Chapter 13:  Fun with Starfire

The sky was dark and the crescent moon shined brightly through the passing clouds. Stars twinkled like diamonds. The wind blew slightly, rustling the leaves on the trees.
Luna in her winged unicorn form sitting in her room working on her school work. She listened to the wind when she finally finished. She closed her book and placed it in her school bag. Then she put her school bag next to her bed on the floor and left her room. She hurried downstairs and found her parents watching TV but Buster and Charades wasn't there. She could only guessed they had left but where was Starfire?
Rosebud turned around on the couch and smiled at Luna, "Finished already?"
"I didn't have much to do," Luna replied, then she looked around, "umm, where's Starfire?"
"He on the back porch," Rosebud answered.
Luna left the living room and walked through the kitchen to the back door. She walked outside and saw Starfire sitting on the parch to the far right staring at the stars.
"Starfire!" Luna exclaimed.
"Hi, Luna. Finished?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I did," Luna walked up to him and sat next to him, "What are you doing out here?"
"Just enjoying the view," Starfire replied.
Luna leaned her head on Starfire's shoulder, feeling his soft black fur. Starfire turned his head and stared at her.
"What?" Luna asked looking up at him.
"I just noticed, you've grown a little bit since I first saw you," Starfire replied.
"I have?" Luna asked, "Won't I stop growing at 16?"
"No," Starfire laughed, "You'll slow down growing. By the time you're an adult, You'll age very slowly."
"Oh I forgot. So how old are you?"
Starfire laughed, "I'm still young, Luna."
Luna smiled but then it faded away, "But what about the one I marry?"
"Unfortunately, you'll out live him," Starfire replied.
"Oh," Luna sighed sadly.
The two sat on the porch silently listening to the owls and the crickets.
Luna suddenly looked up at Starfire, "Want to play?"
"Play?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah, it's a perfect time to play. We could play rope toss in the forest," Luna suggested.
"Ok then," Starfire stood up smiling.
"Let me ask my parents first," Luna turned and went into the house with Starfire behind her.

They walked into the living room where her parents was still watching TV.
"Mom, dad, can I go out with Starfire?" Luna asked.
"I don't see why not," Rosebud answered.
"As long as you stay with him," Booster added.
"I will," Luna replied smiling, "um, do you have a rope?"
"Rope? Why do you want that for?" Rosebud asked.
"We're going to play Rope Toss," Luna replied.
"It's a game she loves to play and it requires a short rope," Starfire explained.
Booster stood up, "Let me go look." He left the living room and walked to the garage through the dinning room. A few minutes later he returned with a long rope.
"I'll get a knife," Luna exclaimed and hurried to the kitchen, a minute later she returned and handed it to her father. He cut a short rope and handed it to Starfire.
"This is perfect. Now lets go," Starfire said.
"I'll wink us to the forest," Luna proposed excitedly.
"You can do that?" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"Sure, I can," Luna replied. She lit her horn. As soon as she touched him, they winked out.

Luna and Starfire appeared in the forest not to far for the house. Starfire looked around and recognized the forest.
"Are we close to the gate?" Starfire asked.
"Is this the spot where you almost turned to an icicle?" Starfire asked.
"Not here but close by."
Starfire didn't feel safe in that part of the forest. He knew that's where the winter wind had came. He felt it would come again if they played here.
"Lets go to another part of the forest," Starfire suggested.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"I don't feel safe here," Starfire answered. He held the rope in his mouth and flew from the ground with Luna behind him.
They flew around the forest looking for a nice clearing.

Blizzard walked around the forest with his hooded cloak on and his feet unwrapped, searching. He walking as quiet as he could hoping to see the Princess again.
"I searched every night and I haven't seen her yet. Teriney will be angry if I don't kill her," Blizzard whispered to himself. He suddenly stopped and noticed something in sky in the distance. Something was flying. One of them looked lighter than the other. Blizzard decided to check it out knowing it had to be a pegasus or a very large bird. Blizzard watched till they disappeared in the forest far from town.
Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew towards the sky. He flew over the town and into the forest where he thought they had landed in. He returned to his pony form and quietly walked through the forest without making a sound. He avoided brushing past bushes and stepping on sticks. Since the forest was so dark he had to walk slowly. He walked through the forest and up a hill when suddenly he heard laughing. He paused and quickly hid behind a tree. The laughing and snapping of twigs got louder.
Suddenly Luna ran out of the forest to the clearing with a rope in her mouth, giggling to herself. Blizzard was curious as to why she had a rope.
"Now is my chance," Blizzard thought. As he took a step forward, Starfire suddenly jump over a bush and ran after Luna. Blizzard ducked low to the grass and watched.
"I'll never get her with him around," Blizzard thought.
He laid on the grass and continued watching with interests.

Luna ran with Starfire quickly catching up to her. When she glanced back he suddenly grabbed the rope in his mouth and tugged on it but she wouldn't let go. Starfire and Luna stopped each trying to tug on the rope. Luna tried hard to get the rope from him but he just stood there smiling at her. When Starfire tugged she felt she was about to loose the rope.
"Stubborn uh?" Starfire mumbled, he smiled and walked around her hoping she'd loose her footing. When Luna tripped over her own feet, she suddenly fell but refused to let go.
"I still have it," Luna mumbled.
"Oh, we'll see about that," Starfire replied.
He lifted his hoof and began to tickle her on the stomach. Luna giggled trying to hold the rope but she couldn't hold back any longer. Suddenly She burst out laughing. Starfire was having to much fun to stop.
Blizzard watched curiously as she rolled around the grass. Suddenly an image of him as a baby smiling, flashed before his eyes. Blizzard blinked and rubbed his eyes.
"Was" Blizzard thought, "It must have been my imagination."
Blizzard yawned quietly, "It's getting late. It's no use staying here." He turned and left, "Sooner or later she will be alone."