Chapter 9: Going home again

The full moon shined brightly lighting up the forest. The wind blew slightly as the leaves rustled and shiny, yellow eyes blinked.
Luna walked close to her parents in the dark forest as she watched the eyes stare. She carried a full bag around her neck. Buster and Charades walked ahead leading them to the Gate.
"What is it?" Booster asked her, noticing how close she was to him.
"Someone's watching us," Luna replied staring at the trees.
Booster looked at the trees and noticed the eyes, then he started to laugh. "Those are just a couple of owls."
"Oh," Luna replied feeling embarrassed that she was scared over nothing.
They continued to walk through the forest as they followed the cobble stoned trail. The glow from Luna, Buster and Charades's coat gave off a lot of light making it possible for Booster and Rosebud to see around them.
"Why are there so many broken statues?" Rosebud asked, "What were they?"
"No one knows," Charades answered. "It's the same on the other side of the Gate. Some thinks it was a temple."
"A Temple?" Rosebud asked.
"That's just a guess," Buster replied. "The other Gate in this world is like this to, but the gate at Dream Castle isn't."
"It isn't?" Luna asked.
"It might have been at one time," Charades answered.
"So how many Gates are there?" Booster asked.
"Just two that we know of," Charades answered.
"Each Gate leads to a different place. This one leads to Ponyland in this world and it also leads to Mooney Mountain in the other world," Buster explained.
"The other gate leads to a city far from here but it also leads to Dream Castle," Charades added.
"Why can't the one at Dream Castle lead here?" Rosebud asked.
"It doesn't and I don't know why. There's not much we know about the gates. I don't think even the royal family knows more than us," Charades explained.
Luna listened to them quietly. She had always wondered about the Gates. Who made them and why? Are there more Gates? Luna had so many questions but she knew no one could possibly answer them.

When they arrived at the ruins, Rosebud and Booster looked around surprisingly. There were stones and walls everywhere.
"I can see why someone would think this was a temple," Rosebud observed.
Just then Skyview and Starfire walked through the Gate and stood waiting. They wore golden collars around their necks. Luna ran from her parents and up to Skyview and Starfire.
"Luna, we certainly missed you," Skyview rubbed his head on her cheeks while Starfire did the same on the other side of her.
Starfire and Skyview stopped and smiled at her.
"So how have you been?" Starfire asked.
"Great! It's great to be back again playing with my friends," Luna smiled.
Skyview couldn't help but noticed her bag, it looked packed and bulky. "What's in the bag?"
"Oh, just my school work for the month and a few books and stuff from home," Luna replied.
"Oh, a few books?" Skyview asked.
Starfire laughed. "Watch your books Luna or you might find Skyview reading them."
Skyview glared at him.
Starfire looked at him. "What?"
Skyview sighed, then smiled at Luna. "Ready to leave?"
"Yeah," Luna turned and saw her parents standing there watching. Luna walked up to them, "Bye."
Rosebud and Booster both hugged her.
"Be good and listen to your real parents," Rosebud told her.
"I will."
"We want to hear everything that you did when you get back," Booster told her.
"Ok," Luna turned from them and walked up to Skyview.
"Lets go," Skyview turned and began walking through the gate.
Luna looked back at her parents. "Bye!"
"Have a good time, Lunarstar," Booster replied.
"Bye Buster, Charades!" Luna said to them.
"Goodbye Princess. We'll be looking forward to see you again," Charades replied.
Luna turned and followed Skyview then Starfire followed her.

Luna walked through the Gate and stopped next to Skyview. In front of them stood King Sea Mist's soldiers. There were 5 in a row.
"What are they doing here?" Luna asked.
"To watch our backs and the gate while it's open." Skyview turned towards Luna. "Stand still. I'll have to take you to Dream Castle." Skyview's horn began to glow then he lowered his head and was about to touch her horn when she stopped him.
"What are you going to do?" Luna asked.
"I will take you in cloud form back to Dream Castle. It's the fastest way of getting there," Skyview answered.
"What about Starfire?" Luna asked.
"I can only take one and besides, Starfire can fly fast. He won't have any trouble keeping up with us. Now Luna, please stand still." Skyview lowered his horn again touching her horn, Suddenly they turned into a gray cloud. Starfire waited till the cloud had left before following. He flapped his wings and flew from the ground. The faster he flapped his wings the faster he flew and soon he caught up with the gray cloud.
They traveled through the sky at a blur all night long till the sun began peeking in the horizon.
Starfire flew past Dream Castle, then circled the yard before landing at the steps. Skyview appeared from the cloud with Luna laying on the ground next to him.
Starfire looked down at her. "Is she ok?"
Skyview smiled, "She just fell asleep on the way here." Skyview took of her bag and handed it to Starfire. "Lets take her to bed. She can sleep for a few hours."
Skyview carefully picked Luna up in his arms and carried her into the castle where a new day awaited her.