Chapter 7: No dance party for me.

Luna sat in school listening to Miss Hackney talking. It bored her after awhile until she stopped and looked at the clock.
"Well, looks like the bell will ring any minute, so before you leave I have something important to say," miss Hackney stood still in front of the class.
Luna listened anxiously wondering what the important announcement was.
"Since you all have done such a wonderful job with your homework and handing them in on time since school started that the school has decided to reward you with a school dance tonight. You are to bring a partner and have your parents bring the food. The school will supply the drinks," Miss Hackney announced.
The little ponies cheered happily.
"Alright, settle down. Now don't forget the party is tonight at sunset."
Suddenly the bell rang and the little ponies rushed out of school. Luna was one of the last to leave. She was worried about the dance. Did she have to dance at the party?
She gathered her bag and books and left the room. When she was outside she noticed Teddy talking to Sweetheart.
"I bet he's asking her to be his partner," Luna thought.
She continued talking past them as they stood and talked. Ahead she noticed Lancer just leaving Bright Eyes. Luna knew he to must be asking her to be his partner.
Luna noticed most of her friends had left. Only a few were still around. Luna sighed and hurried home.

When she got home, she dropped her school bag on her bed and hurried down the stairs. She was about to head to the kitchen when she noticed her father, Buster and Charades sitting on the couches talking.
"Lunarstar, how was school?" Booster asked.
"Fine Dad. Oh, there's going to be a school dance tonight."
"Dance? I hope you're not planning to dance with anyone," Booster hoped.
"No dad, I would dream of it. The boy would immediately feel my wings. Oh...The teacher wants the parents to bring some food."
Rosebud walked in the living room after hearing what Luna had said. "I could do that. I'll have to start right away though," Rosebud turned and hurried into the kitchen.
"Do you think it'll be ok for us to go?" Charades asked.
"A Dance Party sounds like fun," Buster exclaimed.
"I don't see why not," Luna answered.
"Oh, the teacher wants us to bring a partner but...I don't have one," Luna said sadly.
"You know a few boys at school, why don't you go find out if anyone of them are going with someone?" Booster suggested.
"Ok. I'll see you later," Luna turned and left the house, running towards the park.

As Luna entered the park, Ace, Teddy, Lancer and Blueberry stood on a hill talking.
"I can't wait for the party tonight," Teddy said excitedly.
"You have to bring a partner though," Lancer told him.
"I know that and I am bringing one," Teddy replied. "I know your bringing Bright Eyes. I saw you after school talking to her."
"Yes I am," Lancer replied. "How about you Ace?"
"I'm taking Starlight. Blueberry how about you"
"Well...umm...I haven't asked yet," Blueberry replied.
"Well go ask someone. You got until tonight," Teddy told him.
"I know but who do I ask?" Blueberry asked.
"Bon Bon?" Lancer asked.
Teddy laughed, "I wouldn't unless he wants to spend the whole dance eating."
"I saw a boy talking to her awhile ago, I thinks she's taken," Ace replied.
"There's always Clover," Lancer said.
"The klutz? I sure wouldn't," Ace replied.
"I saw someone talking to her in the hallway," Teddy replied.
"Well, there's Patch and Melody," Ace suggested.
"Melody will be busy playing with her band for the party," Lancer reminded him.
"Oh, I forgot about that," Ace replied.
"I think Patch is also taken," Lancer replied.
"Well, Blueberry, looks like you don't have a partner," Ace told him.
"You could take your sister," Teddy suggested laughing.
"No, I wouldn't take her is she was the last pony," Blueberry replied, just then he noticed Lunarstar walking by, "Has anyone asked her yet?"
"I don't think so," Lancer replied.
"Go ask her then," Ace suggested.
Blueberry stood and watched her. Her white coat was bright and shiny. Her purple hair was long, straight and shining in the sunlight. She was indeed a pretty pony.
"Why are you standing there for? Go and ask her," Teddy exclaimed.
Blueberry left the hill and walked towards Luna, hoping to catch up to her. He quickly caught her as she was heading towards the park exit.
"Umm, Hi Lunarstar," Blueberry said nervously. He had never been nervous talking to her before so why is this any different? He looked into her shiny, clear purple eyes and just stared at her.
"Hi, Blueberry," Luna replied smiling.
"I was wondering...ummm...," Blueberry felt even more nervous about asking her. "Are you going to the party?"
"I'm hoping so," Lunarstar replied. "How about you?"
"I'm going too."
"Oh," Luna muttered. "Well...umm, I'll talk to you later. Bye." Luna ran out of the park feeling disappointed.
Ace, Teddy and Lance walked up to him.
"Well? Did you ask her?" Ace asked.
"No. I couldn't," Blueberry replied as he watched her run.
"I would take her if I wasn't taking Starlight," Ace replied.
"Don't be a chicken, go after her and ask," Teddy exclaimed.

Luna was hoping Blueberry wasn't going with anyone but since he was going to the party, she figured he had already asked someone.
She hurried out of the park and across the street. She walked into the shop and saw her friends sitting around the table talking.
"Hi, Lunarstar!" Starlight exclaimed.
"Hi," Luna replied.
"So, Lunarstar do you have a partner?" Melody asked.
"We've all got a partner for tonight," Clover remarked.
"I don't," Luna replied sadly.
"I heard Blueberry hasn't asked anyone," Sweetheart said.
"He's going to the party. He said he was," Luna replied.
"Oh, so he has a partner?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I guess so," Luna replied.
"Didn't he ask you to be his partner?" Bon Bon asked
"I met him in the park a while ago. He asked if I saw going. I told him I was hoping so. Then I asked him if he was going and he said he was," Luna answered.
"Oh, maybe he does have a partner. I wonder who he's going with?" Patch asked.
"Well, I have to go. I got to get the band ready for tonight," Melody stood up and left.
"I have to get the shop ready to close early tonight," Starlight stood up and left heading for the kitchen in the back.
"I have to bake a cake for tonight," Bon Bon stood up and left the shop.
"I'm going home," Luna said sadly.
"You're not going to the party tonight?" Clover asked.
"I don't have a partner and Miss Hackney said to bring a partner. So I'm just staying home tonight," Luna replied. She quickly left the shop.

Luna was so hoping to go to the party. She was so sad and disappointed that tears streamed from her eyes. She bolted into a run and ran through the park. She couldn't believe no one asked her to be her partner. There was so many boys in school and not one even thought about asking her.
Luna ran to her street and stopped a few houses away. She quickly dried her eyes and cheeks and then continued to her house.
When she entered, she immediately smelled the cookies. She walked into the kitchen and saw the basket of cookies covered in icing and sprinkles.
Rosebud walked in the house from the back yard and saw Luna staring at the cookies.
"That's for the party. Lunarstar, did you get a partner?"
Luna sighed sadly. "No. There was no one...left for me." A tear began to stream down her cheek.
"Aww, honey. You don't have to have a partner," Rosebud rubbed her head on hers.
"But everyone has a partner. I'm not going to show up without one!" Luna turned and ran from the kitchen and up the stairs as she changed into a winged unicorn.
Just then Booster, Buster and Charades walked in and caught a glimpse of Luna running.
"Is anything wrong?" Booster asked.
"Lunarstar doesn't have a partner. She said there's no one left for her," Rosebud answered.
"She should still be able to go," Charades guessed.
"I told her that but she doesn't want to go without a partner," Rosebud replied.
Booster looked out the window from the kitchen, "The sun is setting and we should be leaving soon," he turned towards Rosebud, "I'll go talk to her while you get everything ready."
Booster left the kitchen and went upstairs to Luna's room. He peeked in her room and saw her on the bed crying.
"Lunarstar," Booster called to her.
Luna quickly turned her face away, she didn't want him to see her crying.
"Come to the party with us."
"I don't want to go. I'm not going to be the only one who doesn't have a partner," Luna replied.
Booster walked up to her bedside, "Luna, come on. It'll be fun."
"Please Dad. I just want to stay home," Luna begged.
Booster stood silently for a minute, "Alright, but if you change your mind we'll be at the party."
"Ok," Luna replied.
"Goodnight, Lunarstar," Booster left and shut the door.
Luna stood up from her bed and took off her locket. She sat it on her dresser and peeked out her window. Her parents, Buster and Charades left the house and walked out of the yard. Luna was alone in the house. Not a sound could be hard. She was rarely left alone at home so it felt a bit strange to her. She left her room and went to the couch in the living room. She stretched out on the couch and thought about how fun it would be if she was at the party.

The sun had set and the stars started twinkling brightly. Luna laid on the couch, half asleep when she heard a knock at the door. Luna woke up and quickly changed to an earth pony. She walked to the door and opened it. To her surprise it was Blueberry.
"Lunarstar, I...ummm...was wondering if you want to go to the party with me?" Blueberry nervously asked.
"I thought you had a partner?" Luna asked feeling a rather confused.
"No I don't. I was going to ask you in the park but...I got nervous. I'm sorry. I should have just came right out and asked you," Blueberry replied.
Luna smiled, "Well, would you come in and wait in the living room for a minute?"
"Sure," Blueberry walked in and stood in the living room while Luna rushed upstairs. Luna hurried into her room and grabbed her brush. She quickly brushed her long mane and tail. Then she put on her locket and left her room.
While Blueberry stood and waited, he looked around and noticed a lot of pictures and paintings. Then he noticed something odd. There were no pictures of Luna, only her parents but there was one painting of her.
He walked to the dinning room and looked on the walls then he walked to the other room next to the stairs but he didn't see any pictures of her.
"How strange. Didn't her parents take any pictures of her?" Blueberry asked himself.
Just then he heard Luna leaving her room, he turned and met her at the bottom of the stairs.
"Ready to go?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes I am, Umm, Blueberry, do you mind if I don't want to dance?"
"Not at all. Besides I don't know how to dance," Blueberry replied.
Luna smiled, greatly. They left the house and walked down the street.
"Lets hurry and get to the party," Blueberry suggested.
"Ok," Luna replied smiling.
They took off running to the park and rushed to the party at the school gym.
Luna and Blueberry spent the night at the party having fun and laughing. It would be the night Luna would never forget.