Chapter 21:  Volcano of Gloom

Blizzard flew from Dream Valley over the long forest. He went past villages and Paradise estate on the cliff. He flew over hills to a volcano in the distance. there were some bushes and a few patches of grass growing on it but it was mostly dirt and rock. He landed at a small rocky cliff in front of a dark cave. Once he returned to his pony form he walked into the cave till he came upon a light at the end.
He left the cave and walked down the wide steps, he was careful not to walk to close to the edge fearing he could fall into the lava below. Ahead of him was a fairly large stony house that is embedded into the volcano walls. He walked up to the house and went through the tall wooden double doors forgetting about the rules of the house.

He walked down a long wide hallway looking at the tall paintings of witches who used to live at the volcano. Blizzard stopped and stared at the paintings wondering what happened to them? Just then he heard a noise and knew it could only be Teriney. He continued down the hall to the end and opened the wide wooden door. To his great surprise he saw Teriney sitting at a table with a pile of fish. He had his head back with a fish's tail sticking out of his mouth. Blizzard watched as he swallowed the fish whole. Teriney looked at the door and became angry when he saw Blizzard's surprised look. He stood up and hit the table with his front hoofs making Blizzard jump.
"How dare you just walk in during dinner!" Teriney roared angrily, "You are to announce yourself when you walk in the house! You are to knock on the door! Don't you dare forget that!"
"S-sorry," Blizzard managed to say.
Teriney walked around the table approaching him, "Sorry isn't going to fix what you didn't do in the first place."
Blizzard couldn't help to stare at the pile of fish and remembering what he just saw Teriney do. He had never seen Teriney eat before. It never even accord to him that he could eat. Teriney looked at what he was staring at, "I happened to like fish. Don't ask me any questions about it or what you just saw," He faced Blizzard staring at him with his sharp golden cat like eyes, "Now, give me your report."
"I saw Princess Luna but she disappeared so quickly. I have searched for her ever since then. Starfire is in the other world too with two other ponies. I think they're soldiers or royal guards or something."
"Did any of them see you?" Teriney asked.
"Just two of them," Blizzard answered. He could tell Teriney was displeased with his answer.
"She's close by then. Have you tried finding out where she lives?" Teriney asked.
"I have tried but some little pony keeps getting in my way."
Teriney snorted smoke out of his nose. Blizzard took a step away from him fearing his fiery breath.
"Kill anyone who stands in your ways no mater who it is but be carful when you face those black ponies," Teriney told him.
"Why does the Princess has to be killed? She hasn't done anything."
"Because I said so!" Teriney yelled angrily, "Don't ever question my orders."
Blizzard took a few more steps back, "Sorry father." He suddenly realized what he had said and gasped as Teriney threw fire at him from his mouth. Blizzard dodged the fire as best as he could but tripped and fell on the stony floor.
"It-it was a slip...I-I didn't mean it!" Blizzard cried in fear.
Teriney suddenly threw fireballs at him. Blizzard rolled over to avoid them.
"You never mean it. I have warned you over and over about that word!" Teriney roared.
Blizzard crawled away from Teriney backing up against a stony wall. He covered his face as Teriney got ready to throw fire from his mouth.
"Everyone does...everyone calls their father, father. It's...natural. I can't help it," Blizzard cried in fear.
Teriney snorted smoke from his nose letting the fire within him vapored.
"Humm, I hadn't thought of that..." Teriney muttered.
Blizzard looked at him wondering what he meant by that.
"You haven't been talking to other ponies or mingling with them..have you?" Teriney asked looking at him suspiciously.
"N-no," Blizzard answered fearfully, "You said not to."
"Good, now get out of here...and Blizzard, report to me as often as you can," Teriney told him as he started to calm down.
"Yes Teriney," Blizzard stood up and quickly left the large room.
Once Blizzard had left Teriney walked back to the table and picked up a fish, "That was too close, hopefully he won't get wise and figure me out. The last thing I need is for him to turn on me." Teriney sat on the wooden chair thinking, "I better come up with a plan for him...just in case."

Blizzard walked down the hall passing the paintings without looking at them. He left the house and followed the steps to the cave. Once he had left the cave he sat at the edge of the rocky cliff and stared at the hills in the distance. He had always wondered why other ponies were allowed to call their fathers, father but he wasn't allowed. He had seen what other families were like in the other world and never thought much of it till now. The more he thought about Teriney and other families the more he felt something wasn't he was missing something very important.
As he sat there he suddenly felt a slight burning on his left front hoof. Blizzard looked at his hoof and saw a small a bare patch. He blew on his burning skin till it turned to ice.
"Must have been a spark from the flames when it hit the floor," Blizzard thought, "Hopefully the skin will heal soon so the fur will grow back."
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the volcano.