Chapter 34: Little Flitter here to stay

Luna was sound asleep on her bed under the soft warm covers. She was in a deep dreamless sleep with her head resting comfortably on her pillow. A tinny winged pony named Little Flitter flew into the room and landed on Luna's pillow. She stood and called Luna's name but it was no us, Luna was to tired to hear her tinny voice. Just then Royal Heart walked in and noticed Little Flitter on the pillow.
"Well, good morning," Royal Heart whispered.
Little Flitter flew from the pillow and hovered in front of her, "Hi, I tried to wake her up but she just continued to sleep."
"She's been sick for week," Royal Heart told her, "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to play with Luna and ask if I...If I could stay here," Little Flitter shyly answered.
"Stay here?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly, "I'll have to talk to Stardust about it first, he will also want to talk to your Queen."
"I can ask her to come here then," Little Flitter suggested.
"Yes, please do," Royal Heart told her.
Little Flitter smiled and then she flew out of the room over the balcony. Royal Heart touched Luna's forehead, then she smiled.
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her as she shook her, "Come on wake up."
Luna slowly opened her heavy eyes and yawned.
"Your fever is gone," Royal Heart told her.
Luna sat up in bed, "I feel..normal again."
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "That's wonderful to hear."
"Can I leave my room now?" Luna asked her.
"Yes now that you're all better. I'll let the cooks know you'll be joining us for breakfast," Royal Heart told her then she turned and left the room.
Luna climbed off her bed and stretched her legs. Then she walked to her dresser and brushed her hair. When she was done, she set the brush down and picked up her silver collar, putting it on in the process. Then she hurried out of her room. She was glad to be leaving it, she had been stuck in her room for a week.

She hurried downstairs, through the hall towards the dinning room. She stopped and took a deep breath before going in. She could hear her parents talking about Little Flitter.
Luna walked in and smiled at her uncles who she hadn't seen in awhile.
"Luna, feeling better?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, much better," Luna answered.
"That's good to hear," Stardust exclaimed smiling.
Luna walked around the table and sat down next to her mother and Skyview. A minute later five cooks came in carrying trays and sat them on the table. When the cooks left, the ponies began eating. Luna was hungry after losing her appetite to eat she was really enjoying her breakfast.
"Slow down Luna. Your not a pig so don't eat like one," Royal Heart told her.
"I'm sorry mom but these are so good," Luna exclaimed.
"They're pancakes, the same kind you always eat," Royal Heart told her.
"I think when she was sick for a week she didn't feel like eating till now," Skyview explained.
"Everything just didn't taste so good," Luna agreed.
"Well at lest you know she's feeling better," Starfire exclaimed.
Her parents laughed.
"That's true, Starfire," Stardust exclaimed, "Luna, next time your feeling batter after your sick don't eat to fast. You can always have more afterwards."
"Ok, dad," Luna replied and then she continued eating.
Just then a soldier in silver armor and silver leg bands walk in, "Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt but Queen Rosy Peach is here to see you."
"Bring her in," Stardust answered after giving it some thought.
"Little Flitter is here too," the soldier added.
"Alright bring both of them in but no one else," Stardust firmly told him.
The soldier bowed and left. A minute later he opened the door and let two summer wing ponies in the room then he waited in the hall.
Queen Royal Peach flew up to Stardust, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were having breakfast."
"It's alright, I'm almost done anyways. What's this I hear about Little Flitter wanting to stay?" Stardust asked.
"Well, she wants to stay here at the castle with all of you big ponies and to play with your daughter. You see, King Stardust it's taken sometime for us to just come out and make friends but Little Flitter is one of the few who has."
"I see. Well, Luna does leave the castle for a time and won't be here with her," Stardust told her.
Little Flitter turned after hearing what he said, "I could go with her then?"
"No, you would stay here till she returns. There are plenty of other ponies in the castle for you to make friends with," Stardust told her.
Little Flitter smiled, "Does this mean I can stay?" Little Flitter asked with a smiled.
"Yes but I do not want you flying around the castle scaring everyone and watch where you go or land. Ponies are not used to tinny ponies and they won't always know your there," Stardust replied.
"I must warn you, King Stardust. She has a habit of getting into trouble," Queen Rosy Peach told him.
"Well, lets see how it goes first," Stardust replied.
Little Flitter smiled greatly and flew to Luna.
Luna smiled not sure what to do with a tinny pony. She seemed quite attached to her though. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have someone around to talk to. She really didn't have any friends in this world.
"Well, I better be going," Queen Rosy Peach nodded her head and then flew out the door.
"Finish your Breakfast Luna. I want you and Skyview to go to Paradise Estate. I'm told there's new ponies in Ponyland building houses. Skyview go and check it out. Find out who they are, where they came from," Stardust exclaimed.
"Why?" Luna asked, "Does it matter where they came from?"
"Luna, I keep a record of who lives in Ponyland and where they were born. I do not have records for those new ponies," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Luna replied.
Little Flitter flew up to Stardust, "Can I go to?"
"Yes but you stay with Luna at all times. Luna you stay with Skyview, understand?" Stardust asked.
"Yes dad," Luna replied.
"Skyview, watch her closely," Stardust told him.
"I will, Stardust. Don't worry," Skyview replied.

At the volcano, Blizzard laid on his bed sleeping under his light blue covered when Teriney suddenly walks in.
"Get up!" he yelled.
Blizzard suddenly woke up and looked up at him.
"You still have not killed her. You spend a week in this room eating and sleeping," Teriney told him.
"She hasn't been seen for a week," Blizzard told him, "I tried to freeze her so she wouldn't wink out. I was going to kill her but those black ponies showed up. One of them winked in and took her."
"Try just killing her next time instead of freezing her and then killing her," Teriney told him.
"But someone could see me."
"I've heard you've already been seen," Teriney told him as smoke puffed out of his nose.
Blizzard jumped out of bed seeing how mad Teriney was getting.
"Don't let me hear you've been seen again and don't ever get yourself caught!" Teriney exclaimed angrily, "Your wanted in every Kingdom so you better be very careful."
"I..I will, Fath-I mean Teriney," Blizzard quickly said.
Teriney growled angrily.
Blizzard grabbed his cloak and quickly put it on.
"Just what did I almost hear you say?" Teriney asked angrily.
"N-nothing," Blizzard replied. Then he dashed out of his room past Teriney. He ran down the hall and through the door then up the steps to the cave. Once he was inside the cave, he slowed down to a walk and rested at the cliff.
"I don't understand why I can't call him father. Why does he want Princess Luna dead? She's done nothing to him. As far as I know, she doesn't even know he exist," Blizzard thought. He didn't want to full fill his orders but he knew he had to or Teriney will surly fry him if he doesn't.

Skyview and Luna appeared in front of Paradise Estate where two soldiers in armor stood at the gates. There were four more soldiers spread out around the building. Little Flitter sat on Luna's head holding onto her horn as they walked past the gates. They walked into the house past two more soldiers.
Just them Skyview' parents walked out from another room and smiled greatly.
"Hi, mom, dad," Skyview exclaimed smiling.
"Hello, Skyview, Luna. We heard you walk in," Sunlight exclaimed but then she paused when she saw a set of butterfly wings on Luna's head.
"Oh, mom, dad, this is Little Flitter. She will be staying at the castle," Skyview quickly said.
"That's a...Summer wing pony. Isn't it?" Ribbon Lock asked looking closely at her.
"I heard they've been seen in Ponyland lately but I never thought it was true," Sunlight exclaimed surprisingly.
"They've come to stay in Ponyland so they might be seen quiet a bit, "Skyview looked down at Little Flitter who was hiding behind Luna's horn, "Little Flitter, it's ok. they're my parents."
Little Flitter peaked around Luna's horn and gasped at them, "Why aren't they black?"
"Black?" Skyview asked surprised by her question.
Little Flitter Flew from Luna's horn to the two surprised parents, "Are they painted?"
Skyview laughed after he understood what she was getting at, "No my parents are not black."
"Oh, I thought your parents would be."
"I don't know why the three of use turned out black."
"That's...odd," Little Flitter muttered as she flew around them.
"Please for give her, she's just curious," Skyview told his parents.
"It's ok," Sunlight replied smiling.
While Little Flitter checked the other rooms with Luna following her, Skyview stood with his parents and continued to talk.
"Stardust sent me to check out the newcomers in Ponyland," Skyview told them.
"They just arrived a few days ago and are building their houses," Ribbon Lock explained.
"And they didn't talk to Stardust?" Skyview asked.
"They came to us wanting to live here," Ribbon Lock explained.
Luna followed Little Flitter to each room till she found the kitchen. The cooks stared at her and Little Flitter. The Kitchen reminded Luna of home in the other world but bigger, It was nothing like the kitchen at the castle which was even bigger and made of stone.
"Hello, Princess Luna," They said.
"Hi," Luna replied smiling not sure what else to say.
"Luna!" Skyview called to her.
"Little Flitter, lets go," Luna told her.
Little Flitter flew out of the kitchen and followed Luna towards Skyview.
"Lets go, we got to check the newcomers," Skyview told her.
They turned and left Paradise Estate. Luna hugged her grandparents before she left. Little Flitter apologized for her curiosity.

As they walked down the hill through the forest and into a clearing, Luna looked around and noticed how pretty the forest looked. It wasn't very often that she left the castle. She loved to see the forest and the animals that occasionally stopped and stared at them.
"Do you always have to meet the newcomers?" Luna asked.
"No, just those who don't check with Stardust. These ponies had asked my parents but didn't bother asking Stardust," Skyview replied.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"Besides this is a good way for new ponies to meet the Princess of Ponyland," Skyview replied smiling.
"Oh, Luna replied.
They walked for sometime till Luna noticed a few houses in the distance that only had the wooden beams and cement floor made. She also saw more houses in the distance near the other end of the clearing. Each house had a fence and a brick road between the houses. It looked like homes in the other world but with bigger yards.
Four ponies stood inside the house putting up more wooden beams. A female white unicorn with pink and light blue hair stood watching with a baby boy pony next to her. He was mint green with the same colors hair as his mother.
The mother noticed Skyview and Luna coming towards them and quickly alerted the four male ponies. They all stopped and stood out next to the house waiting to greet Skyview.
"Hello, Prince Skyview," a green male pony exclaimed.
The five ponies bowed their heads and then looked up at them.
"I was told your new here in Ponyland," Skyview said.
The five ponies couldn't get over that he is a male unicorn. They heard Skyview was the only male unicorn alive but it amazed them to see how true it was.
"Yes," the green pony with red and yellow hair answered, "Me, my wife and son moved here a few days ago. We reported to Ribbon Lock and he said it was alright."
"Is it alright that we move here?" The white unicorn asked worriedly, "The other family was here a day before us and said we should ask Ribbon Lock."
"You should talk to King Stardust. This is his land, not Ribbon Lock but yes, it's alright to move here. King Stardust just needs a few questions answered for his record. You see, we have records of every pony living in Ponyland, it helps to know how many ponies we have living here and what village they live in," Skyview explained. As he talked they noticed Luna who stood and stared shyly at them.
"Of course, Prince Skyview. We didn't know," the green pony answered.
"Oh, Let me introduce you to someone," Skyview turned and looked at Luna, "This is Princess Luna of Ponyland."
"Hello, Princess Luna," the white unicorn replied as she bowed. The green pony also greeted her and bowed.
Luna smiled, "Hi."
The five ponies couldn't get over her wings and horn. It was something they only heard about but never seen.
"Please forgive me for asking, Princess Luna but you are a real winged unicorn...aren't you?" The white unicorn asked curiously.
"Yes I am," Luna answered smiling at them.
The five ponies smiled and continued to stare at her.
"It's nice to meet you, Princess luna," the green pony said.
As Skyview continued to talk, Luna noticed Little Flitter was missing. She looked around her and around Skyview but Little Flitter was gone. Luna turned and began walking towards the corner of the house. Skyview turned and saw Luna leaving.
"Where are you going?" Skyview asked.
"Little Flitter is gone. I'm not sure where she went," Luna answered.
Just then Little Flitter flew over the house and hovered in front of Luna.
"Sorry, I had to check the house," Little Flitter quickly said.
Suddenly out of no where nine icy darts came flying towards Luna. Skyview and the five ponies gasped. Luna froze with fear when she saw the sharp pointed darts heading towards her. Skyview quickly made his horn glow. A wall like cloud appeared in front of Luna. The icy darts hit the cloud but couldn't go completely through it. Luna looked at the pointed icy darts sticking out of the cloud with in several inches of where Luna stood. Skyview dissolved the cloud letting the icy darts fall. He quickly ran up to Luna and saw the ice blue pony running towards the forest.
"Luna stay here!" Skyview told her, then he ran into the forest past a nearby house.
The five ponies and the neighbor that was also building a house quickly ran up to Luna.
"Princess Luna, are you alright?" The white unicorn asked.
Luna still had a scared look on her face, "They...they came so close to me."
"Very close I might add," a orange pony told her, then he picked up an ice dart looking at it curiously, "It's a dart made of solid ice."
"It's that ice blue pony," Luna replied once she got over the scare.
"I heard about him," The green pony replied, "So, it's really true?"
"There's a pony out there that can turn a pony to ice?" the yellow male pony asked.
"Yes, he almost turned me to ice a week ago," Luna answered.
Just then Skyview winked back catching the ponies by surprise. He stood breathing hard like he had ran a very long way.
"Are you alright, Luna?" Skyview asked.
"Yes I'm fine," Luna answered.
Luna picked up an ice dart and stared at it curiously, "These were...coming at me," Luna looked up at him worriedly.
"Don't think about it, Luna," Skyview told him.
Suddenly Luna gasped as if she suddenly remembered something, "Where's Little Flitter?" she asked as she looked around.
"On your head," Skyview answered.
Little Flitter had her head buried in Luna's hair and between her front legs.
"Sorry," Little Flitter mumbled.
"Sorry for what?" Skyview asked.
Little Flitter looked up at him, "it's my fault. I...should not have left. It's my fault she almost got killed."
"This would have happened with or without you. That pony was there waiting for the right time to get Luna."
"Did you get him?" Luna asked.
"No, I ran after him as far as I could then I lost him," Skyview answered.
"What kind of pony throws icy darts?" A green pony asked.
"An earth pony with winter like abilities. I want everyone to be careful till he is caught," Skyview told them, "Luna lets hurry home."
"Sounds good to me," Luna replied, after what had happened she was glad to be going back home.
Skyview and Luna said their goodbyes and winked back to the castle.

Blizzard flew from a bush and appeared in his pony form.
"That was close," Blizzard muttered.
"To close," a voice added.
Blizzard jumped and turned to see Teriney standing there, "Teriney! What are you doing here?"
"To see you fail miserably!" Teriney answered.
"This was your idea. I tried it and he was there to save her!" Blizzard exclaimed.
"I have another idea but for now lets go home," Teriney told him.
Blizzard followed him through the forest towards the mountains in the distance.