Chapter 29: Spent the night together.

Luna laid in bed under her covers. She stared out her balcony at the dark sky and twinkling stars. She couldn't sleep even if she closed her eyes. She was to awake to sleep thinking of the last few day that she had done at the castle. She was happy her grandparents had came to visited and how much fun she had with them. She thought about her uncles when had she spent time with them in their free time. She thought about the treasure room that her father showed her. She was so full of thoughts that it wasn't possible for her to sleep.
Luna suddenly threw her covers off of her and climbed out of bed. She walked to her balcony and stood on her hind legs leaning on the white and gold railing. The wind blew slightly through her white mane. She looked down at the wall and saw soldiers with torches walking by. She stood and wondered if she was the only one up? She couldn't sleep and she didn't want to bother her uncles since they're asleep. She wondered if it would be ok to bother her parents? She had to do something, standing on the balcony wasn't going to help her. She turned and left her room, walking quietly down the hall.

When she finally came to her parent's room she heard voices. It was then she realized they too were awake. She quietly walked up to the door and quietly cracked the door opened. She peeked around the door and saw her parents in bed talking and smiling. Neither one of them seemed a bit tired.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed, "Come on in and shut the door."
Luna walked in, shutting the door. She walked up to her mother and stood by the bed side. Royal Heart was under the covers while Stardust was sitting up leaning on a pillow. Royal Heart turned her head and smiled at her. Luna looked at her surprisingly, her mane was down. She had never seen her mother's mane down before.
"Your mane!" Luna exclaimed, "You looks kind of like me."
Royal Heart laughed, "I know."
"Why are you up, Luna?" Stardust asked.
Luna looked at her parents sadly, "I can't sleep."
"We can't either," Royal Heart replied, then she sat up in bed, "Lets go flying."
"Go flying?" Luna asked surprisingly, "Now? at this time of night?"
"Yes, it's a perfect time. Everyone is asleep and there' won't be anyone out to see us. Besides I go flying at night all the time."
"You do?" Luna asked, "I mean is it ok to go flying?"
Royal Heart laughed, "Luna, we are pegasus and pegasus fly. It's not good to be grounded all the time, if we don't exercise our wings we could get to tired or weak to ever fly again. It's the same for a flutter ponies, they have wings and need to use them. Unicorns has a horn and needs to use their power every now and then."
"Oh, so that's why Starfire keeps telling me I need to fly more often," Luna replied, "He thinks I fly to slow for him."
Stardust laughed, "He flies faster than any pegasus. To him all pegasus are slow. Luna, don't take him to seriously."
Royal Heart jumped off the bed and walked to the balcony. Luna stood and stared at her long blue mane.
"What?" Royal Heart asked.
Luna smiled, "Your mane, it's long like mine."
"Yes it is," Royal Heart replied.
"Why don't you leave it down?" Luna asked curiously.
"My crown fits better with my mane up. It's hard to keep my crown on my head with my mane down."
"So my mane will go up to when I wear a crown?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Royal Heart replied, "Don't worry. It's easy to put your mane up and you can wear it down at night. Come on Luna, lets go flying and have some fun."
Luna looked at her father who just smiled back. Then she turned and followed her mother off the balcony. They flew from Dream Castle soaring high in the air.

Stardust jumped off his bed and hurried through the hallway towards Starfire's room. When he reached his room he hurried inside and saw Starfire sleeping peacefully under his blue blanket. Stardust shook him, "Starfire, wake up!"
Starfire just moaned instead and continued to sleep. Stardust shook him harder, "Wake up!"
Starfire woke up after being shaken wildly, "What!"
"Get up!" Stardust told him, "Royal Heart and Luna just left to go flying. Go follow them."
Starfire yawned, "Why me? Can't you send another pegasus?"
"No, you're the only one that's black with wings. You can easily blend in with the darkness. Besides, I trust you. Now hurry!" Stardust exclaimed.
Starfire pushed his covers off of him and yawned again, "Why do they have to go out now?"
"Royal Heart and Luna couldn't sleep," Stardust answered.
He got off his bed as he yawned again.
"And remember, make...."
"I know. Make sure they don't see me. Relax, I've followed her many times at night without being seen." He turned from Stardust and walked to the balcony. He flapped his wings and quickly flew from the castle.

Royal Heart smiled greatly as she enjoyed the wind blowing her hair wildly.
"Oh Luna, it's so good to have you with me flying. I always wanted to go flying with you. I get lonely flying at night by myself," She turned and looked at Luna, "Do you fly often?"
"No not really. I can't in the other world."
"You can always go flying at night, Luna. Everyone sleeps at night no matter what world they're in."
"Oh. Well, I spend most of my night time exploring the forest," Luna replied.
Royal Heart suddenly began to fly higher, "come on and I'll show you something I love to do."
Luna followed her, flying higher and higher till they were close to the clouds.
"Now drop out of the sky and follow me," Royal Heart told her. She folded her wings to a V shape and dropped suddenly. Luna did the same and the two flew fast towards the ground. Royal Heart was laughing. Luna felt scared at first. When she saw Royal Heart's wings spread, Luna did the same and the two flew so fast they were like a blur across the tree tops.
"Do you like it?" Royal Heart yelled.
"I...think so." Luna replied, not sure what to think of it.
Royal Heart turned in a circle flying higher and higher again. Then she and Luna dropped out of the sky. This time Luna was beginning to enjoy it and soon she found herself laughing with her mother.
They flew together, swirling in the air and doing air tricks. They flew over the town and over the forest again.
"Mom, Where do the ponies live?" Luna asked curiously.
"In houses of course."
"But I haven't seen any around here," Luna replied.
"Oh then let me show you around Ponyland but we have to stay close to dream Castle," Royal Heart told her, "First I'll show you the villages and then I'll show you where we grow our food." Royal Heart suddenly made a turn and flew back over the town, "that was Dream Valley we just past." They didn't fly to far when they came upon a house hidden among the trees. Luna knew she and her mother had flown over that same spot before but she had never noticed the house. Just then she saw more houses farther up.
"Below us in the forest are houses, that's called Logwood," Royal Heart told her.
"Logwood?" Luna asked, "Why call a village that?"
"Because the village is in the forest and the houses are made of logwoods," Royal Heart replied, "There's a lot of houses down there. Maybe someday you can walk through it. It's a pretty village and the shade keeps their houses cool during the summer. There's another big village near Paradise estate called Leafwing. They're in the meadows but pretty close to the forest. There are a few small villages and houses scattered on the other side of town."
"Can we take a peak in Logwood village?" Luna asked.
"I'll be to dark to go into the forest, Luna. You won't be able to see anything," Royal Heart answered, "Come, lets go see the farm lands."
Royal Heart took her around Dream Castle from a distance to the other side. It a very large clearing was crops, houses and barns. Luna could see miles of crops with a tinny river going between each squar batch was a crop.
"That is where we grow our food, the rest we don't need is sold in town," Royal Heart told her. They flew slow to the crops, Luna noticed not every batch of crop is the same.
"We grow lots of different things," Royal Heart added.
"What was dad talking about a few days ago about someone ruining the crops?" Luna asked.
"Oh, that. Well it turned out a heard of deer likes our food and they come every night to eat. Well Skyview and Starfire got an idea to cut pony hair and leave it around the whole farmland. So far it's worked. They haven't seen one deer last nigh. The barns is were the food is gathered ready to be taken to the castle," Royal Heart looked at Luna and smiled, "I'm starting to get tired, lets head home and get some sleep."
"Ok," Luna replied realizing she to was feeling tired.
They turned and flew back to the castle.
Starfire was just above the tree tops watching when he noticed they turned and was heading back to the castle.
"It's about time," Starfire thought yawning.
He turned and headed back to his room.

Royal Heart and Luna landed on the balcony and saw Stardust sound asleep in bed.
"Looks like he beat me to it," Royal Heart whispered. She turned facing Luna and nuzzled her cheek, "Goodnight, sleep well."
"Goodnight mom," Luna replied. She turned and quietly left the room.
Royal Heart climbed in bed under the covers, laying next to his warm black coat.
"Goodnight, Stardust," She whispered nuzzling his forehead.
"Goodnight,:" Stardust whispered back.
"Your awake?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly.
"And you thought I was asleep," Stardust said, "I was just about to sleep when you came in....Goodnight."
Royal Heart smiled and closed her eyes falling fast asleep.