Chapter 101: Love hurts, deep

The sun was rising and the little ponies walked to school through the park, some came to school from the school entrance. Blueberry and Raspberry walked together to school following a group of other ponies. Blueberry suddenly saw Blizzard walked towards Lunarstar ahead of him. Raspberry noticed the hard look Blueberry was giving Blizzard.
"Don't start that again," Raspberry told him.
"I haven't started nothing," Blueberry exclaimed, watching as Blizzard walked with Lunarstar to school and talking to her.
Just then Ace ran up to him from behind, "Hay Blueberry." Blueberry and Raspberry stopped and waited for Ace.
"I just over heard the girls say Blizzard loves Lunarstar," Ace exclaimed.
Blueberry looked at Blizzard and glared at him.
"So, is it true?" Ace excitedly asked.
"I don't know. I haven't heard about it," Blueberry replied.
"Raspberry, is it true?" Ace asked.
"I don't think I should say anything," Raspberry replied.
Ace smiled, "So it's true? I got to tell the others this. Who would have thought Blizzard cared for someone." Then he hurried into school.
"You heard me didn't you, Blueberry?" Raspberry asked, "I didn't say anything."
Blueberry wasn't listening he was busy watching Blizzard and Luna talking.

During lunch brake, Blueberry sat with his friends, Ace, Teddy and Lancer.
"So Blueberry, what are you going to do now that Blizzard took your girl?" Teddy asked.
"I'll think of something," Blueberry replied.
"You have better not," a voice exclaimed behind him.
Blueberry turned and saw Raspberry looking at him angrily.
"I'll tell mom if you start another fight or cause any trouble," Raspberry told him.
"Thanks...You have big ears to go with your big mouth," Blueberry remarked. The boys began laughing.
Raspberry looked at him angrily, "You just watch it big brother or you'll loose her for good." Then she continued walking towards Lunarstar and her friends carrying a tray.
Blueberry continued eating as he listened to a group of ponies behind him.
"I heard he's secretly in love," a female voice said.
"I heard he flat out told her he loved her," another voice said.
Blueberry looked at his friends, "Did you guys tell anyone about Blizzard?"
"Well..." Ace began to say, "It was during brake, anyone could have heard us talking about him."
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, everyone all over school it talking about him," Lancer told him.
Blueberry looked at Blizzard who sat at the end of the table with the girls eating.
"I think it's time we have a little talk," Blueberry muttered.

After school, Blueberry and Raspberry went home and hurried to their rooms. They left their school bag on their desks and left their rooms.
"Where are you going?" Blueberry asked.
"To see my friends," Raspberry replied and hurried downstairs and left the house. Blueberry hurried out the door and ran to the park passing Raspberry and hoping he would catch Blizzard. Raspberry knew he was up to something. She began running, hoping she would tell her friends so they can stop what ever he was about to do.

Blueberry hurried to the park and stood waiting by the park entrance. He knew Blizzard would pass by, he just wasn't sure when. After a while Blizzard entered the park and immediately noticed Blueberry.
"What do you want now?" Blizzard asked annoyingly.
"Just to talk," Blueberry replied.
"Start talking then," Blizzard told him.
"I heard you Love Lunarstar. Is that true?" Blueberry asked.
"So what if it is," Blizzard replied.
"So?" Blueberry asked raising his voice a bit, "I love her. Lunarstar and I was here together before you got here."
"So," Blizzard replied, not sure what Blueberry's point was.
"Look, I love her. She's already taken. Why don't you find another girl?" Blueberry calmly asked.
"Because I don't want another girl,"Blizzard answered, "now why can't you leave me alone about her?"
Just then Raspberry and her friends arrived.
"I just knew he would start arguing," Raspberry exclaimed but neither of the boys was listening to her.
"I love her and she loves me!" Blueberry exclaimed.
"I love her and she loves me!" Blizzard exclaimed.
"She is mine. find you own girl," Blueberry told him.
"She is mine. Now bug out and get lost!" Blizzard exclaimed.
" of us should get Lunarstar," Melody exclaimed worriedly.
"I will," Raspberry replied and ran past the two upset boys.

She ran out of the park and across the street. She hurried past several blocks till she came to Lunarstar's street. Just around the corner appeared Lunarstar.
"Lunarstar!" Raspberry yelled.
Lunarstar stopped and looked at her worriedly, "What's wrong?"
"These two..." Raspberry tried to catch her breath, "Blueberry and Blizzard it again."
"Fighting?" Lunarstar asked worriedly.
"Not yet but they will," Raspberry replied.
Lunarstar ran imaging the worst things. She ran to the park and immediately noticed them the minute she entered the park. She approached her friends while trying to catch her breath. Raspberry stopped and stood next to her, "See?"
"Alright, then lets ask her," Blueberry exclaimed angrily.
"Ask me what?" Lunarstar asked.
The two boys turned their heads and looked at her surprisingly.
"Lunarstar, how long have you been standing there?" Blueberry asked.
"Ask me what?" Lunarstar asked, starting to feel annoyed.
The boys looked at each other then Blueberry took a deep breath, "Who do you love more? me ore Blizzard?"
Lunarstar stood and stared at them surprisingly. She couldn't believe Blueberry had asked her that. She looked at Blueberry, then at Blizzard.
"Lunarstar, who do you like more?" Starlight asked.
"Blueberry?" Bon Bon asked.
"Blizzard," Sweetheart said.
"Blueberry," Patch said.
"I think it's Blizzard," Melody exclaimed.
As the girls continued to call their names, Lunarstar started at the boys. She didn't know who to pick. She knew there could only be one but who? She loved them both. She had fun with Blueberry and he was sweet with her but she loved spending time with Blizzard, talking to him and seeing his rare smiles.
"Well?" Blueberry asked.
Lunarstar felt like she was being pulled apart. Her eyes began to water. They wanted an answer and she didn't have one.
Tears began to trickle down her cheek, "I-I...I don't know!" Then she turned and ran.
"Lunarstar!" the girls yelled, then they turned and ran after her.
Blueberry glared at Blizzard.
"Don't look at me. I'm not the one who asked her," Blizzard exclaimed and followed the girls.
Blueberry sighed sadly, knowing he did it again, he had hurt Lunarstar. He began walking following Blizzard.