Chapter 22: The mystrious pony and Gate

Starfire flew long the tree tops with the sun shining on his black fur. The cool wind blowing through his fur and hair. His wings road the wind as he sailed through the air. It had been awhile since he flew, he had spent more of the time on the ground with Skyview in the other world. It was good for him to stretch his wings every now and then. He flew far from the house into the deep forest where he was curtain no one would be hiking. There was mostly hills and a few mountains in the distance. When he was sure Ponyland couldn't be seen he flew higher towards the clouds and suddenly dropping out of the sky as he smiled greatly. He flew low to the trees making the leave scatter and fall to the ground. After he had his fill of doing air tricks he decided it was time to head back since it was getting close to dinner.
He turned around and flew back towards the house. As he approached the gate, Starfire suddenly felt something coming through the gate. He slowed down taking a good look at the gate. Then he saw something he had never expected to see. The Ice blue pony with a hooded cloak on appeared from the gate as he entered the world. Starfire stopped in midair, gasping at what he had just saw.
"That...That isn't even possible," Starfire thought. He watched the ice blue pony turning into a cluster of snowflakes and flying through the forest.
"It's him and he...really changed," Starfire thought. He quickly landed at the gate, anxious to inspect it. He slowly walked under the gate and back but nothing happened.
"He walked through this gate and I couldn't. Just who or what is he?" Starfire whispered still shocked at what he saw.
Questions raced through his mind so fast it began to make him dizzy. He left the gate and began walking home. He couldn't wait to tell everyone at the house what he saw. Would they believe him, it was hard for him to even believe.

When he reached a tree near the edge of the forest he took out his cloak from under the bush and put it on as he folded his wings. He left the forest and hurried to the house. He opened the door and quickly shut it. Then walked to the kitchen and found Rosebud getting a set of plates from the cupboard. She turned and saw Starfire standing there still looking shocked, "Are you alright?"
"Where are Buster and Charades?" Starfire asked.
"Still in the shed. They'll be in the house soon. Now if Lunarstar would just get home sooner," Rosebud replied. She continued into the dinning room setting the table.
"Oh, Starfire could you bring the cups. They're on the counter," Rosebud called from the other room.
Starfire noticed a stack of glass cups and figured that's what she wanted. He picked them up and carried them to the dinning room table and helped her set the table.
A minute later Luna ran into the house, "I'm home!"
"Did you enjoy yourself?" Rosebud asked.
"I sure did. We had fun," Luna replied.
"What did you do?" Rosebud asked as she walked back in to the kitchen. Luna followed her, "Me and my friends went to the beach with the boys and played. Most of the time we spent playing ball. Of course the girls won though."
Rosebud laughed, "I'm glad you had a good time."
Luna left and walked in to the dinning room after noticing how quiet Starfire was and the fact he didn't say a word when she came home.
"Hi, Starfire," Luna exclaimed happily.
"Hi," Starfire replied, it was all he could say since he was so busy thinking about the ice blue pony and the gate.
Luna sat in her chair at the table and looked at him worriedly. Starfire smiled at her, "I'm sorry. I have something important on my mind."
"Like what?" Luna asked curiously.
"You'll find out shortly," Starfire replied.
Just then Booster walked in with Buster and Charades. Booster stayed in the kitchen to help Rosebud while the others went to the dinning room.
"Lunarstar," Buster exclaimed smiling, "How was your day?"
"It was great!" Luna replied.
Charades smiled and walked to the other side of the table and sat next to Starfire. Buster sat next to Luna while Rosebud and Booster brought the food out from the kitchen.

As they all sat and eat, Starfire thought about the ice blue pony and the gate. He was itching to talk about it.
"I saw that ice blue pony today while I was in the forest flying," Starfire suddenly said.
"You did?" Buster asked surprisingly.
"What was he doing in the forest?" Charades asked.
"Well, this may be hard to believe but he walked through the gate," Starfire answered.
"What do you mean?" Buster asked not sure if her understood Starfire right.
"I mean he walked through it like the gate was opened. He had just came from our world and entered this world."
"What?!" they all asked.
"Today?" Charades asked.
"Yes, today when the sun was shining," Starfire answered.
"That's not possible?" Buster exclaimed.
"Why?" Booster asked, "Maybe the gate does open during the day at curtain times."
"No, it has never opened at anytime except on a full moon at night. That is the way it has always been," Starfire told him, "This ice blue pony had somehow figured out how to open the gate when the moon isn't full and if he's after any of us that makes him more dangerous than Fallon. This pony can come and go as he pleases through the gate doing or planning who knows what."
"He really walked through the gate?" Charades asked still surprised.
"I told you it was hard to believe."
Luna sat quietly listening. She was just as confused and lost as everyone else.
"We have to find that pony and find out what he wants," Starfire told them.
"How?" Buster asked, "We only saw him once."
"What's this...pony like?" Luna asked curiously.
"He's a pony you had better hope you don't run into. He could easily turn you to a large ice cube," Starfire answered.
"Frozen stiff?" Luna asked.
"Like an ice cube and I really mean ice cube," Starfire exclaimed, "in the other world there were two ponies found who had been Frozen in an ice block. It took Stardust to brake them out. Our soldiers that guarded the crystal ball that Star Cluster and Fallen were in, were turned to ice cubes too and now that same pony is in this world for a reason. That is why I don't want you going out at night. Since I saw him in the forest a while ago, I don't want you to go in the forest during the day either."
Luna sighed sadly, "What does he want?"
"We don't know, Luna," Starfire answered.

They spent the rest of the dinner time talking about what Starfire saw and the night Buster and Charades had ran into him. Luna didn't think such a little pony her age was as dangerous as they said he was. She hoped to someday see him and maybe get some answers from him.