Chapter 32: Frozen little ponies

Little Flitter flew from the tree top after she was sure the ice blue pony was gone. She hurried to the ground where a group of ice blocks sat. She landed in the grass crying to them to wake up. Tears streamed down her face as she thought of her friends in the ice blocks. She wasn't sure if they were dead for just frozen. She flapped her wings and flew to Dream Castle hoping King Stardust could help her. She flew to the front of the castle but there was no way in. She flew around the castle looking in rooms till she saw a light pink unicorn in the room. The maid was cleaning the bed and taking the covers off. Little Flitter noticed the door was wide open. She quickly flew into the room and was about to reach the door when suddenly a light yellow sheet fell on her. She softly landed on the pile of blankets. She stood up and walked among the blankets trying to find a way out. The maid was about to pick up the blankets when she noticed something moving. She picked it up in her hooves and took the sheet off of her. The maid gasped shockingly.
"Oh, thank you so much," Little Flitter exclaimed feeling relieved. She flapped her wings and few from the shocked unicorn.

Little Flitter flew though the halls shocking ponies as she past them. Some even screamed which scared Little Flitter to death. She eventually found the stairs and followed it to the first floor. She hovered in the air wondering which way she should go. She turned towards a hallway and flew. Ponies that walked the hall stopped suddenly when they saw her.
"It''s a...a...." a maid stuttered.
"A summer wing pony," the male pony added who stood next to her.
Little Flitter flew around the halls shocking and scaring ponies as they screamed. Little Flitter eventually found the kitchen which she wished she had never flew into it. Ponies suddenly scream not realizing what she was. They chased her all over the kitchen with brooms and pans making a mess of the room. Little Flitter was worn out from flying to fast and hard. Just as a pan was about to hit her in the air a gray cloud suddenly turned into a small ball trapping her inside.
The ponies in the kitchen suddenly stopped and looked at the door to see an angry Skyview with a glowing horn.
"Just what is going on?" Skyview asked angrily, "I've been hearing screams all over the castle!"
"Something flew in here," A pegasus replied.
Skyview brought the cloudball in front of him. He slowly changed the shape to a flat blanket. Little Flitter laid on the cloud covering her face between her front legs. She suddenly noticed the light, she took a peak and saw Skyview who looked at her surprisingly. Then she looked at the curious cooks in the kitchen. In fear she flew from the cloud and hid under Skyview's mane, only her large wings was showing.
Skyview looked at the cooks angrily while his horn stopped glowing, "the next time something comes flying in here, see what it is before you try to kill it. Now clean this mess up immediately!"
"Yes, Prince Skyview," they all replied.

Skyview left the kitchen and turned down a hallway when he ran into Starfire.
"What was all the screaming about?" Starfire asked worriedly.
"One of those summer wing ponies flew in the castle scaring everyone. She was in the kitchen and would have been dead if I hadn't been there," Skyview looked a the butterfly wings in his mane, "You can come out now."
"No!" Little Flitter cried if fear.
"I promise no one is going to hurt you," Skyview replied.
Starfire stared curiously at the set of butterfly wings.
"You promise?" Little Flitter asked.
"Yes I promise."
Little Flitter flew from his mane and hovered between Skyview and Starfire.
"What are you doing here?" Skyview asked.
Little Flitter suddenly began crying. Skyview lifted his hoof and held her as she cried.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked.
"My friends," Little Flitter cried, "Please I must talk to King Stardust."
"Ok, we will take you to him," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter flew from his hoof to his head and sat down crying.
Skyview continued walking with Starfire next to him. They walked to the throne room past the soldiers at the door. They walked past the pillars and down the stairs towards the water fountain. They noticed Luna by the thrones working on her homework while her mother watched over her shoulders curiously.
"Mom!" Luna cried.
"Sorry, Luna but I'm just curious what you learn in school," Royal Heart replied.
Skyview and Starfire stopped in front of the thrones.
"Stardust, someone is here to see you," Skyview said, "Come on out."
Little Flitter flew from his head and hovered in front of Stardust crying, "Please help me. My friends are frozen."
"Frozen?" Stardust asked.
"What happened?" Royal Heart asked.
Luna stopped what she was doing, she too was curious at to what was being said.
"We were on our way here when we ran into an ice blue pony. He turned and blew on them turning them all to ice blocks. I don't know what to do," Little Flitter explained.
"Where are they?" Stardust asked.
"By the lake near the castle."
"I'll wink them here," Skyview replied and he quickly winked out. A few minutes later he appeared with an arm full of ice blocks and quickly set them on the floor. Stardust, Luna and Royal Heart stood up and walked over to the ice block. Luna picked one up and stared inside it. She gasped at the frozen tinny ponies. Royal Heart looked over Luna's shoulders and gasped surprisingly, "Oh my, those poor things."
"Luna, go get some towels," Stardust told her.
Luna set the ice block on the floor and winked out. A minute later she appeared holding a stack of towels. Stardust lifted his front leg and stomped on the ice block hard, it immediately cracked and split, letting the tinny pony fall to the floor and shaking wildly from the cold.
"Luna set the towels down and grab a pony. Then wrap them in the towels," Royal Heart told her.
Luna grabbed the first tinny pony she saw in front of her and carefully picked her up. Then she put the tinny pony in a towel with another one that Royal Heart just sat down. Luna quickly and carefully wrapped them while making sure not to tear their wings. When they were done, there was four towels with four tiny ponies in each one. Queen Rosy Peach was in a towel shaking from the cold but was quickly warming up.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked.
"F-f-fine, thank you," Queen Rosy Peach replied.
After awhile she was feeling warm enough to talk clearly.
"I had no idea there's a pony with winter like abilities," Queen Rosy Peach told them.
"You saw him by the castle?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, he was just standing there. I thought he worked for you," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
"No he does not work for me. What was he doing besides standing?" Stardust asked.
"Staring at the castle."
Stardust got quiet thinking about what she said.
"He's back. I want everyone to be very careful," Stardust finally said, "That pony must not have wanted others to know he was there. You Summer wing ponies must have caught him off guard."
Royal Heart looked down at Queen Rosy Peach, "Why were you coming to see us?"
"To ask you if we could stay here in Ponyland."
Luna's parents looked at each other.
"Ponies could be a bit...scared of you or curious or could try to catch you," Royal Heart told her.
"We have given it a great deal of thought and Ponyland is where we want to stay. The Moochick thought it was best for us to be here too."
"Well, if you have any trouble please come and see me. You can ask the soldiers at the front door to let you in," Stardust told her.
Queen Rosy Peach walked out from under the towel, "Thank you. I most certainly will." The black ponies, Royal Heart, Luna and stayed in the throne room talking while Luna played with the tinny ponies once they had all felt warm. They played till dinner time and then Luna had to say goodbye. She, her parents and uncles stood outside watching the tiny ponies leaving.
"Well it's dinner time," Royal Heart suddenly said.
"I'm starving," Starfire exclaimed.
"Your always hungry," Skyview exclaimed.
"I haven't eaten since Breakfast," Starfire turned and followed everyone inside the castle, "besides I hear you sneak into the kitchen every now and then to get a snack."
"I do not," Skyview exclaimed.
"Yes you do and I'm sure I can asked anyone and they'll tell me," Starfire told him.
Skyview glared at him, "Alright, I get hungry early and can't wait till dinner."
Luna laughed all the way to the dinning room.