Chapter 10:  Visiting at the Gate

The sky was getting dark and Luna was constantly watching the window. she was in her earth pony form ready to leave the house.
"Mom, Dad are you going with us?" Luna asked still staring out the window.
"No, not this time," Booster replied, "We thought you should have time alone with your real parents."
"Oh," Luna replied as she turned and looked at them.
"Say hi to them for us," Rosebud added.
Luna smiled, "I will."
Buster and Charades walked in to the living room from the kitchen.
"Ready to go?" Charades asked her.
"Yes," Luna replied.
"We better hurry, te Gate will open any minute," buster told them.
"Bye, see you when I get back," Luna told her parents and then she followed Buster and Charades out the door.

They walked from the yards and into the forest. The sun setting fast, only half the sun was left. Once they were deep in the thick forest, Luna's horn began to glow, He white hair turned white and her wings appeared. Buster and Charades watched her as she changed.
"Still not used to it?" Luna asked.
"Yes but it's interesting to see you do it," Charades answered.
"Oh," Luna replied smiling.
The walked through the forest to a hill where the trail began. As the climbed the hill the sun had only a sliver left and their coats started to glow.
They hurried up the hill and into the forest. By the time they reached the meadow, the sun had disappeared and they were glowing.
"The gate is opened!" Luna exclaimed worriedly.
"We'll be there soon," Buster assured her.
They walked through the meadow to the ruins. Luna smiled greatly when she saw her father and two uncles standing in front of the Gate. Luna ran to Stardust leaving Buster and Charades behind.
"Dad!" Luna cried. She stopped next to him and nuzzled his muscular shoulder and his black hair.
Stardust wore a crown so he had to be carful how far he could look down at her.
"It's good to see you too, Luna," Stardust replied.
"It's a bit boring at the castle without you," Starfire told her.
"Believe me, it has been boring for me at all. He always wants to play with me," Skyview exclaimed.
"Of course, Stardust is too busy and your doing nothing."
"I'm reading or was till you come in," Skyview replied.
Luna giggled, it was good to hear her uncles argue again and hear her father tell them to knock it off.

Blizzard stood behind on the other side of the meadow watching. He could get over their coats glowing, even his coat was glowing.
"Teriney never told me about the glow," Blizzard thought, "I got to get closer and listen but how, they'll see me. I'm surprised none of them noticed me from here." She turned into a cluster of snow flakes and quickly flew among the tall grass careful as to not make the grass move much. He flew into the forest and found a close spot in a ditch behind some bushes. He appeared in his pony form hoping the bushes would hide his glow. He laid in the grass silently listening closely.

As soon as Buster and Charades arrived they bowed. Stardust smiled and nodded his head.
"Dad, where's mom?" Luna asked.
"She had a busy day. She wanted to come but she fell asleep. I just couldn't wake her up."
Luna looked at his sadly.
"I'll be sure she comes next time," Stardust added.
"I miss her though," Luna replied.
"I'll tell her that," Stardust told her, "So what have you been doing?"
Just then Charades caught something in the forest out of the corner of his eye. It was hard to tell, all he saw was a faint glow.
"Don't say anything," Charades whispered catching Stardust and everyone by surprise, " I'm sorry but there's something to your left. It's a faint light."
Stardust looked and saw what Charades was talking about.
"Skyview, check it out," Stardust whispered.

Blizzard noticed something was wrong. Their voices suddenly got quiet. He wasn't sure what was happening till he saw Skyview turn into a cloud and headed his way.
"They must have seen me," Blizzard whispered to himself. He turned into a cluster of snow flakes and blew out of the forest, past the black ponies.
"That wind is so cool," Starfire complained.
"To cold for this time of year," Stardust replied.
A minute later, Skyview returned changing back to his pony form, "Who ever it was is gone."
"Someone was there?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, I heard them but when I looked they were gone. I searched the area and they simply disappeared," Skyview replied.
"That wind wasn't normal either," Stardust commented, he looked down at Luna, "Have you noticed any unicorns or ponies with hairy feet?"
"No, I haven't," Luna answered.
"King Stardust, last night Princess Luna returned home frozen. She had icicles all over her," Charades quickly said.
"Icicles?" the black ponies asked.
"Luna, what happened?" Stardust asked.
Luna sighed, She was getting tired of repeating the same story, "I was outside running through the forest when a cold wind and snow appeared, surrounding me. I came home as soon as I could."
"A cold wind?" Starfire asked, "Like the one that went by a minute ago?"
"Ummm...sort of but much colder," Luna answered.
Stardust stood silently thinking. Could the wind that went by be connected to the winter wind of last night? Could it be who ever was watching them caused the wind and if so, why? The more he thought about it the more worried he felt for Luna.
"Starfire, stay here with Luna, Buster and Charades," Stardust told him.
"Umm, ok," Starfire replied, not sure why Stardust wanted him to stay.
Luna smiled greatly at him and yet she felt there was a reason for him staying.
"Why?" Starfire asked.
"I'm just a little worried about that wind. I want you to check it out," Stardust told him.
"How do I do that, it's just a wind," Starfire told him.
"I doubt it's just a wind. Someone was here watching us, then they disappeared and that cold wind blew by. It tried to freeze Luna last night. Starfire, just see what you can find out," Stardust explained.
"Ok," Starfire replied, then he looked at Luna and smiled, "Looks like I'll be with you for a month."
Luna smiled greatly, "Great! We can go flying or exploring through the forest. Maybe even walking through town or playing."
Everyone laughed.
"Well, I'll take this opportunity to read my books then," Skyview remarked.
"Enjoy it while you can till I get back," Starfire told him.
Skyview smiled greatly, "Oh I plan on it. I'll enjoy every minute of it."
Luna laughed.
"Where will you stay?" Buster asked.
"He can stay at my parent's house. They have an extra room for guests," Luna answered.
"Oh, I forgot about that," Buster exclaimed.
"It'll be fun to have you around," Luna told him.
Starfire could tell Luna was very excited about having her uncle staying with her.
"Maybe Skyview will stay were next," Stardust proposed.
"Then I have better get a lot of reading done," Skyview quickly said.
"Just what do you see in those books?" Starfire asked.
"If you actually read a few, then you might know."
"I could if I could stay awake long enough," Starfire exclaimed.
"It'll be peace and quiet at the castle for a month without you to arguing," Stardust quickly said.
Starfire and Skyview stood and glared at each other.

They spent the night talking and laughing. When it was time to go, Luna hug her father and Skyview then left with Starfire, Buster and Charades.