Chapter 8: Midnight Chat

Night had fallen and the stars twinkled brightly. Luna was in her winged unicorn form and had finished eating her dinner. She stood up took her plate to the kitchen. Then she walked back into the dining room and saw that Buster and Charades were almost done.
Rosebud was in the kitchen and her father was also finishing his dinner.
"Dad can I go out tonight?" she asked. "Sure but only for an hour. Tomorrow is school," Booster replied.
"I know," Luna replied, she looked at Buster and Charades, "Do you guys want to go with me?"
"Sure," Buster answered.
"Let me finish this first," Charades told her.
Luna went to the living room and waited till Buster and Charades were done.

Once they had finished eating, they stood up and left with Luna.
"Bye!" Luna exclaimed as she changed to an earth pony.
"Don't forget Lunarstar," Booster reminded her.
"I won't," Luna left the house and went to the forest.
"So where do you want to go?" Charades asked.
Luna stopped on the sidewalk at the edge of the yard, "Ummm, how about the Track N Field?"
"Way over there?" Buster asked, "you only have an hour."
"Oh, well how about the meadow near the Gate?" Luna asked.
"Sure, that's not too far," Charades answered.
She left the yard and walked into the forest. The treetops blocked out the moonlight making the forest pitch black. Luna lit her horn to give the forest some light while she changed into a winged unicorn. Buster and Charades followed her through the forest and up the hill towards the meadow near the gate. Her horn stopped glowing when they left the forest.
Once they reached the meadow, Luna suddenly stopped. She saw something moving in the tall grass.
" it?" Luna asked worriedly.
"Probably a small animal," Buster guessed.
Luna walked towards it, then suddenly it ran. "It's a rabbit!" Luna ran after the rabbit, chasing it around the tall grass. She zig zagged and twirled around laughing. Suddenly she fell and didn't get back up. Buster and Charades got worried and ran to her. They stood next to her and was relieved to see she was just catching her breath.
"You had us worried," Charades told her.
"Sorry," Luna looked up at the sky and noticed a galaxy of stars. The moon was shining brightly, it was close to looking full.
"I'll be going back soon, won't I?" Luna asked.
"Yes, tomorrow is your last day of school. You'll have a lot of school work to bring home with you so you can do them while your in the other world for a month," Charades answered.
Luna sat up in the grass and looked at Buster and Charades, "What am I going to do at Dream Castle?"
"Well, you'll learn how the King runs his Kingdom," Charades answered.
"And you'll meet your grandparents," Buster added.
"My grandparents?" Luna asked surprisingly. "I have grandparents?"
"Yes you do," Buster answered.
"Is that all I'm going to do for a month?" Luna asked.
"You'll be busy, that I do know," Charades answered.
"Are you two coming with me?"
"No. We're staying here. Prince Skyview can not carry three of us," Charades told her.
"Oh," Luna sighed. She was hoping they would go with her.
"We'll be here to meet you when the Gate opens again," Buster told her.
Luna smiled at them. "Oh, Starfire told me I'll be getting a collar."
"Yes, you'll get a silver collar," Charades replied.
"When?" Luna asked.
Buster laughed, "Are you anxious to have one?"
"I just want to see it and I'm just curious as to what it looks like on me."
"It'll look pretty on you," Charades replied.
"Will I be able to wear it here in this world?" Luna asked.
"I doubt it but that is something you'll have to ask your real parents," Charades replied.
"I wish my friends could see Dream Castle."
"Unfortunately there's no way of getting them there and back in one night," Charades replied.
"I think that boy...what's his name...Blueberry will miss you," Buster teased.
Luna blushed and the two boys laughed.
"We're just friends," Luna told them.
"Sure, he's just a friend that asked you go to a party," Buster replied smiling.
"Quit it," Luna blushed and the lightly pushed Buster with her hoof.
The two boys laughed.
"Quit it, we're just friends," Luna blushed and the stood up, she was about to push Buster again but he moved.
"Blueberry seems like a nice boy," Buster winked at her. Luna ran after Buster and chased him all over the meadow. Charades stood and laughed while Buster continued to tease her.
Luna played with Buster and Charades still it was time to go home.