. "No, forget it. I don't go out at night anymore."
"Why? Are you chicken?" Candy teased her.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. No one believes me," Raspberry turned from Candy and left. Candy was mad and slowly trailed behind her.
"Tell me anyway."
Raspberry stopped and looked at her. "There's a ghost that comes out at night."
"A ghost?" Candy laughed.
"Go ahead and go out at night but remember, I warned you," Raspberry turned and continued for home with Candy still laughing.

Later that night it was after midnight and everyone in Ponyland was sound asleep except for Luna. Since it was a weekend her parents allowed her to roam around outside. Luna was running through the forest close to the forest edge when she saw something moving on the street. All she saw was a flashlight and something dragging behind it. Luna winked close to it and hid on the side of a house.
"Candy?" Luna thought. "What is she up to?"
Candy was walking on the sidewalk with a flashlight and a pink wagon with a few paint cans. Luna followed her down the street while she was careful someone didn't see her. She crossed the street and followed her to a large house on the corner. Luna recognized the large house. It had bushes and trees all around it.
"The club house?" Luna thought worriedly. "She can't...possibly going to repaint our club house!"
Luna followed her through the bushes and hid behind a tree as she watched.
Candy walked up to the side of the club house and parked the wagon next to her. Then she opened the paint cans and took a brush from the wagon.
"The looks on their faces tomorrow will be priceless," Candy giggled to herself.
"Oh, well see about that," Luna thought.
As Candy began to paint the club house bright yellow, Luna's horn began to glow. She concentrated on the wagon making it move. Candy turn and stopped the wagon thinking it was on a slight hill. She set the yellow brush on the can and picked up another brush and began painting the side bright orange. Luna concentrated on the wagon and moved it. Candy turned and chased it. When the wagon turned Candy began to start worrying. Was her cousin right?
By the time she caught the wagon drops of paint had spilled on the wagon.
"This is just great. I'll have to wash the wagon or get rid of it," Candy muttered.
She picked up the paint cans and set them next to the club house.
"You can't scare me ghost!" Candy yelled, feeling rather stupid talking to something that wasn't real. Then she turned and continued to paint.
Luna stood feeling mad.
I should have known that wouldn't scare her. I'll have to do something drastic," Luna thought.
Luna's horn started to glow as she concentrated on the yellow brush that sat on the can.
"Lets give her a new look," Luna thought smiling.
The yellow brush floated and then it started painting a yellow line down her back. Candy jumped and swirled around. When she saw the brush, she gasped and dropped the orange brush. Luna used her horn and lifted he other brush. Candy stood with her back against the wet wall forgetting she had just painted it. The two brush flew at her and started painting her two different colors. Candy tried to hit the brushes but it did no good so she grabbed them and held them tightly. Luna had no choice but to let them go since Candy wasn't about to let go.
Candy laughed, "I told you ghost you can't scare me."
Luna was angry, "Oh we'll see about that."
Candy turned and began painting again, "I'll have to take a good bath when I get back."

Raspberry's mother had gotten out of bed to get a drink of water. on her way back to get she decided to check on the little ponies. She peeked in Blueberry's room and saw that he was sound asleep. She smiled and closed the door, then she opened Raspberry's door and saw that she too was sound asleep but Candy's sleeping bag was empty. Her mother hurried in the room and woke up Raspberry.
"Mom?" Raspberry asked sleepily.
"Where is Candy?"
Raspberry look on the floor next to her bed and saw Candy wasn't there. Suddenly she remembered what Candy had said.
"I think she went to a club house."
"Club house?" her mother asked.
"There's a group of girls at school who has a club house. Candy wanted to go out at night and repaint it. I told her not to."
"Raspberry, you should have told me this sooner. What else has she done?"
Raspberry sighed sadly knowing she too was going to get in trouble.
"Lots of things."
"Like what?"
"Well...she...let a mouse loose at the ice cream shop and dumped garbage on a pony and..."
"I see, she's out having fun again. She will not get away with it this time and Raspberry, don't think I've forgotten about you. I will inform my sister in the morning. This has to stop. Get out of bed. You, me, and your father are going to get Candy tonight!"

Candy continued painting till she heard the bushes rustling. Candy turned and looked but saw nothing. "The wind, I guess." Then she continued painting. Then she heard it again, she turned and stared at the bushes, "Who is there?"
A minute later, a tiger slowly crawled out from behind the bushes, growling and baring it's long fangs. Candy gasped. She froze unable to move. Was she just seeing things? Was there a real tiger if front of her?
"Oh wait a minute, you can't be real. There's no tigers around here, nor a zoo or circus," Candy realized. "You're not real." She walked up to the tiger and was about to touch it when the tiger roared. Candy jumped back. "But you sound real."
Candy turned and ran around the club house. When she realized the tiger wasn't following her. She stopped and looked around.
"It...must have been a ghost," Candy muttered. She was breathing heavily.
She walked around the other side and saw her paint cans were untouched. She was about to grab her brush when she saw lion. It stood as tall as her looking as her as if it was hungry. Candy turned and started to run when the lion grabbed her tail in it's mouth. Candy began to cry from fear, She believe the ghost was real.
"You're not're not real," Candy kept repeating hoping the ghost would go away.
The lion let go and Candy fell flat on her stomach. He turned and gasped frighteningly at a white winged unicorn who stood where the lion was. She stared at Candy angrily.
"Y-y-your..r-r-real," Candy shuddered.
Luna turned, picked up the bright yellow paint can and threw it on Candy soaking her in paint. Candy gasped from the wet paint. She rubbed the paint from her face and then stood up but when she looked the ghost was gone and so was the orange paint can. Candy looked around but didn't see her. Suddenly a bright orange paint was thrown on her from behind. Candy stood on her hind legs and looked at her back. She was dripping with paint from front to back. She looked up and saw the ghost laughing hard and suddenly she was gone.
Candy stood frozen with fear. The ghost had disappeared before her eyes. How was that possible?
"S-she was right," Candy mumbled as she remembered Raspberry's warnings.

Raspberry and her parents walked through the bushes and saw the mess on the side of the club house. Then they saw Candy in front of the club house only she was covered in paint.
"Candy!" yelled Raspberry's father angrily.
Candy turned and stood. She knew she was in trouble.
"What happened to you?" Raspberry's father asked gasping at the paint all over her.
"The ghost, she was real...really real!" Candy exclaimed shockingly. "She did this to me and animals chased me and..."
"Stop it. You're not lying your way out of this!" the mother yelled. "I'm calling your mother in the morning. I promise, you will pay for all the things you've done."
Luna hid on the side of the large house watching and laughing quietly.

The next day, Starlight and the girls were on their way to the club house when they saw Raspberry and her parents on the sidewalk washing the club house. The girls was confused at first till they saw Candy repainting the club house with a policeman watching her closely.
The female pony walked up to the girls. "Is that your club house?"
"Yes it is but what is Candy doing to it?" Starlight asked.
"I'm afraid Candy had repainted your clubhouse yellow and orange. She is now repainting over it with the original club house color," she answered. "I'm sorry, I'm Raspberry's mother and I think Raspberry has something to say to you girls."
Raspberry walked up to them sadly., "I'm sorry for what I've done."
The father walked up next to her. "Candy's parents are always on business trips and can't watch her so they always have someone watching her,"
"Unfortunately, no one told her parents what she's been doing," the mother explained.
"Candy's parents are coming to get her today and she will be traveling with them for now on and she will be watched closely," Raspberry's father added.
Luna rushed down the street and saw her friends on the sidewalk, she was hoping to tell her friends before they got to the club house but it was to late.
"Luna, did you see what happened?" Clover asked pointing to the club house. Luna looked and smiled.
Just then Blueberry walked from around the corner with two adult ponies behind him. One was pink with orange hair, the other was white with yellow and pink hair. The girls could see Blueberry was carrying a medium sized box in his mouth. They walked up to the girls and stopped.
"We are Candy's parents. We were told what had happened and we are very sorry. I heard she also did some things to you," the mother quickly said.
"She dyed me green because my name is Clover."
"Oh my, I'm so sorry," the mother replied.
"As soon as Candy is done we are talking her with us and I promise you, if she ever comes back to visit, she will be a different pony," Candy's father assured them. The father took the box from Blueberry, "We bought this for you girls before we came here. It's for the trouble Candy has caused you.
Starlight took the box. "Thank you so much."
Melody opened the box and inside was a white, silver and gold tea set with little ponies and roses all over it.
"Oh, it's so pretty!" Patch exclaimed.
"I was hoping you girls liked it and could possibly use it," Candy's mother replied.
"We will, thank you," Starlight replied.
They stood for the rest of the day on the grass watching Candy painting the club house and having their tea. Luna whispered to them what had happened.
Candy looked and saw them laughing.
"Never mind them, Candy. Just finish painting," her father told her.
Candy turned and continued painting.