Chapter 20:  Visit to Dream Valley

Starfire and Luna were at the dinning room table coloring pages from a coloring book.
"Sure was nice of Charades to get you this book," Luna remarked.
"Yes it was," Starfire agreed as he concentrated on the torn coloring page from the book he had. Just then he felt something stuck his senses.
"The gate?" Starfire thought staring at the page on the table.
"Starfire?" Luna asked curiously noticing he wasn't doing anything.
"I...was just...thinking."
"Are you sure?" Luna asked not sure whether to believe what he said.
"Trust me, it's nothing you need to worry about," Starfire smiled and then he continued coloring. He couldn't help but think of the Gate but why? It was the first time he had felt the gate and yet it was like he felt someone crossed the gate. Was he just imagining things? He knew it was daylight and the moon wasn't even full so the gate was close. Starfire felt so confused, it was like when he sensed his brothers and knew who it was but sensing the gate was even stronger. He wondered if his brothers felt it too?

Blizzard had crossed the gate and took off his hood letting the sunlight shine on his face. His golden charm was hanging loosely from the pouch around his neck, his feet didn't have the wrappings.
"Now to report to father..I mean Teriney," Blizzard thought.
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from Mooney mountain towards Dream Castle.

It was morning by the time he saw Dream Castle. In the distance was a town called Dream Valley. He had never been to a town in that world but has always wanted to. Blizzard decided to make a quick stop. He landed on the ground at the edge of a forest over looking the town.
Once he returned to his pony form he stood and stared.
"Teriney will never know I ever went to town," Blizzard thought.
He left the forest and walked towards town. There were quite a lot of ponies walking around town or heading in that direction.
When Blizzard got to town he saw that there wasn't much difference. There were sidewalks and stores with ponies carrying bags and little ponies walking everywhere. Blizzard felt strange to be in town. He never been around so many unicorns and Pegasus. Every male pony he saw had hairy feet. Blizzard continued walking looking through the glass windows. There were so many stores, some were bigger than others. Some stores were small restaurants. He spent most of the day looking through the windows.
Blizzard stopped at one of the stores and looked through the window watching a pony ice a cake.
"It's for my daughter's wedding," a male pony said.
Blizzard looked up at a dark orange male pony with pale green and turquoise hair.
"It's going to be tomorrow morning near Dream Valley," the pony added.
"Where's Dream Valley?" Blizzard ask curiously.
The pony chuckled, "You don't know? Why, this town is called Dream Valley."
"Why is it called that?" Blizzard asked. He had never heard of the name Dream Valley. Teriney only told him to never go to any towns or be seen. Blizzard realized he had broken the rules but his curiosity was bugging him.
"This town sit in a Valley which used to be Dream Valley but since the town was build here, they decided to call the town dream valley," The pony explained. Just then he hear whisperings.
Blizzard also heard it and wondered what was going on. he looked around the crowd and noticed everyone standing in a row staring to the right towards the castle.
"Why Prince Skyview is coming this way," The male pony exclaimed, "He's the only male unicorn ever born. He's and his two brothers are the only black pony ever born," the male pony looked at Blizzard and smiled, "But of course you probably heard of them."
"Yes I have," Blizzard replied. He stood calmly waiting for skyview to walk by and yet be was worried that Skyview would see him. He remembered Teriney's warning about not letting the Black ponies see him.

Skyview walked on the street with four armored soldiers on each side of him. Skyview glanced around at the crowd when he suddenly saw a pony that looked somewhat familiar. Skyview suddenly stopped and turned his head to look but the pony was gone. The crowed wondered why he stopped.
"Is something wrong, Prince Skyview?" the soldier close to him asked.
" there isn't," he turned his head and continued to walk. He continued to wonder if that was the ice blue pony with the hooded cloak that he had heard about?

Blizzard stood on his hind legs leaning behind the back of a building next to an alley.
"That was too close," Blizzard thought, then he put his hoof on his head running it through his hair, "What is wrong with me? I shouldn't be so curious or talking to other ponies. I shouldn't even be here." Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew long the grass till he was out of Dream Valley.