Chapter 105: The shocking truth about Lunarstar

Lunarstar and Blizzard walked together toward the park talking about their day today when Lunarstar noticed the sun half in the horizon. She stopped suddenly and gasped, "I'm late. I got to get home."
"I'll walk you there," Blizzard proposed.
"No, I'll get there faster on my own," She smiled at him, "Don't worry I'll get home safely."
"Ok, if your sure. I'll just be heading home then," Blizzard replied, "Goodnight." He kissed her then left. Lunarstar smiled greatly and hurried home through the park. As she approached the exit of the park, she noticed Buster and Charades standing across the street looking at the sky. She looked up wondering what they were looking at and saw something strange. A cluster of snowflakes flying over the park towards the forest near the docks. Buster and Charades changed directions and followed the snowflakes. Lunarstar was curious as to what was going on, so she decided to follow them.

Raspberry and Blueberry was walking together through the park when they spotted Lunarstar.
"There she is," Raspberry pointed.
"Where is she going?" Blueberry curiously asked, "Shouldn't she be going home?"
"Lets follow her and find out," Raspberry suggested.
Blueberry looked at her questionably.
"It's just in case she gets in trouble or something," Raspberry assured him.
"Ok but you stay with me," Blueberry replied.

Blizzard flew to the forest unaware that he was about to have five visitors. He landed on the ground and returned to his pony form. He looked at the sky and saw the sun was setting fast.
"Tonight would be a perfect time to search for Princess Luna," Blizzard thought. He knew he would have to see his father soon which his father expect results. He walked into his shack, unwrapped his legs. He rubbed his hairy feet and then put on his dark blue cloak. He put his hood over his head and left the shack. Suddenly he heard a snapping twig. He turned to his left and was shocked to see Buster and Charades, the two ponies from the other world.
Neither one of them knew what to say at first.
"So this is where you've been hiding," Charades exclaimed.
"This is my place and you're trespassing!" Blizzard replied.
Lunarstar quickly and carefully sneaked closer to the shack and was just several feet away from Buster and Charades. She ducked to the grass and peeked between the tree and rock. Raspberry and Blueberry laid low in the grass behind the trees and bushes watching from a different angle.
"Who are you?" Blizzard asked not sure if they were soldiers or someone Stardust hired to find him.
"We are Princess Luna's guards," Charades answered.
Blizzard suddenly threw icy darts at them. Buster and Charades split in different directions as the icy dart flew past them and hit the tree next to Lunarstar.
Buster and Charades ran around him as icy dart continued to fly.
Blizzard was getting annoyed by it. He spit at the ground and made a solid sheet of ice in front if them causing Charades to slip and fall. Blizzard walked towards him and took a deep breath. Suddenly Buster rammed into him. Blizzard fell to the ground, rolling over a few times. He quickly jumped to his feet when he saw Buster and Charades running towards him. He ran around the shack and shot icy darts at Buster to get him out of the way.
Blizzard ran and turned, throwing more icy darts at them. Buster hid behind the shack while keeping Blizzard busy. Charades sneaked around and ran up to him, knocking him to the ground. Buster ran out from behind the shack and stood next to Charades looking down at little ice blue pony.
Blizzard looked up and threw icy darts at them, causing them to split in different directions. Suddenly they all heard a loud snap. They turned and looked at a tree. One of it's large branches had been hit by Blizzard's icy darts.
Charades gasped when he saw Lunarstar looking up.
"Lunarstar!" Charades yelled, "Run!"
Buster and Blizzard gasped when they saw her.
Lunarstar stood up and turned to run but it was to late. The branch broke and fell, knocking Lunarstar to the ground and pinning her under it. She couldn't move, all she could do was lay there.
Buster and Charades turned to run to her but Blizzard blew ice on their feet freezing them to the ground. Blizzard ran frantically past the two ponies towards Lunarstar.
Charades noticed two familiar ponies peeking over a bush.
"Hay you two, don't let him kill her!" Charades yelled, "Hurry, stop him!"
Blueberry wasted no time and ran out of the bushes toward Blizzard with Raspberry behind him. Blizzard turned and threw icy dart at the ground, stopping them in their tracks.
"Don't come any closer," Blizzard warned.
He turned and looked at Lunarstar laying on her side under the branch. She looked up at him with her sad purple eyes. Tears started to flow from her eyes and drip from her cheek. She could see the sad look on his face. There was no doubt who was standing over her.
"Blizzard?" Lunarstar whispered.
Her vision became blurry then she close her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Blizzard gasped shockingly at what he saw happened next. Her pearly horn suddenly appeared, as did her pinned down wings. Her purple hair turned white.
Blueberry and Raspberry was to shocked to move or say anything.
"Get away from her!" Charades yelled angrily.
Blizzard ignore him.
"Blizzard?" Raspberry asked after remembering what Lunarstar had called him.
Blizzard turned towards her, "Get lost!"
"It is you!" Raspberry, knowing only one pony who love to say that to her.
Blizzard removed his hood reveling his face. Tears came down his cheeks, his eyes looked watery.
Blueberry looked at Blizzard angrily, "I don't know what's going on but I know that was Lunarstar. Just what do you think your doing? I thought you loved her. You..."
"Shut up," Blizzard yelled angrily at him, "You don't think I don't know that?!"
Buster and Charades gasped as they realized who he was.
"I love Lunarstar more than you can imagine. I had no idea she was Princess Luna!" Blizzard yelled.
"Princess Luna?" Blueberry and Raspberry asked.
"He came to kill her," Buster told them.
"Kill her?" Blueberry asked, "Are you crazy?"
Blizzard's tears continued to drip from his cheeks. He wiped the tears from his eyes but they continued to fall.
"Father sent me to kill her. I spent all this time looking for a pony with long hair that would match Princess Luna. How could I be so blind? She was right there next to me and I fell in love with her," Blizzard paused and continued to wipe his tears away. he turned and looked at her sadly.
"So that's why you watched ponies in the park but how could your father ask you to do such a thing?" Raspberry asked.
"I don't know. He told me once I killed her, I was to bring her horn back as proof but now that she's...gone I can't do it," he looked at Blueberry sadly, "I'm so sorry for the trouble I caused you. I didn't deserve her."
"No, I'm not the right one for her, you were," Blueberry told him.
Blizzard lowered his head as tears dropped to the ground. He thought of Lunarstar's smiled, her purple eyes. Her laughter. When she made him try on hats. When he made her laugh. When he kissed her. He looked down at her and touched her white mane with his hairy hoof, lightly stroking it.
"I'm sorry," He whispered.
He stood on his hind leg and took off his cloak, dropped it to the ground. Then he turned and looked at Buster and Charades, "I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused everyone. I don't think I would have killed her if I caught her. I tried before with her and those black ponies. Father will be so furious with me when he finds out." He looked up at Blueberry, "You won't see me again." Then he ran into the dark forest as he cried. Only a sliver of the sun was still showing in the horizon giving little light to the shack.
"Blizzard!" Raspberry yelled but it was to late he was gone and out of sight.
"Hay, your two. Get us free first," Charades told them.
Blueberry and Raspberry grabbed a few rocks and chipped away the ice on their feet. Once they were free, they hurried toward's Luna. Charades laid his head on her shoulder, "She's alive." he walked to the branch and held one end, "Get the other end."
Buster picked up the other end and the two lifted the heavy branch, throwing it off of her.
Charades walked up to Luna and ran his hoof along her side, making sure she didn't brake anything. Then he took her wing and pulled it.
"What was that for?" Buster asked.
"It was dislocated," Charades replied. Then he bent down and carefully picked her up in his arms.
"Ummm," Raspberry began to say, "That is Lunarstar isn't it?"
Buster and Charades looked at them worriedly.
"She is the ghost of Ponyland...isn't she?" Raspberry asked.
"Are you two her friend?" Charades asked them.
"Yes," Blueberry and Raspberry answered.
"Then I beg you to tell no one about her," Charades told them.
"But her horn and wings...her hair changed" Raspberry continued to ask.
"If you two want to know everything, come to her house early in the morning. I promise you'll get the answers to all your questions about her," Charades replied.
"We'll defiantly be there," Blueberry replied, "Besides I still have to talk to her."
"Come, lets get you two out of the forest," Charades told them.

Blueberry and Raspberry
Followed the two ponies to a sidewalk but Buster and Charades stayed in the forest.
"Aren't you two coming? I mean you are taking her home...aren't you?," Blueberry asked
"Yes but we can't risk anyone else seeing her," Charades replied.
"Go home and get some rest, you two are going to need it tomorrow," Buster told them.
Blueberry and Raspberry turned and began walked as the street lights suddenly came on. Buster and Charades turned and walked through the thick forest.
"What should we do now that Blizzard knows about her?" Buster asked.
"Nothing. I thinks he's to broken up to come after her again but to be safe, lets keep a close eye on her," Charades replied.