Chapter 104: Blueberry finally wakes up

It was morning and Lunarstar hurried through the park, racing to the ice cream shop. She hoped Blueberry would be there but to her disappointment, her friends was there at the counter talking.
"Hi, Lunarstar!" Patch exclaimed.
"Hi, is Blueberry around?" Lunarstar asked.
"You don't want to be talking to him," Raspberry told her, "He's been mad all morning and doesn't want to talk."
"But I got to. I want to apologize and hope we can just be friends," Lunarstar exclaimed sadly.
"You did nothing wrong, Lunarstar," Bright Eyes replied.
"He asked you a question and you choose," Melody pointed out.
"But I'll feel better if I apologized," Lunarstar replied.
"Well Lunarstar, I don't think he wants to talk to you," Raspberry told her.
"Then we'll talk to him," Patch proposed.
"Yeah," The girls agreed.
"Oh, thank you," Lunarstar replied happily.
Just then Blizzard entered the shop, "I'm here so lets get going."
Lunarstar smiled at him.
"Go where?" Bon Bon curiously asked.
"Just sight seeing," Lunarstar answered then she turned and followed him out of the shop.
"So Raspberry, where's Blueberry?" Starlight asked.
"I don't know," Raspberry replied.
"Lets go look for him," Clover suggested.
The girls agreed and left the shop.

They went to the park and hurried to the hill where the boys loved playing soccer but Blueberry wasn't there. They left and walked around together wondering where he was. Soon they found him at the lake staring while he sat in the grass. The girls approached him and stood behind him.
"Lunarstar is looking for you," Bright Eyes muttered.
"So what," Blueberry replied.
"Why don't you get off your sorry butt," Raspberry exclaimed angrily. She was getting tired of his attitude.
Blueberry stood up and faced Raspberry angrily, "Mind your own business!"
"Not when you continue to hurt my friend. She wanted to apologize which I can't imagine why, she did nothing wrong. She hoped you could be friends with her," Raspberry exclaimed angrily.
"Friends?" Blueberry, "not when she chooses him over me."
"Your jealous!" Raspberry yelled.
"No I'm not. Why don't off," Blueberry exclaimed and walked away leaving the girls surprised.
"Umm...That is Blueberry isn't it?" Starlight asked.
"He's not all," Sweetheart added.
"Tell me about it," Raspberry replied, "I'm going home, maybe I can talk some sense into him."
"Good luck," Clover replied smiling.
"Thanks," Raspberry replied, then she turned and followed Blueberry home.

Raspberry hurried home. She went upstairs to Blueberry's room but he wasn't there. She went downstairs and looked in the living room and family room but he wasn't there.
"Mom, Where's Blueberry?" Raspberry asked from the family room.
"Out back," her mother yelled back from the laundry room.
Raspberry hurried through the kitchen and saw Blueberry sitting under a tree staring at the grass. Raspberry slowly slid the door opened then closed it as she stepped outside. She cautiously approached him and stood before him.
"Blueberry," Raspberry began to say, "Talk to Lunarstar."
"No, now go away," Blueberry told her.
"Please just talk to her?" Raspberry begged.
Blueberry stood up and walked behind the tree, then he sat down, "Get lost."
"I heard all that from Blizzard...Get lost, leave me alone, go away, but I didn't listen so your wasting your time," Raspberry told him as she walked around the tree to face him.
"Leave me," Blueberry told her, trying hard not to get mad at her.
"No, now stop being so jealous and talk to her," Raspberry exclaimed.
Blueberry looked up at her angrily, "Get out of my life and mind your own business." Then he suddenly realized what he had said, he looked up at her sorrowfully, "Raspberry, I didn't mean it, I..."
Raspberry's eyes watered heavily, tears poured from her eyes soaking her cheeks, "You meant every word of it!"
"No I..." Blueberry began to say but was interrupted.
"Your so mean. Ever since you went out with Lunarstar, you've changed. You chased ponies away who go to close to her. You don't care about me anymore," Raspberry sobbed hard, "You used to be so caring of others and me. You used to watch out for me even though I didn't deserved it. No mater how bad I was, I never made ponies cry," Raspberry continued to wipe her tears away but it was no use, "I don't know you anymore...your not my big brother...I want him back!" Then she turned and ran into the house crying.
Her mother saw Raspberry crying and hurried outside, "Blueberry, just what did you do to her?"
Blueberry lowered his head realizing everything she said was right, "I upset her."
"She's your little sister. I don't want you ever make her cry again. Now march upstairs and calm her down!" His mother yelled angrily.

Blueberry stood up and left the yard. He walked into the house and up the stairs. He could hear her sobbing loudly. He opened the door and closed it behind him. Raspberry peaked at him from her pillow covering her face.
"Get out!" She said angrily, "Mom!"
"Raspberry, please let me talk first," Blueberry quickly said.
"Make it fast and get out!" Raspberry yelled.
"I'm sorry. Your right I was so jealous I was angry and blind," Blueberry told her. He walked up to her bed and sat down next to her, "I haven't acted like a big brother, only a spoiled pony. Being with Lunarstar made me forget myself and blinded me. It's probably best if she had chosen Blizzard instead. I'm still young. I have plenty of time to fall in love."
"Are you going to be my big brother now?" Raspberry asked after she had calmed down.
"Yes, of course and I'm sorry about what I told you. I was mad and wasn't thinking straight," Blueberry told her.
"Really?" Raspberry asked.
"I have to take care of my little sister," Blueberry replied.
Raspberry smiled and sat up to hug him.
"What about Lunarstar?" Raspberry asked.
"I will talk to her tomorrow and apologize for my stupid behavior," Blueberry replied.
Raspberry smiled greatly.
"Come one, lets go outside and play ball," Blueberry proposed happily.
"Ok," Raspberry replied. and the two got off the bed and left the room.